Wigs or extension? Let me help you out

Do you believe that only wigs can cover up your hair loss issues? Well, it is not entirely correct since a lot of girls use extensions for this very problem. Extensions are known to make your hair look longer and increase their volume. However, wigs can do the same job perfectly as well. Wigs and hair extensions are both an excellent way to change your hairstyle. You should always look for an alternative way to style your hair. In this regard, wigs and extensions have long been women's favorite. However, you should know the difference in their features and use. We have accumulated a detailed comparison of the two, which will surely let you decide which one is the best for you.
One might be seriously confused about the distinction between hair extensions and wigs. They might look the same; however, the difference between them is very major and fundamental.
Wigs can be thought of as merely hairy hats. They are a kind of headpieces that completely cover your head. Meanwhile, hair extensions are discrete strands of hair that you attach to a portion of your existing hair.

Wigs are meant to be fitted over the existing hair or scalps. Only the wig is visible when you wear the wig. The already existing hair is either enveloped by the wig or tucked into the wig’s cap.
Hair extensions are used to give your existing hair a more extended look or increase their volume. Different kinds of hair extensions have different using mechanism. Some are clipped to the existing hair while others are appropriately glued or sewn.
If you wish to make your hair look elongated, then you a hair extension is what most likely what you need. However, if you want something a bit more prominent, or you wish to alter the style, color, and overall appearance of your hair, then wigs are probably what you are looking for.
Basically, hair extensions are merely a portion of hair that you can attach to your own. Meanwhile, a wig can be a whole substitution for your hair or simpler way to change up your appearance.
Moving on, let us discuss in details that the pros and cons of each of both wigs and extensions.
Whenever you consider wearing a wig, it can be very challenging to make up your mind considering its numerous advantages and disadvantages. It is not about just wearing a wig but also maintain it well. Therefore, whether or not you have been wearing a wig in the past or not, you should have a sound idea about some of its pros and cons.


1. Wearing a wig can protect your natural hair. You don't have to dye your hair if you are looking for a new outlook. Instead, you can try all the experiments on your wig while safeguarding your hair because coloring chemicals can have an adverse effect on natural hair.

2. It provides you the freedom to try new hairstyles while maintaining the original style of your natural hair. You don't need to worry about creating curls, perms, waves, or straightening the hair if you wish to maintain the original hairstyle.

3. You don't have to wait for your hair to grow if you wish to have long hair, get a long hair wig and you are done. This saves you from an ample amount of time and a whole lot of trouble.
4. Your defects can be covered by a wig. If you suffer from any hair fall disease or just recovered from cancer while losing all your hair, you can buy a human hair wig to cover your defect. Human hair wig is more undetectable and has a natural look.

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1. Wigs must be given special care if you don't want others to find out about it. We need to pay extreme attention while maintaining them, and thus, it can cost you your time and energy.

2. Wearing a wig too frequently can damage or suffocate your natural hair, especially if you are not bald. The damage can be in the form of breakage or thinning of hair caused by tight braiding or wearing a wig for long periods.

Adapting to hair extensions can be a challenging decision. No doubt, they are an attractive option through which you can completely transform your hair within a short period. However, when looking at someone with a dreadful hair extension compels us to wonder how to escape the same fate. That is why we should not opt for a rash decision and instead consult the pros and cons of hair extensions.
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1. Hair extensions are available in a wide range of lengths, styles, colors, and textures. Thus, you can try all sorts of combinations while maintaining the original outlook for your natural hair.

2. Unlike wigs, hair extensions require low maintenance. A good extension can easily last up to three months without losing its quality.

3. Hair extensions can instantly add length and volume to your hair. You don't have to wait for hair growth. Moreover, with the same natural appearance as your hair, extensions can greatly enhance your looks.

4. It allows you the ease to select a hairstyle since you get to see yourself in a different appearance when wearing an extension and thus can later permanently change your hairstyle to that specific outlook.

5. If extensions are installed correctly, they look very real. A nice installation will aid in enhanced beauty and will make your extension unnoticeable.
wigs, lace front wigs


1. Installing a hair extension can be hectic and sometimes very difficult, especially if you are opting for a tape-in hair extension. Therefore, it requires serious training and sometimes you may need to consult a professional which can cost time and money.

2. You cannot compromise on color. Therefore, the colors of your hair and extension must match perfectly. Others can easily sort out your extension if the colors don’t match up. Also, sometimes it can be fairly difficult to find a matching colored extension for your hair.

In the end, let us conclude by proving that both wigs and extensions have their use, pros, and cons. In some aspects, wigs are better than extensions and vice versa. However, let us not refrain from the fact that both are a great source of hair styling and enhancing your outlook. What matters the most is that you should have an ample idea about your needs and necessities.