What Is Malaysian Hair?

We have different types of wigs, Malaysian hair, Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, and Indian hair. They all have various features, which makes them distinct from each other. In this article, you will get to know why Malaysian hair is outstanding, and how it varies from the other hairpieces.

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About Malaysian Hair

The donors of Malaysian hair come from the regions of Southeast Asia-Malaysia. These hairs have an excellent texture and can match perfectly with straight or curly hair. You can apply them in three different ways:

  1. By sewing them with natural hair. This method is costly because it is time-consuming. However, it is useful for protecting your hair beneath the wig.


  1. By bonding them with natural hair; this method is fast, easy, and less costly to use. However, it can post a challenge when uninstalling the wig because it may be difficult to remove the bonding agents.


  1. By hot or cold fusing it with natural hair. Hot fusion is gentler compared to using glues or adhesives. Cold fusion, on the other hand, is milder than hot fusion. Choosing to use any of these processes can, however, put a risk of damaging your natural hair.


Reasons Why People Love Malaysian Hair

Real Malaysian hair is rare as a diamond. Despite their scarcity in the market, they are in high demand across the world. Find out why they are fashionable from the discussion below.


  • They have an extraordinary texture and lustre

Malaysian hair being 100% natural, it is incredibly soft and silky in texture. Its natural taste is good enough to hold its style, even when you use hot styling tools on them. A virgin Malaysian hair has high shine ranging from medium to high. It, therefore, makes the hairdresser look gorgeous; that is why it is easily noticeable.


  • It comes in a variety of styles

Malaysian hair has a naturally straight pattern. Nonetheless, hair designers come up with different finishes of these hairpieces. As an illustration, you can purchase them in wavy, deep wavy, body wavy or curly textures.


  • It has a thick and voluminous look

Malaysian hair will be the perfect choice for those who have hair abnormalities like hair thinning. These hairs are thick in density, and they are bouncy, hence making the head look voluminous. They look full with a girlish appearance, which is appealing to the eye.


  • They have a longer lifespan

With proper care, Malaysian wigs can last you as long as you want. They are also capable of holding the curls for long periods. While that may be true, you can change into a different hairstyle because they are versatile.


  • They require less maintenance

You do not have to wash Malaysian hair as regularly as other wigs. They are, therefore, time-saving and cost-effective in terms of support. Even though they have a high luster, their shine reduces with wash. Nonetheless, they retain their texture even after cleaning them.


  • You can find a natural blend for you

Malaysian hairs come in a black and dark brown range of colors, making it a perfect combination for women of African or African American origin. You can, however, recolor them without damaging your natural hair. In addition to that, they come in various hairstyles, so, you can find one, which will match with your face shape.
Differences between Malaysian Hair and Peruvian Hair

Peruvian hair donors come from the South American country of Peru. This hair has a coarse texture, which looks dense and full. It has a curly hair pattern. Below are differences between Peruvian and Malaysian hair:

  1. Malaysian hair is soft and silky, but Peruvian hair has a more course silky texture.
  2. The luster of Malaysian hair ranges from medium to high, but Peruvian hair has a standard medium luster.
  3. Malaysian hair loses its shine after several washes, but Peruvian hair holds glossiness.
  4. Peruvian hair curls more when it is wet but Malaysian hair holds its curl even when wet.
  5. Malaysian hair has a heavy density, but Peruvian hair is feathery-light.
  6. Malaysian hair can hold curls for long, but Peruvian hair does not because it is softer in texture.
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Differences between Malaysian Hair and Brazilian Hair

Donors of Brazilian hair come from Brazil, a small rural place within the South-African regions. It also has a courser texture, and are best for curly hair patterns. It is different from Malaysian hair in the following ways:
  1. Malaysian hair is softer and silkier compared to Brazilian hair.
  2. Due to their soft texture, Malaysian hair does not hold its curls longer than the way Brazilian hair does.
  3. Brazilian hair does not lose its shine like Malaysian hair.
  4. The luster of Brazilian hair ranges from low to medium while that of Malaysian hair ranges between medium and high.
  5. Malaysian hair is thicker than Brazilian hair.
  6. Because of its high density and ease of losing its luster, Malaysian hair requires less wash as compared to Brazilian hair.

Differences between Malaysian hair and Indian hair

The donors of these hairs are natives of India. It is popular because it does not develop tangles, shed, nor lose its natural look quickly. Some of its differences with Malaysian hair include:
  1. Indian hair is naturally curly, but Malaysian hair can be either straight or wavy.
  2. Malaysian hair is coarser in texture than Indian hair.
  3. Malaysian hair is healthy enough to hold its curls longer than Indian hair.
  4. Indian hair is shinier than Malaysian hair.

Comparisons between the Four Hair Wigs

Malaysian, Brazilian, Indian, and Peruvian hairs have similar characteristics, and they include:
  1. All of them are 100% virgin hair, meaning they all move in a natural movement and experience less shedding and tangling.
  2. You can process them to either curly, straight, or wavy hair textures.
  3. They all come in different shades because they originate from different people.
  4. They last long with proper maintenance.
  5. Because all of them are natural hairs, they demand serious maintenance.

Find Beauty in Wigs

With the knowledge of what Malaysian hair is, its advantages, and its differences with Brazilian, Indian, and Peruvian hair, it is time to make a choice. Choose a wig that will suit all your needs but will give enough protection to your natural hair.
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