What is wigs density?

Density is an important factor not only in your natural hair but also in your wigs. Hair is known for its density and they look beautiful only when they have a good density. That also makes one of the reasons why many people opt for wigs because they have poor density hair and they want to use wigs to give an illusion of greater density hair.
However, it is true that a good density only comes from a good and expensive human hair wig. In this article, we will give you a complete guide on how to choose a wig with good density.
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Which is the wig density?
In simple words, density is simply the thickness of something. When it comes to human hair wigs, density means the thickness of hair or the hair count in a wig. Whenever there is a greater hair count in a wig, it will result in an increased density of hair. That is how we define the density of a human hair wig. The measuring unit of density is gram. You can also weigh your wig to give yourself an idea about its density.
Hair thickness is an important phenomenon for a natural-looking full head of hair. Although it entirely depends upon your preference it is always a good idea to choose a wig that has the greater density or the ultimate reason for using it will vanish. The higher is your wig density, the prettier you will look. Moreover, no will be the judge that you are even wearing any wig.
How to choose a wig with good density?
Normally, the density of a good human hair wig is around 130%, 150%, and 180%. If you have a clear idea of these percentages and gram standards then you can end up grabbing the best human hair wig with a great density. Different wig shops have different standards for measuring the density of human hair wigs. The gram standards are also different with different vendors.
However, let us confirm you over here that if you are looking for a good density human hair wig, then you must go for a 150% density as it gives the best and fuller head results. 130% is slightly less thick but can be accommodated if you have a low budget. Similarly, the 180% density is an elite class of wig where the density is higher than all the rest. Moreover, it is also a very high-priced human hair wig. So, it is all upon your priorities to choose a wig. If you want to use a wig for everyday whereabouts then 150% is the best. However, if you are a celebrity or you want to use your wig on your wedding event then you can go for the higher density wig that is 180% density.
Remember that your outcome is all about natural-looking full head of hair. If your wig is making you look fake, then you can change it and go for the one which suits you the best.
There are a few other important factors we want you to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the best density human hair wig. These factors are as follows:
  • Look for the kind of wig you want way before simply looking at the density. Full lace wigs which are also known as lace front human hair wigs are known as the best kinds of wigs which show a natural look. Therefore, choose one of these wigs and then check out the factor of density.
  • Don’t ever overlook the factor of texture when it comes to human hair wigs the thickness and density of your wig are different in different types of textures. For example, a curly texture will have more density as compared to straight hair. Similarly, short wigs such as bob wigs also look fuller than long wigs. Thus, you don’t just need to see the gram factor but also the style of the wig before choosing it. For example, a human hair wig which is very long needs to have a 180% density. On the other hand, if there is a short wig then it can look good and thicker in a density of around 130% as well.
  • Another factor that gives the density illusion is the color of hair. If your human hair wig is black, it will automatically give an illusion of more density and thicker head of hair. However, if your wig is blonde or consists of a light color, then it will automatically look much thinner and hence give an illusion of thin hair with less density. Therefore, if you are choosing a black or any dark-colored human hair wig, then you opt for a density of 130% and it will look good. However, if the color of your human hair wig is too light, then it is better to go for 180% density as it will be thicker and won’t look light.
  • Lastly, it is all about your personal preference as well. You can decide the density of your human hair wig according to your budget and the style which suits you. Maybe you are among those women who have a long face and by choosing a 180% density your face will look even thinner. Thus, we highly recommend you visit the vendor, try on the wig and then choose to invest in it. The style and density which suits your friend might not suit you! So, choose wisely.

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Final Words
So, there you have it! We have given you an entire guide according to color, length, style and personal preference to help you choose the best density human hair wig. Remember! The density of your hair represents you whole as a person and it is your responsibility to choose the best one which represents you in the best way. By having a deep understanding of the three kinds of densities that are 130%, 150%, and 180% as well as the gram factor, you will end up choosing the best density human hair wig for you.