When Should You Wash Your Wigs?

When should you wash your wig? How to tell when it’s time to wash your synthetic or human hair wig.

Synthetic wigs usually hold up very well for quite a number of wearings. They don’t get greasy strands near your face either. So how do you tell when you need to wash it?

When it starts moving like a wig, and not like the hair, it’s time to wash it. Hair sections move independently of one another and are less ‘clumpy’ when they’re freshly washed. Over time, using wig conditioning sprays can build up and cause the wig to not move as freely as it did when it was clean. Washing synthetic wigs every 5-10 wearings is important. 

 For human hair wigs, when you start to notice greasy strands near your face (or about 5-10 wearings, depending on the weather), it’s time. A human hair wig needs to care like human hair does, including washing, blow drying, styling – and buildup of styling products can mean you might have to wash more frequently (especially in warmer weather.)

If you’re not into the washing of your hairpieces, your wig salon or stylist will offer that as a service – and a wash and style is a great way to get your hair back into tip-top shape periodically even if you do wash at home. The best part, you don’t need to stay with your hair, and you can wear your other hairpieces while yours is being styled. One of the funniest texts you’ll get is getting a text from your wig stylist with “your hair is ready!” 

See our wig washing blog posts here and here for more details on washing your own wigs, or contact your wig stylist for professional wash and style services for your wigs. 

It’s great to periodically get them styled (or get a styling/washing lesson) so you can ensure they last longer and look great while doing it. Your wigs are an investment, and taking care of them is critical for wearing them a long time, particularly if you are a daily hair-wearer.

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