WigNice: Indian Hair Weaves V.S. Malaysian Hiar Weaves

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Have you ever set your eyes on an Indian female with extensively long hair walking into a room? All the attention shifts to her hair as it moves effortlessly with so much grace behind her. Such fine-looking hair, you will love it! You must be thinking, “how about I get myself one of those wigs?’’ which is a good idea and also an ideal upgrade for your hair. Think about it; you will need it.

About Indian Hair Weaves

Indian hair weaves are the purest form of natural hair since they come from harvesting naturally grown hair of Indian women.  They have a thick, lustrous look; hence the hair is voluminous enough. Installing weaves is done by attaching a piece of your naturally growing hair on your scalp to the harvested hair. This weave also has some other names i.e., Indian Full Cuticle Hair or Indian Remy.

Styles of Indian Hair

When you think about style, versatility pops in your mind that instant. Trying out different kinds of styles often seems a lot to handle. Consider taking things slowly as you look into each of them. Welcome to the adventure in the hair industry. It`s all about trying new things! The varieties that Indian hairstyles offer to include the following;
  • straight hair
When you want to start from simple, straight hair is the ultimate choice. This hair has resilient ends and follicles with a natural glow making it a super quality. Plus, with the straight hair, you still have the freedom of styling to other forms that you could desire. Changing from plain to the complex is stress-free than turning complex into something simple. Choose wisely
  • curly hair
Curls come in shapes of “S” or “Z” on the lower or uppercase of each strand. The Indian hair makes tight natural curls thanks to its light texture. Curly hair can undergo styling into different looks that involve cutting to achieve particular shapes. However, they are not immune to frizzing hence need a little more attention. Stubborn knots could need some chopping off to retain neat curls.
  • loose wave
Likewise to curly hair, loose waves are bouncy, too except for the fact that they are more significant than the curls. Waves with properly tussled manes bring out the classy nature of this hair. They get to be frizzy too but not as much as curls. Other options for the styling of this weave include making it fully straights or curling. Either way, it’s a win-win!
  • natural wave
As the name suggests, here we are going natural. The waves are regular hence exhibit the most natural and fancy look at the same time. Though the waves are tiny, they are not as little as curls. Don’t worry; you will still keep it bubbly. Remember, you can gently run your fingers through to make sure everything is okay with your hair.
  • body wave
Most body waves are lengthy and in the company of massive waves. They have this sassy look that will leave you yearning for one on your hair the moment you spot it. That stunning look that you can only get from human hair wigs is available here. Attaching one to your hair could be a milestone for you as far as it concerns styling.
  • deep wave
Deep waves are so popular because they are gorgeous and exceed the limit of styling options. With the color and texture of Indian hair, mixing with the hair proves less daunting. The silky and shiny nature tops it all, portraying the luxurious elegance. To spice it up, you can style to sultry strands, make it straight, care-free curls could also do and cutting it short.  
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Benefits of Indian Hair Weaves

Indian hair weaves are very common in the market. What causes the rise in demand for these products? After familiarizing yourself with the points below, I could say you know why. Meanwhile, let`s go down to the details.
      1. Length
Indian hair ranges from short to very long lengths, but are mostly known for the long length. Therefore you can buy long ones and maintain their length or size them to the height you prefer. Trimming from time to time depends on your preference.
      2. Quality
These weaves are worth every penny you spend on them because of their high quality. They are a product of selection from the finest Remy Indian hair, which is a hundred percent virgin hair harvest from the scalp. Their long-lasting quality beats other hair and above all is the natural soft look.
     3. Texture
There are three textures of Indian hair, i.e. the natural wavy, natural straight, and curly texture. The natural straight is slightly wavy and not completely straight. However, you can correct it by flat ironing. The curly texture is a little bulky depending on the tightness of the curls. This hair texture can accommodate many styles and also imitate the nature of lace front wigs on the hairline. It allows easy blending with the natural hair from the scalp.  

How to Care Indian Weaves

Weaves need proper care to stay in shape and serve you for longer. Here are some tips to help in keeping your hair stunning and satisfy your hair needs.
  • Carefully select the hair products you use on your weave. Avoid heavy oils since they seep into your weave and cause a buildup of dirt. Go for sulfate-free shampoos.
  • Use a minimum amount of heat on your hair. Too much heat causes burns that ruin hair taking away its natural beauty.
  • Prefer braiding your hair when going to bed or swimming. You could also tie a silk scarf when retiring to bed. 
  • Air dry your weave after a wash, applying heat or rubbing with a towel causes tangling and damage of hair strands.
  • Shampoo your hair at least twice monthly to clear the dirt.
  • Keep your hair moisturized to prevent them from drying and breaking. But don’t overdo it.
Getting a variety of all the things you want in one place may sound impossible, well, here it is.  The only challenge may be choosing the many options considering texture, length, color, quality looks, and the cost of maintenance. However, carefully reading through the article makes it easy for you. Knowing many types of weaves or wigs is a step ahead, but the question is- how well do you know you’re the weave you desire?
The first thought that comes while buying a human hair wig is selecting the right kind of hair wig. It may sound simple, but it is imperative to know minor yet useful trivia about all types of hair wigs.
You may find numerous kinds of hair wigs like Brazilian wigs, Indian wigs, Peruvian wigs, and Malaysian wigs. All these are made of organic human hair but have slight differentiation, which makes it easy to find the best wig for your needs.

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What Is Malaysian Hair?

Malaysian hair is collected from South East Asia and considered one of the best human hair types among wig wearers. It is 100% virgin human hair, usually available in length from 8 inches to 30 inches. Malaysian hair has a very smooth and glossy yet natural texture, which is excellent if you like silky hair. The silkiness and smoothness make Malaysian hair very popular among people, also celebrities.
Malaysian hair is mostly straight, but they come in a variety of styles to suit all needs and choices. You can find them in body wave and curly textures in addition to straight hair.

Why Choose Malaysian Hair?

  • 1. Bouncy Hair!
The Malaysian hair wig could be your best friend if you are also looking for a wig to add volume to your hair besides having ravishing hair.
The wigs have quite a bouncy texture which adds an excellent volume to your hair, particularly at the crown, saving you from backcombing your hair.
  • 2. That shine
Malaysian hair is the best choice for those looking for good luster and naturally shiny hair. These hair wigs have a characteristic shine to them which makes them very popular among people.
  • 3. Do Not Curl When You Want Them Straight
How many times in your life do you get what you want? Not every time, right! But Malaysian hair wigs are never a disappointment no matter what. Where a lot of hair types tend to become wavy when wet, Malaysian hair wigs do not form waves or curls. You can go out in your slightly damp hair to save yourself from ironing your hair for hours for the perfectly straight hair.
  • 4. Hold Curls When Needed
Besides the fact that Malaysian human hair wigs do not curl when wet but they hold the curls pretty well when required.
Owing to their silky texture, they do not tend to loosen up after a while, unlike dry, frizzy hair. You can comfortably use any heat styling product on your hair and enjoy your evening in your favorite hairstyle.
  • 5. Easy to Manage
This hair type is shedding and tangle-free which means that you would have to spend the least amount of time in managing and grooming your human hair wig.
  • 6. A Match for Everyone
You would have often heard, a match made in heaven and surely it relates to the Malaysian human hair wigs. These human hair wigs, because of their color go well with almost all kinds of natural hair. African American women particularly like them, but the hair blends well with hair of all ethnicities.
You might want to add a bit of color or dye them in your choice of color but they already provide several shades between brown and black, making them feasible for many hair colors.
  • 7. Less Washing
I know all of us want an extra day without having to wash our hair every time. Another feature of human hair wigs is that you don't need to wash them very often.
Owing to the density of Malaysian wigs, they do not need frequent washes as compared to wigs of other hair types.

  • 8. Long-lasting
Some people might find Malaysian human hair wigs to be a bit on the expensive side, but the longevity of these hair wigs makes it undebatable. These wigs last much more than any other wigs, especially synthetic ones. You can wash, dry and heat style your Malaysian human hair wig. They also provide a variety of hairstyling options.

  • 9. Lots of variety
Malaysian hair is available in almost all hair textures like steamed, body wave, deep wave, curly, curly-curly and many others. So, no problem if you are unsure about the textures and styles of human hair wigs and not wanting to spend a hefty amount of time on styling your hair.

  • 10. Queens Wear It
You might sometimes also find other hair types being sold in the name of Malaysian hair because of its scarcity. Malaysian hair is not very commonly found rather has to be sourced very carefully and vigilantly from the right places. All women slaying these rare hair wigs are just queens!
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Styles of Malaysian Human Hair Weave

Some of the admired styles of Malaysian hair wigs are:
  • Malaysian straight human weave
  • Malaysian curly human weave
  • Malaysian Jerry curly hair weave
  • Malaysian loose wave hair
  • Malaysian deep wave virgin hair

How to Maintain a Malaysian Weave?

Whether you opt for a straight, wavy, curly or any other kind of Malaysian hair weave, with a few care tips, you can keep it in good form and also add to its life.
  • Specifically, with wavy or curly hair, it is recommended to use a broad toothed comb.
  • Use alcohol-free water-based products for better care of the hair weave.
  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo if possible. It helps to retain the natural shine without damaging the hair.
  • If sleeping with your hair wig, wrap a silk scarf to avoid friction with the pillow.

How to Restore Malaysian Hair Weave?

There comes a time when we feel that the wig does not look the best of it, but we do not want to throw away our favorite wig, and why should we!
Sometimes, you can retain the shine of your human hair wig by washing them correctly and giving the necessary TLC.
  • Apply a suitable conditioner to your hair before a wash to provide moisturization.
  • Sometimes, the hair tends to become frizzy due to the absence of moisturization.
  • Next, use a sulfate-free shampoo with a pH between 4 to 5.5.
  • Hold your air in a vertical position while washing and do not wash your hair roughly. Wash and clean the hair with light hands and in one direction.
  • Avoid using hot water to rinse your wig.
  • Apply a good leave-in conditioner after the wash to let it absorb the most of it.

Malaysian hair wigs can be the best choice of hair wigs if you want the extra luscious and voluminous hair look. Grab your bundle of Malaysian hair weave now and slay your pretty hair!

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