Wigs and Health

Wigs are now more common than they used to be, not only for ladies that are experiencing hair shortage, but it is equally for ladies who want to spice up the way they look in public, or get the color and style they have longed for without having to actually change their hair. Kylie Jenner serves as a very good example of someone who changes her hairdo every week simply by using different wigs. By doing this, her natural hair remains in a fantastic condition, just in case she feels like flouting her natural outlooks someday.
Even with current and innovative wig improvements, many misconceptions still persist regarding wigs, which includes whether wearing one could cause any health problems, hair breakage, or even bad for one’s hair.
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- Can wigs result in headaches?
Wigs can make you have headaches when it is not properly worn. When it is incorrectly worn, it puts added pressure on the crown of your head, thereby resulting in constant headaches. Nevertheless, in many cases when the wig cap is loosened a bit, it reduces the pain to a great extent.
- Can wigs cause hair loss?
Wigs don’t result in breakage or hair loss, and they are extremely safe for wearing on your natural hair. Actually one of the advantages of putting on wigs is how it protects your natural hair beneath. While styling and washing of hair remains a significant part of day to day hair care routine, breakage or damage can occur frequently. Wigs are excellent for wearing on your natural hair particularly when they are thin and fine. Teasing, implementing styling products, as well as brushing your natural hair can have an effect on your hair’s health. Most persons deem it relevant to have their hair washed daily due to the oil build up.
With the help of wigs, it does not matter how much oil you have on your natural hair! Putting on healthy wigs protects the biological hair against breaking from the dreadful heat-styling equipment and chemicals which are outcomes of various styling creams, pomades, and gels.
- Are wigs harmful to your hair?
Putting on a weave or wig can be an excellent way of protecting your biological hair from day to day manipulation as well as breakage. They equally allow you the privilege of experimenting with different colors and styles.
wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs
Just be sure you do not have any allergies for the material that are used for making the wig you intend to wear.
Hair breakage, dandruff, and many more are results of hypoxia (no oxygen experienced in the head’ skin as well as root tissues in the hair). Therefore try buying a wig which is made with high quality material, allow the hair and skin to breathe, and not wearing the wig all day when it is not medically necessary for you to do so (baldness)
- Which is preferable for health: synthetic or human hair wigs?
Although there are various wig styles which include synthetic as well as human hair variety, many of them are still capable of causing you health problems when they are not managed properly.
It is suggested that you implement human hair wig, though synthetic wigs are equally made of high quality materials which are necessary for good health as well as stimulating the growth of hair (for instance: seaweed).
These health cases are possible in extreme cases, so if you should invest in a wig that is of high quality, take out time in preparing your scalp as well as accurately positioning your hair before wearing any wig and observe other tips that were mentioned above, the chances are that you will not suffer any side effects whatsoever.
Fortunately, today’s wigs do not give you any problems when you put them on. Current innovative wig designs have ensured light feather wigs, with majority not weighing up to 2 ounces. Additionally, finer, softer cap fabrics are now implemented in the course of constructing them, ensuring better air circulation as well as special features including velvet bands necessary for adding comfort along with various sizes that ensure the right fit.
A few tips for preventing wigs problems
  • Put on your wigs the right way. Some wigs are to be treated specially, and the way they are applied can make all the difference too, lest they appear artificial.
  • Massage and also take care of your scalp. Not caring for your scalp while you are putting on a wig should be the last thing you should do. A dry scalps as well as serious dandruff are some of the side-effects you are bound to suffer. Use anti-fungal oil like tea tree combined with carrier oil for scalp massage.
  • Detangle as well as braid the hair up. If you have a long hair that can be tangled, you should ensure its detangled as well as braided down prior to applying a wig cap. This does not only reduce the appearance of bumps beneath your wig, rather it will also prevent the hair so it does not become matted due to the friction produced from the wig cap.
  • Perhaps you don’t need full length wig (covering the whole of your head), so you could go with hair accessories or half-wig, for example: pony tails, hair extensions, and etc. All of these accessories are currently in vogue now.
  • If it is not necessary, no need wearing a wig the entire day. You are advised to only put it on a couple of times in one week, like 4 to 6 hour in one day.

                  wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs

Every lady deserves a wig for those bleak hair times. They are for revamping one’s outlook and boosting confidence. The use of wigs as a fashion accessory have existed for many decades, although today’s wigs are a lot different from the old-fashioned heavy, uncomfortable and helmet kind of wigs that we were used to. The wigs of today are extremely light in nature, comfortable, realistic looking, painless to put on and can be easily maintained. New innovations circling the wig industries include unique features that takes care of challenges such as security and added comfort, which includes non-slip lining, and softer fiber wig. Wearing it the right way will not tamper with your health.

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