Why Should We Choose Virgin Hair and How to Care It?

All of us undoubtedly love shiny healthy hair but tired of hair loss somehow. The thin and dull hair not only stops us from flaunting our hair but also suppresses our confidence. The hair strands breaking every day make our heart sink and we end up feeling bad about the condition of our hair.
Don’t worry anymore! Human hair wigs are a big milestone in the fashion industry that helps you overcome your thinning hair. Not only you can wear a wig if you have thin hair but also if you want a different style from the usual or just want to add a bounce to your hair!
Human hair wigs are widely liked by all the fashion figures and people all around the globe for their natural effortless real look they give you. Virgin human hair wigs are fairly loved by everyone owing to their variety and quality.
What is Virgin Hair?
You must be thinking about what makes virgin hair so popular. Virgin human hair is collected from people all over the world. Virgin hair may be Brazilian, Indian or Malaysian. But the hair for one wig is collected from one person only which guarantees you the quality of the hair. The virgin hair is directly collected and does not go through any chemical procedures like bleaching, dyeing, perming or even blow-drying. You can be sure that virgin hair reaches you in the raw form without any kind of treatment or styling to provide you the most natural look you desire. They have to care for just like your own hair that would help you keep this look fresh for a longer period of time.
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Benefits of Virgin Hair
Here are a few benefits of using Virgin Hair,
  • Chemically Untreated
What else do you need from life if it gives you a perfect wig made of hair that is in their most natural form! Virgin hair lets you enjoy this feeling. They are not permed, straightened or chemically treated like bleaching and dying for better looks. Virgin hair comes to you in their real form!
  • Easy Styling
As virgin hair is not pretreated, you can straighten or curl them without the fear of burning them. Virgin hair also allows you to bleach and dye them with the color you had been wanting for so long.
  • Can Be a Blow-dried
It feels great when you can style your hair the way you want. It gives you more liberty to decide whether to straighten or curl your hair. You can make a hairstyle any day as per your mood and activities. On a day when you can't decide what could be the best option, you can always blow dry them for a quick classy look anytime!
  • Low Maintenance
Virgin hair wigs are easy to manage than synthetic hair wigs due to many reasons. Synthetic hair wigs are made up of plastic polymer which requires lots of care to keep them in good shape for a long time given that they also do not give the soft virgin hair feels. Virgin hair needs care only as you do for your own hair without much hassle.
  • More Versatile
Virgin human hair is more versatile in terms of style, color, and length. As the hair is collected from women all over the world including South America, Europe, and Asia, they come in a huge variety of textures. You can find virgin hair in all textures and style including straight hair, curls, loose curls, body waves, loose waves, and deep waves. They are available in all-natural shades and different lengths as well.
  • Natural Looking
The best benefit of virgin human hair wigs is the serene experience they provide of wig wearing. Usually, they are handwoven and are very delicate and comfortable to wear without feeling heavy. The hair gives a very raw yet silky and smooth texture making you love your virgin human hair wig!
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How to Care for Virgin Hair?
The following steps should be taken to take proper care of this hair.
  • Use Water-Based Products
Using hair care products that contain alcohol and sulfates would not be the right choice rather use water-based products that retain the moisture in the hair and saves them from being dry and frizzy. Always choose the product according to your hair type. There are different shampoos available in the market for straight hair, frizzy hair, curly hair, and tight curls.
  • Detangling
Two things are important to consider for decreasing hair loss by hair breakage. Tangle-free hair breaks less and the wig lasts a longer time. Firstly, detangle your hair before washing. If you wash your tangled hair, washing and rubbing will cause more friction and result in tangles. Secondly, always use a broad toothed comb for the hair and start to comb your hair from the ends to avoid the breakage of hair strands.
  • Avoid Too Frequent Washing
Anything in excess causes harm. Same with washing and styling your virgin hair wigs. Washing your wig many times can deprive it of its natural oils and the hair will lose the locked moisture.
  • Drying
It is so frequent that we are in a hurry and we want our hair to dry in the blink of an eye. Though, drying your human hair wig by a hairdryer or a blow drier frequently can cause damage to the hair cuticle. Air dry your hair to avoid the damage caused by heat.
  • Apply Conditioner
It is very important to keep your wig moisturized for sleek and shiny hair. Use a good water-based moisturizer for your hair to keep the moisture intact. You can also use a leave-in conditioner for better hydration.
  • Hair-Styling
Hairstyling our hair wigs in the latest trends is loved by all of us but does your excessive heat treatment can cause great hair loss?? Do not overuse heat products on your wig. Select the virgin hair wig of your favorite hairstyle to keep yourself free from straightening or curling it every day. Use heat protection spray whenever you iron your hair.
  • Avoid Oil Products
As much as moisture and natural oils are beneficial for the hair, excessive oil can also cause harm. The excessive oil would give a very oily look to the hair. It is advised to use water-based products which do not overdo the oil in the hair.
  • Night Care
Have you been finding your virgin hair wig quite frizzy lately? Then it might be because of an improper night care routine. Use a silk pillow instead of cotton or linen to avoid friction. For even better, non-frizzy hair ties them up in a high ponytail and wrap a silk or satin scarf loosely around them. This keeps the hair in place and the satin scarf decreases the friction with hair as well.
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Whenever you decide on buying a virgin human hair wigs, you should know that it comes with a bundle of benefits if cared for, in the right way. Just a little care can help your virgin hair wig last longer than a year! Get your favorite virgin hair wig today and slay the trendy hairstyles.

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