Ultimate Guide for Half Human Hair Wigs

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Wigs are widely used by celebrities and stylists for a long time now as they not only increase the volume of the hair but also add a glamorous look without causing harm to your hair. Human hair wigs in different styles like lace front, full lace have been quite in demand lately. Other than these, lace frontal closures and half wigs are also quite famous.

Half wigs; being easy to attach and voluminous have also become a part of the fashion industry for some time. You would see your favorite actresses wearing these but wouldn’t know. Why? Because they blend with your natural hair very well.


Half wigs, as quite evident from the name are wigs that cover half of your head. Half wigs are usually worn at the crown of the head for additional volume. They are quite liked as they help to give a very natural look, letting you flaunt your front natural hair.

Half wigs are made by using a special elastic mesh cap that allows easy blending and adherence. Wig clips are the preferred way of attaching half wigs to the hair as they hide more easily without making it prominent. Though, hair wigs with a hair-band like construction are also available.


Half wigs are an amazing addition to the wig-list as they allow you to choose from diverse textures, styles and hair choices. The presence of half wigs in a number of textures, styles and hair choices makes them the choice of females around the globe, particularly American-African women.  Half wigs can be bought in synthetic or human hair depending on your choice and personal preferences. The synthetic hair cost anywhere between $50 and $200 whereas human hair half wigs cost a bit more i.e. $200 and more.  

Synthetic half wigs are cheaper and available in different styles but they fail to give your hair that natural look owing to the shine they hold that resembles doll hair. If you are looking for hair that looks and feels natural then human hair half wigs should be your first choice while choosing a half wig. Human hair wigs can also be found in different textures. So, it advised to always select the right texture before buying because investing the wrong hair texture can be a big mistake.


Human hair half wigs can be found in many textures which makes it very important to select the hair texture that matches your natural human hair.  

Silky straight hair, Natural straight hair, Natural waves, Loose waves, Deep waves, Loose curls, and Afro curls are some of the options to choose from. One of the wonderful benefits of human hair half wigs is the freedom to style them your way. Synthetic hair cannot be styled using a straightener or a curling iron but human hair wigs allow you to style the hair with them, however.

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It is very important to select the right kind of half wig that covers the areas with lesser hair and gives a slightly bulky look to your hair. To find the best human hair half wig:

· Select the right size

It is necessary to measure the bald area of the head (if there is any), sidewise and lengthwise so that no bald spot is left when you wear the wig.

· Select the right fiber

Half wigs are either made of synthetic hair or human hair. Human hair half wigs can be dyed and withstand hot styling but synthetic hair does not bear the two and wear off.

· Select the right color

With selecting the right texture, selecting the right color holds equal importance. You can either choose the color of your natural hair for the human hair half wig or choose the color that compliments your natural hair color. Be careful while choosing the color, the wrong color can ruin your style in a glance.


Wigs usually come with hair clips that help you secure the half hair wig to your natural hair well. Attaching a human hair half wig is not messy and not even difficult when you have mastered the skill. Let’s tell you three easy ways to secure your human hair half wig into your hair in the simplest way.

  • The first and foremost step for attaching a human hair half wig is a good parting. You need to make a parting at the crown of the head, ear to ear leaving enough hair at the front. Secure your hair when done with the parting.You can also backcomb the top hair of the lower parting for a more voluminous look before attaching the human hair half wig.

  • Now, it is time to attach the wig. Take the wig and hold it in the direction you are going to attach it. Place the wig nearest to the parting line keeping it close to the scalp. Slide it across the lower parting (or teased hair) and click it to close the clips. You can use a few bobby pins to secure the wig if no clips are present at the nape. It’s okay if it doesn’t secure in one go. A bit of practice is all that is required for the flawless look.

  • When you have attached the wig firmly, just let your hair fall naturally in the wig. You can use any kind of accessory to ornament your pretty human hair half wig. Or you can experiment and find out the best styles that highlight your human hair (wig).

Human hair half wigs can be the go-to and quick style when you want an effortless yet different look. They are easy to wear and have a vast variety of textures and colors to choose from. Grab your human hair half wigs of your natural hair color or the one that highlights your looks and have fun with the new style!

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