WigNice: How to Create Natural-Looking Waves on Your Wigs?

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Whether it is a good sunny day or an autumn evening party, wavy hair has always been the talk of the town. The love for wavy hair makes us spend the right amount of time any day to get the perfect waves for our look.
It does not matter if you do not have naturally wavy hair, you can get those lusciously pretty hair waves with your straight or curly hair as well.
Just a few tips and tricks, and voila! You can have gorgeous waves on your human hair wigs.
Why Is Wavy Hair So Popular?
Wavy hair is not the choice of women just today but has been the favorite for years. The reason being the naturalness and volume they provide. Wavy human hair wigs add a good volume to your hair and are easy to manage than curly wigs.
They are an excellent alternative for curly hair with a more natural and effortless look.
You can get waves of your choice by quite several methods, each resulting in waves of different extent and resulting shape.
How to Create Natural-Looking Waves?
Obtaining natural-looking waves is simple, but you would need a few tools for different methods, whichever you try.
What You Need:
  • Rubber bands
  • Pins
  • Curling iron
  • Straightening iron
  • Hairband
  • Always use a mousse or mist before using any of these methods
  • Spray your hair lightly with hair spray for natural-looking yet stable waves
  • Leaving your braids, pin curls or twists overnight will result in beautiful wavy hair
  • Use dry shampoo on your scalp instead of washing your hair while creating waves with a straightener or curling rod.


As mentioned earlier, there are numerous methods to get natural-looking and volume-enhancing waves, which you can try as per your choice and need.
Let's tell you how to achieve natural-looking waves on your straight or curly human hair wig.
It is worth noting not to try the heat styling products on the synthetic wig as it may result in burning and damaging your wig. However, all of these methods are safe for use on your human hair wig.
1. By Braiding
You wake up in the morning, plug in your curling iron and get your favorite waves within minutes. But do you ever wonder that women in ancient times also liked styling their hair in different ways, even in the absence of electricity or heat styling products?
So let's tell you the most straightforward and oldest method to get waves on your wig. It might be a very old method but gives you the most realistic waves.
How to Create Wig Waves with Braids
wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs, nice wigs
Creating natural waves requires braiding your hair just the common ways we do it, but a bit of precision can let you decide the kind of waves you want. If you wish equal waves throughout your wig, then divide your hair into even sections, and if you like random-looking waves, dividing your hair into uneven sections is the secret. Also, remember that the width of your waves depends on the size of your braids. Another point to mention is that the typical three-strand braid will result in waves from the top of your eyes to the end, whereas a French braid gives you waves in your tresses from the roots to tip.
Braid your hair according to your preference and secure with a rubber band. Leave it for at least 3 hours or for as much time as you can.
Tip: Braid your hair while wet or spray Luke-warm water. You can also apply a hair mousse or mist for long-lasting waves.
2. By Pin Curls
This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to achieve saloon-like waves or even curls.
How to Create Waves with Pins? 
The first and foremost step is to apply a generous amount of hair gel or hairspray to your hair. If you are opting for a wavy hairstyle, use a mousse instead of hairspray for a more natural look. Take a small section of your hair and start rolling it around your fingers till you get to the root of the hair. Now pin up the loop to your hair and secure it well. Repeat the process till all of the hair is secured well. This method will result in uneven curls but perfect for those who prefer a raw style.
3. By Twisting
You have already got to know two amazing and simple ways of getting waves on your human hair wig without the use of any heat styling product. Well, there's another way that does not require any expertise or not even a lot of time to have natural looking wavy hair. 
How to Create Waves with Hairband?
wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs, nice wigs
First of all, place the hairband around your head as you usually do, a few inches away from the hairline. Begin twisting the hair from the front into the hairband till you twist the whole of the strand. Repeat this in strands for all of the hair. The best part is that you can sleep with them to get cute and natural waves in the morning. Don't forget to wear a shower cap!
4. By A Straightener
No worries, if you do not have a wavy human hair wig at hand yet want to flaunt wavy hair at a full-day event, here comes the straightener to rescue. You can use a straightener to get natural, still long-lasting waves.
How to Create Waves with A Straightener?
For obtaining long-lasting hair waves, using a hair mousse is recommended. Moreover, it would prevent your hair from any minor harm. Now grab a section of hair from the front. Take your preheated straightener and roll your hair in it and twist it 180 degrees away from your face. Pull the flat iron straight down the shaft to the tip that would result in loose body waves. You can repeat it on the same strand for more distinct curls. Continue with the rest of the hair until done.
You can also use a straightener to obtain waves on your curly hair wig by flattening the curls. Just stretch the hair enough and press with a straightening iron.
5. By A Curling Rod
You can get natural waves by using a curling iron just like a straightener. The only difference being that the curling rod would give tighter waves than a straightening iron.
How to Create Waves with Curling Rod?
Heat your curling iron meanwhile prepping your hair with a hair mousse or mist. Divide your hair into top and bottom sections for better results. Take parts of one to one and a half inch and wrap them around the rod, giving it enough time to heat the hair for ten to fifteen seconds. Release when done. Repeat with the remaining hair of the upper and lower sections.
How to Enhance Your Waves?
As much as we all love waves, we want them to stay in place for a longer time, so we get to flaunt them more! For this, always keep a few tips in mind:
These few ways and tricks can help you get the natural waves you love. Select the method that is the most suitable for you and slay your natural-looking waves all the way!

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