Advice & Help

Find your Wig Size

>> How to Measure Your Head

Finding your wig size is the first step to your most comfortable wig fit. Learn how to measure your head .


>> How to Choose Color

Choosing color isn't always easy. From all the different shades and names to which color complements your skin tone the most, there are many things to consider!  Our color series to easy find your perfect color.


>> Find Out the Style

Different hairstyle make out different beauty, find a good style is very improtant for yourself. WIGNICE can do customized hairstyle , choose one you like.


>> Find the Right Length

One of the keys to get a best wig is choose length . you should know straight hair length is standard, thel curls hair wig is processed from straight wig. It will shorter by 1"-2" inches than straight wig.

 >> About the Shipping Days

WIGNICE ship the items to all over the world . Get your hair & it will beauty you back!