Where to buy good wigs online? 10 best trusty online store!

Finding quality affordable and trusty wigs online shouldn’t be difficult; but with new hair companies popping up daily, it can definitely get overwhelming!

Sometimes you’ll find that right Wigs, but it’s WAY overpriced or your color is not in stock. After buying wigs online for over 10 years; we’ve had to shop around to get the unit we want at the right price.

Luckily, we’ve found some great websites on our wig buying journey. While some have become favorites, we also had some bad experiences.

So, to save you some time (and PayPal disputes) we compiled a list of the most affordable sites online. Each made the list because they offered a great selection, affordable pricing, and reliable shipping.   Check it out, and keep reading for our red flags when shopping for wigs online!

Here’s a list of the 10 most affordable and trusty wigs stores we found online:

Amazon :When we want a wig quick, Amazon is our go to!

WigNice.com: reliable quality. free shipping

Divatress.com : Our go to for new styles

ElevateStyles : Great selection of braiding/crochet hair as well

Wigtypes.com : Large variety and youtube videos

Gobeautyny.com : they gave us rewards points  and good promos

Hairsisters :Probably one the oldest and most reliable sites, easy to use the website, large selection.

Blackhairspray.com – Popular with YouTubers on the East coast

Premier Lace Wigs : Large selection of Pre-Plucked Human Hair Wigs

Sams Beauty – Easy to use the website and nice Flat Rate shipping deals!


Red Flags when shopping for wigs online:

As a bonus, we wanted to offer you some red flags to look out for when shopping for wigs online.

  • Low inventory: Most popular wigs have a wide selection of colors if you are shopping and notice a limited amount of colors; this may be a red flag.  Unless the wig is on clearance it should be well stocked and available.
  • Shady check out: If you're checking out and things don’t seem smooth or efficient, it’s ok to back out.  If you add items to your cart and then prices change dramatically when it’s time to pay; this usually is a sign a company lacks customer service.
  • Little or no contact info: If your shopping on an official online store, there should be information on when to contact them, clearly visible.
  • Really low prices: Ok, we like a good deal too, but some things are just too good to be true.  If a popular wig is way cheaper on one site then the others, there may be some shady business going on.  Make sure you check the total price once shipping is added in, for the real price of the purchase.
  • Always getting your 2nd choice:  If you purchase from an online store multiple times and each time you either didn’t get the right wig or keep getting your second choice in color.  It may be time to move on to the next hair store.  We know this is one of our major pet peeves; opening the box expecting one color and getting just the next option (not cool).

Online wigs store shouldn’t be scary, but as an online transaction, it’s best to do your research.  Many wig shoppers find a reliable store and stick to them, some may move around.  Whether your a beauty supply wig shopper or strictly online shopper, theirs lots of choices.  We just know it’s nothing like coming home to a brand new unit at our doorstep.

Have you heard!? WigNice has just released a Fake Scalp Wig!

It’s pre-plucked, bleached and requires no work. This is a great wig for beginners in the Lace Front game. You can learn more about this new wig line by click here

Photo Cred: WigNice.com

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