Why Do People Know You Are Wearing A Wig?

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There is no shame in wearing wigs these days. People do not only wear them due to illness anymore! Wigs are being worn every single day and most of the time; you do not even know that they are wearing a wig in the first place. Sometimes though, it does look like someone is wearing a wig and it is a fact that you do not want to be made obvious. Wigs might not be your natural hair, but you can make them look realistic and natural.

Why does it look like you are wearing a wig?

1. You hair is too perfect.

Wigs are designed so that they are perfect already but sometimes we tend to lose the natural look. Your natural hair is not in perfect shape or style. You need to ensure that when you are wearing a wig that you have a hair or two out of place. This will help keep your wig looking more like natural hair and less like an ornament stuck in place on your head.

2. Your hairline is unnatural.

Hairlines are a perfect tell tell for wig wearers. If your hairline does not match the starting point of your wig, then you can get a line around your hairline that does not match the rest of your complexion. All you need to do is take some base or foundation and blend it into the starting line of the wig. Also make sure that you choose a wig cap that matches your natural skin tone.

3. Your hair is too voluminous.

We all love big and lovely hair however, sometimes you take the volume a bit too far which takes the natural look away from the wig in the first place. Wigs tend to be able to do a lot more than natural hair. Yes you can add volume but not the point where you have this big afro on your head that does not move an inch throughout the day. Volume tends to die down a bit throughout the day on natural hair so it needs to do the same with your wig.

4. Itching makes it look fake.

This is one of the biggest signs that you are wearing a wig. If you scratch your head constantly throughout the day, then people know you are most likely wearing a wig. You need to make sure that you have a wig cap on that is going to allow your natural hair to breathe and sweat. This is going to help get rid of the itching throughout the day.

5. You forget to part your hair.

If you have a look at your natural hair when it is down, you can see that your hair has a path through it that your hair naturally falls into. With a wig, you need to condition the wig to have this path. Once you place the wig on, make sure that you create a part in the wig so that it looks more natural. You can also add this part after you have washed the wig as it is easier to condition the hair when it is wet. Leave the wig to dry with the part already placed and once it is dry, you will have a more natural looking human hair wig.

6. Different shades also expose your secrets.

There is nothing worse than being able to see your natural hair sticking out of your wig line. If the wig does not match your hair completely, you have 2 tones in the overall look of your hair that does not look natural! You have to make sure that you have your natural hair pinned up nice and tightly and that you do not have any strands peaking out of your wig cap or hairline that does not match the color or texture of the wig.

7. People cannot see your scalp.

Being able to see your scalp is rule number one when you are wearing a wig. You can see everyone else’s scalp so you need to be able to see yours. You can do this by wearing the right wig cap and pull some of your own natural hair through the holes of the wig cap so that people can see that you have hair attached to your scalp. There is nothing worse than to see someone with a gorgeous wig on but they lose the natural effect due to the fact that you cannot see their scalp or a natural looking start to a hairline.

Tips for new wig-wearers

  • Make sure that you get a wig that not only fits you right but also suits your natural face shape and features.

  • Lace front wigs and lace full wigs are the most natural looking wigs that you can get. I strongly suggest that you buy yourself one of these so that your wig can look as natural as possible.

  • Make sure that you follow the maintenance instructions carefully! This is going to help you keep your wig in good condition for as long as possible. 

  • Human hair wigs might be more expensive but they are the better option as they do not itch as much and they look more realistic.

  • Do not try and make your wig look perfect. You want to make sure that it looks natural and that it is part of your body and not an attachment.

  • Do not be intimidated to try new styles and play around with your wig. Just be gentle and you will not break your wig.

As you can see there are a few things that we have all done wrong once or twice in our lives that pin points us out to be wig wearers. Just follow the steps above and people will no longer notice that you are wearing a wig. There is no shame in wearing wigs but you want them to look and feel natural. 



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