Human HaiR vs Synthetic HaiR

1. Appearance

First of all, from the appearance, the chemical fiber fake invention is obviously much harder. Under the light source, the reflection of the chemical fiber wig will be very strong, and it is obvious that there is a plastic feeling. A human hair wig with a good hair looks no different from our own hair, and it is also a natural reflection under the light source.

The scalp part of the chemical fiber wig is very rigid, and you can see it as a wig at a glance. The 200$ real human hair wigs are hand-crocheted, mostly using a double-needle crochet process, and the hair grows directly from the scalp.

2. Feel

The chemical fiber wig feels hard, dry, and has no elasticity. It has a feeling of embarrassment. When a real human hair wig touches his hand, he knows that it is a real human hair, and the hair feels exactly the same, very smooth, elastic, and even a moist feeling.

3. Hair quality

The chemical fiber wig itself is not hair, so there is no hair quality. When combing with a comb, it will get stuck in the middle. It needs some strength and it is easy to lose hair. After a few times, the hair will become very rough and it is not easy to take care of.

Real human hair wigs are distributed, and wigs with good hair quality and poor hair quality are completely different. The hair like a smooth hair is very, very good, very smooth, and it is not a matter of combing. Usually, when wearing it, it will not be knotted and ran, and it is very good to take care of.

4. Wig cap process

Real human hair wigs are very elegant in the production of the in-net process, there are many different crochet techniques. For example, the area where the first half of the double-handed needle is crocheted is the area where the human scalp is simulated, and the front half can be slit at will. The breathable mesh is also hand-woven, soft in texture and very breathable, making it ideal for everyday wear.

The chemical fiber hair inner net process is basically a mechanism process, and there will be a little bit of artificial scalp for hair splitting. The inner net material is hard, it won't be very comfortable to wear, especially the artificial scalp part, the paste is thick and thick, it is a bit hard and the air permeability is very general.

5. Identification method

If you want to tell whether it is a chemical fiber wig or a real person wig, there is another way to cut down a strand of hair and then use a fire. After the human hair and chemical fiber are burned, the smell emitted is completely different from the state after burning.

The human hair wig will become a powder after burning, and it will be lost when it is pinched in the hand. The smell is the taste after the hair is burnt.

The chemical fiber wig will shrink into a black scorpion after burning, which is very hard, and the taste is also the smell of the hard-burned plastic after burning.

In general, chemical fiber wig can be cosplayed a role ,then buy and wear, but it is not recommended to use this wig for everyday wear. A human hair wig like this craft and hair is very natural, breathable, and can be used as a favorite. It is ideal for people who need a daily wig.