Tricks and Tips to Wear Wigs in Cold Weather

Winters are a great season if you love snow and strong coffee but not the best season for your skin and hair — the lowering temperature results in increased dryness. Besides, the hair becomes frizzy. 

You need to take care of your human hair wig like your hair if you plan on wearing your wig in winters. If not cared for properly, the human hair wigs might also experience bad changes owing to the cold, dry weather. You might think about keeping them tied up in a braid or bun, but for how long would you escape the weather! 

Use of wigs in winter

For some women, wigs are a source of amplified hair volume, whereas some use them for quick styling. Wigs are everyone’s favorite for the ease they provide to people all around the globe. Wigs can be worn any day, any time of the year and imply no restrictions. 

Wearing wigs in winters is nothing to worry about if you take proper care of them to save them from damage. We surely don’t want our hair wig to lose its natural shine, right?

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How can wigs help in winter?

Though wigs need more care in winters, they also serve as protection for your real hair. Wearing a wig in cold and humid weather can save your real hair from harm. 

If you don’t want to cover your hair while stepping out in the freezing weather, human hair wigs can be your savior. They serve as an excellent tool to save your hair from the harsh weather and also provide effortless, quick hairstyles.

Additionally, wigs help you keep warm in cold days.

How to take care of your wigs in winter

Taking care of your wigs in winter is necessary if you don’t want to ruin your hard-earned money bought wig. Keeping your wig hair in good shape asks for only a few minutes of your day. A little time is needed to keep it sleek and shiny.

Use leave-in conditioners

Conditioner is not only your favorite product in winters but your wig’s favorite as well. The dry weather causes frizz in your wig hair that results in damaged hair wig. 

A conditioner can be your best friend if you find the right one that suits your human hair wig and help revive the moisture. It is recommended to use less shampoo and more conditioner in winters as the shampoo tends to make your hair dry.

You can use a leave-in moisturizer too. Leave the conditioner in your hair after you have showered. The leave-in conditioner helps to lock down the moisture in your hair, making your hair smooth and silky. 

Air-dry your wig

Say bye to your hair drier for this merciless weather and make sure to air dry your human hair wig. Heat styling products are not the best choice in winters but leaving your hair wet also wouldn’t be favorable anyway.

Always air-dry your wig before stepping out of the house. Dry hair prevents hair loss and allows easy styling.

It might take a few more minutes to air-dry the wig but it is going to save you the dollars you’d spend to buy a new wig.

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Moisturize your hair wig regularly

Moisturization is a critical element of skin and hair care in winters. Hair serums and oils are the soul food for your bio-hair. Accordingly, they serve as good moisturizers for your human hair wigs too.

The best choice of moisturizers is argan oil and coconut oil. Argon oil is specifically designed to strengthen and protect your hair from the harsh weather. Coconut oil works as a deep moisturizer for rough, frizzy hair.

Applying a little warm coconut oil to your human hair wig can do wonders in just a few applications.

Carry a wide-toothed comb

There would be times when you have to take off your hat somewhere yet your hair doesn’t look well tamed at first sight. However, this is not how we want them to look at any cost.

Keeping a wide-tooth comb with you can save you from the hassle and let you keep the hair in place.

Cover up while going out

With the snow and cold wind, it is better to wear headgear to save yourself and your wig from the disastrous weather. You can use a scarf to cover your hair or other accessories like hats, woolen caps available in the market.

The best thing about wearing a headgear is the number of choices and options it provides. You can find yourself a warm hand-knitted hat for the human hair wig that looks great on you and provides the necessary protection from the weather. 

Professional help to the rescue

There are many times in life when we are not sure about the decisions we make. So, if it is one of those times when you are not able to find the best product for your hair, do not worry! 

Anytime you think that you are not able to decide the right care regime for your human hair wigs, professional stylists can take you out of this dilemma.

You can walk up to the stylist with an appointment and tell them about your concerns and definitely, you would find guidance to precision. You can get to know the right products for your wig according to the texture and type.

Also, if your hair requires more care than just oils, a professional can suggest specific moisturizers and serums that make your hair wig lively and beautiful.

Human hair wigs behave almost the same as real hair under the influence of the weather. It is necessary to keep them well moisturized and conditioned, so the wig does not wear away in very little time.

Final Words

By the use of the right products or professional care, you can keep your human hair wig in good health and give yourself the advantage of not buying a new wig frequently.

These tips would let you slay your human hair wigs without having to worry about the weather.

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