Why You Can't Wear Wigs All Time

The culture of wearing wigs has been ongoing for quite some time. It began from Egyptians. They used to cover their heads with hairpieces, to avert straight contact between their heads and the scorching heat against sunlight.

In the present universe, people wear wigs for different desires, maybe in the interest of fashion, their comfortability, to cover baldness or due to some health conditions, among many other reasons.

However, even though hairpieces bear many pros, several reasons may initiate you change your mind towards wearing them every time. Let us check out some main ideas as to why you do not have to put on wigs frequently.

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Health Problems

The most common drawback of wigs is a negative impact on the health of the bearer. Some of these problems include headaches, hair loss, and allergies.


Wigs, notably those, which are taut, can lead to severe headaches since they tend to induce excess pressure to your head. Nevertheless, you may eliminate the problem by putting on a hairpiece that fits you perfectly. Alternatively, you can try to fabricate the wig cap lose enough.

Hair loss

One common mistake that people typically make is failing to position their hair correctly before putting on a hairpiece. That may make the wig to seriously destroy your hair, and even go further to giving root to hair loss.

As we all know, prevention is more superior than cure. For that reason, invest more in keeping your hair specific before it is too late. That leads us to the question, how can you keep your hair secured?

  • Condition your hair frequently and do not forget to reserve it clean.

  • Position your hair correctly before putting on your wig.

  • Expose your hair to fresh air to dodge complications associated with hair breakages and dandruff.

  • Get rid of a dry scalp by applying natural oils to it.


You may end up having allergic reactions because the wig material does not suit your head. For instance, synthetic wigs may cause serious health problems to individuals with baldness.

An example of an allergic reaction is developing rashes. If you fail to dress a wig cap under your hairpiece, your skin may end up reacting with the wig resulting in rushes.

While that may be true, take time to prepare your scalp for a hairpiece and choose your wig (quality wig) wisely to avoid harming your natural hair and your health in particular.

1. Maintenance

Wigs need close attention for them to last longer. People usually sweat a lot in hairpieces, which is why they have to wash and condition them routinely. However, the wig texture changes when you clean it regularly, and human hair wigs in specific, will lose their style, hence the need to restyle them.

All these struggles to maintain your hair will eventually make it loose its beautiful original look. For that reason, if you find it a challenge to take care of your hair, and to add on that, you see them too expensive to buy, avoid wearing them frequently.

2. Comfortability

Wigs may become extremely hot maybe when you are on a workout or so, and you may end up sweating profusely. The sweat build-up may cause itchiness, hence the feeling of not being comfortable.

3. Sleeping In Wigs

Many people regard wigs as security blankets to their head, especially those with severe hair loss or baldness. Due to that fact, they may develop a habit of not removing them even when sleeping because maybe they do not want other people to see the weakness in their heads, or perhaps they feel much pleasure to sleep in wigs.

Nevertheless, you know wigs detangle when you sleep because of frequently turning while sleeping. That may end up damaging your expensive hairpiece through wear and tear of the fibres.

The good news is that there is a remedy for securing your hair while sleeping. Ensure that you rest your head on a silk pillowcase to provide smooth sliding of your hair during your move around.

Besides, keep an eye on using glues to attach your wig to your head to prevent the straightening of the wig cap. Without forgetting, invest in braiding your hair to contain your hairpiece perfect for its durability.

Then, to avoid further damage to your hair, do not fail to split the knots when you want to sleep in your wig. Finally, yet importantly, make sure that you brush your hairpiece the moment you get up from sleep to remove any tangles.

Have another Option

There are countless approaches to killing a rat. If you are stuck in deciding on how long you should wear your wig, why should you not contemplate coming into possession of another hair?

If you intend to keep your public figure alive, maybe when you are swimming or doing an exercise, or when you want to sleep in your wig, then, get another hairpiece.

The purpose of this second wig will be to cover up for all damages that were to occur to your favourite hairpiece, for example detangling of the hair fibres.

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Keep Your Hair Healthy

If you own a wig that satisfies all your requirements, do not fail to look after the healthiness of your hair. Despite your health conditions or hair loss, you still have to maintain your natural hair. How can you take good care of your hair?

  • After you take your wig away, gently massage your scalp to give room for blood flow.

  • Use wig caps with materials that can give a path for your hair to breathe.

  • Wash and condition your hair routinely using wig-friendly shampoos and conditioners.

  • Avoid putting on a wig on wet hair to avoid dampness.

  • Avoid sleeping unhealthily with wigs, especially tight ones.

  • Secure your hair by doing some cornrows to keep your wig in place.

  • Take breaks in wearing wigs.

  • Wear wigs, which fit you perfectly.

Be In charge of Your Health

Wigs are perfect to many people, but they can also cause severe damage to the natural hair, and the individual’s health in particular. For that reason, learn how to choose, put on, and maintain wigs correctly for the benefit of your general body health.

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