Wearing Wigs In The Summer

Summer season is one of the most treasured times of the year. It is an ideal time to relax and enjoy with your friends and family however it can get very problematic for women who like to wear hair extensions and wigs. Sometimes the heat can get so intense that it makes you want to cut off all your real hair let alone hair extensions. Wearing wigs can be very tricky during intense heat and humidity. It can ruin your hairstyles and make you look bad. Summer is, however, a very bad time for people who have spent several years grooming their hair. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can wear wigs in the summer and still look good.


Prefer Synthetic Hair

When it comes to wigs and hair extensions, Remy hair or Virgin hair are considered as the best type of hair. Remy hair gives a more natural look to your wigs but when its summertime, human hair can make you feel agitated. In such a scenario the best option is to buy synthetic hair to complete your look. Synthetic hair is relatively more comfortable than human hair.


Wash Your Wigs Regularly

One of the worst things you have to experience in summer is heavy sweating. Out of the things that can ruin your exquisite look, sweat holds one of the top positions. The sweat from your scalp can actually damage your wigs and hair extensions. Your wigs can get oily and sweaty during the summer, so the best way to counter this is to wash your hair on a regular basis. It is preferred to wash the hair with mildly warm water.  One thing to keep in mind is that too much washing can also damage your wig. You should wash them at least once after every few days. It will help to keep the sweat out of your wigs and keep them smooth.


Wear Lighter Colors

It is a scientific fact that dark colors absorb more energy. The same is the case with wigs. Dark colored wigs absorb more heat as compared to wigs with lighter color tones. Always avoid black wigs in summer. Lighter shades are perfect for the summer season. These days you can find hair extensions in many different colors. You can also dye your hair to lighter color shades to match your look. It can help you rock an amazing look even in harsh summer weather.


Save Your Wigs From Direct Heat

In order to comfortably wear wigs in the summer, you should try to avoid direct heat on your head. Avoid keeping your wigs in hot places where there is direct sunlight. In addition to that try to wear a hat or scarf that can prevent direct sunlight from coming in contact with your wig. You can also use an umbrella for this purpose. It should be kept in mind that your hat or scarf matches your look for the day.


Prefer Shorter Hair

Hair wigs in addition to natural hair can make your hair heavier and sweater. It is ideal to have short wigs that are off the neck. Lengthy wigs can make you feel more agitated in summer seasons. There are lots of styles that you can make with shorter wigs that would make you look amazing. When you are uncomfortable your entire personality looks dull, so it is crucial to have wigs that are comfortable for you.

Rock Longer Hair In Summer

You can always have shorter wigs in summer but what if you want to rock a longer hairstyle. You can still wear long hair wigs in summer. The best style for longer wigs in summer is braided hair. Braided hair can help you feel cooler and more comfortable. Braided hair lets cool air flow through your head and neck. It can also help reduce the amount of sweat that the wigs can absorb.

Wear A Light Weighed Wig Cap

It is ideal to wear lighter wig caps in summer. You should use wig caps made with materials that let air flow into your scalp. Wig Caps made with stretchy material are recommended in the summer season. Such wig caps allow more ventilation which saves your scalp from sweating. This can also help you wear heavier wigs even in the summer season.

Use Fewer Bundles

You may need multiple bundles to create an amazing wig.  The weight of the wig depends on the number of bundles you use. It is crucial to use fewer numbers of bundles in the summer so that your wig stays lightweight. Ideally, you should use around two bundles for your wig in the summer. Using around four to five bundles can make your wig heavy and hence make you sweat more.

Style For Summer

If you are someone who regularly wears wigs then you should have different styles for both winter and summer. The styles you make in summer should be open to more ventilation. They shouldn’t be so heavy and should let an appropriate amount of air flow through to the scalp. One of the best wigs to wear in the summer season is the bob wig. They aren’t that lengthy or heavy which makes them ideal for the summer season.

At the end of the day, it’s all about your preferences. If you feel like you can handle heavier and longer wigs in the summer then you should definitely wear them to match your personality and look for the day. You should keep in mind that shorter and lighter wigs can also help you develop a stunning personality so you don’t have to worry about your style which is why it is preferred to wear short and lighter wigs in summer. They are relatively more comfortable and are available in unique and different styles so you can rock them at any personal or formal event.

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