Wear wigs like CHARLIE'S ANGLES

Recently, the hottest movie is about the new film < Charlie' s Angels>.Kristen, Naomi and Ella are the main actresses. Not like the old film, people think the new film is more like a spy movie,not Charlie’ s angles.

We can not deny that  Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu  made a perfect, successful film together, and we love it. So it’s difficult to over the old movie, but maybe it will be a big surprise for us, let’s see it in November.

But no matter the old one or the new one, the same thing existed was that  the 3 girls have different looks on different occasions. I have to say, when I was a little girl, I dreamed that I can change my looks like Charlie’ s angels. Everybody was shocked by my beauty when I was walking passed them.

The decisive factor that changed their looks,i think, is the wig. Makeup and dresses are important too, but the determinate factor is the wig. In the old movie, Lucy Liu is the girl who wears the wigs more often, but in the new one, Kristen Stewart is that girl. This is the picture comes from the official trailer.

Kristen Stewart has short hair, but as Charlie’ s angel, she needs to deal with many tasks. Some tasks need to change her own look. Do you want to know how to choose wigs and be totally different like Kristen Stewart? Let me tell you.

Part 1 What’s your objective 

1) Date——long  hair

Through this official trailer, we can see Kristen Stewart’ s task is to seduce a wealthy Asian man, so she wore a typical long  wig, and it’s curly,  she looks very beautiful when she wears this wig. Under her cover, she is a dangerous brilliant woman, she can kill a man directly even his bodyguards are standing near him. 

Most boys prefer girls whose hair is long. If you want to have a date but don' t have a dreamed boy/ girl, long wig hair is a nice choice. If you want to have a fast date, you can try a long blonde wig. However, it doesn’t mean the special person you want will be attracted 100%, different people have different preferences. If you really like a person, you should be yourself, not play a role that he likes.

2) Work——ponytail wigs

Look, how charming Kristen Stewart is when she wears a ponytail, and she looks very dexterous when she wears this. Ponytail wigs are a good choice for office ladies. First, it won’t cover your whole head, your natural hair can have a breath.You can even wear it every day if you want, and it won’t damage your natural hair. Second, it is more convenient than the normal wigs, you needn’t pay much attention to it.

Part 2 Factors you should notice

1)Choose the right color

You have to know which color is the best for you. As you can see, Kristen Stewart is an attractive girl when she wears blonde wigs, but she is very normal when she wears a short dark brown wig. So don’t forget to choose a nice color for yourself.

Do you know how to choose a good hair for yourself? If you don’t know, here are my suggestions. There are 20-30 wig colors ranging from subtle natural tones to striking salon-inspired shades, you can stay close to the hair color you are currently wearing. If you are a beginner, you can choose the color of your natural hair, it won’t be noticed easily and you will love it.

2)Change a hairstyle if your wig is awful

When I first saw Ella, I was shocked. She looks very smart and dangerous, like a real killer.

Both curly hair and straight hair are suitable for her.

But look at this picture, oh girls, I have to say, even Ella can not hold this wig. Who made such a monk wig and why Charlie’ s angles bought them? Girls, angles, I know you guys want to be unobtrusive girls in this task, but trust me, everybody will notice you when you wear such an ugly wig, at least put on a hat when you wear this wig.

So girls, maybe you have had bought such an awful wig, maybe you haven’t. I hope nobody bought it. If you already bought such an ugly wig, you can do a hairstyle by yourself, curl or straighten it with some tools, you can even dye it too, but dying is a little difficult for beginners. If you don’t want to, wearing a hat is a good choice too.

  1. Wearing a a wig cap

It looks cool when Kristen Stewart took off her wig directly and she shakes her head , boom, her gorgeous natural haircut came back. Well, I dreamed that when i was young, but then i grew up,and i knew it’s totally a lie. Nobody can keep their haircut so perfect when they wear wigs. What’s more, if you don’t want your wig to slide, you should better wear a wig cap, it not only can secure your wig but also can protect your natural hair.


< Charlie' s Angels> is a nice comedy movie, I look forward to this movie very much, and I hope you will love my article just like you like this movie.

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