Tips to Save Money: Affordable Lace Front Wigs|Halloween Sale

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All of us believe a fact that a person with perfect costumes and awesome make-up, must want a gorgeous wig in Halloween 2019.
So, the canival comes, have you gotten your Halloween wig? Yes sure, but it is also a good chance for you to get a big off of wigs. 
Back to the question, what is the best wig for Halloween? It is certainly lace front wigs. With lace frontals, it's easy for you to fixed an ideal style without sliding back.
But also, another inportant question comes:

“All lace front wigs are all expensive?” 

“Absolutely NO”

Lace front wigs have this misconception that they are unaffordable. This is not true! Whilst they might be more expensive than other types of wigs, lace front wigs can be affordable if you understand what it is that you are looking for. It is also important that you understand that lace front wigs will last you a very long time if you look after them properly which means in the long run, they are actually cheaper.
Let us take a look at some of the lace front wig types that you can get that are going to save you some money...
wigs, human hair wig, lace front wigs, hair wig
Lace front wigs that come with a basic wig cap instead of the silk are cheaper. Silk is not a cheap material to begin with so by finding lace front wig that has a basic wig cap on, you are going to save money.
The basic wig cap is still comfortable and keeps your wig in place nicely. You might need a few pins to keep the wig in place but you also need pins to keep it in place on a silk cap as well.
You can also buy a V-lace front wig which normally has a small v shaped section in the lace which will stop the lace from being an ear to ear type lace. This can be a different form of a wig cap which some people find a bit more comfortable.
To save a few more bucks, you can make your wig cap yourself. You can look at a few of our other articles which will show you how to make your own wig cap which is a reward all on its own.
  • Natural straight lace front wigs are more affordable

This is basically rule of thumb when you are buying any type of wig to begin with. If you buy a wig that is straight, this will save you money because the wig has not undergone a chemical process to dye the hair different colors which are not natural.
The natural straight lace front wigs also do not have to be styled which saves the manufacturer time. By them saving time, it is going to save you money. You can style the wig yourself when you feel like you need a different style such as a few curls or a natural looking wave.
Please keep in mind that if you do want to style the hair using heat, ensure that you are using a human hair wig to begin with. The heat will damage and ruin your synthetic hair. You can use other methods such as curlers in the hair for 24 hours without heat if you want to use a synthetic wig which leads us to our next point…
This might seem like a basic rule but it is the truth. Human hair wigs are very expensive to manufacture and the stock of hair can become limited throughout the year. This means that sometimes your human hair wigs will cost more depending on the availability of the type of human hair that you are looking for.
Synthetic wigs still look natural and the lace front wig will help the synthetic hair blend in with your hairline which will make the wig look more believable. Synthetic lace front wigs are cheaper because synthetic fibers are inexpensive to manufacture.
There is one more tip we need to share with you so that you can save money on your lace front wigs…
  • Non-remy lace front wigs are more affordable than remy wigs

Firstly, what is the difference between remy wigs and non-remy wigs?
Remy wigs have hairs whereby all the strands of the hair on the wig still have cuticles attached to the hairs and al the cuticles point in the same direction.
Non-remy means that either all the strands have cuticles however they point in both directions or there are no cuticles on the strands of hair at all.
Right, so in other words, you can see that it would be more expensive for people to buy hair that has all the cuticles on the hairs as well as having them all in the same direction than if they buy hair that is mixed or has no cuticles at all.
You can still dye Non-remy hair but the color might fade a bit quicker than other wigs.  Keep in mind that not all of these wigs will end up with huge knots and tangles. Non-remy wigs will need silicone based products to ensure that the wig stays in good shape as well as keeps the natural looking hair shine that we all desire.  As long as you keep your wig on a wig stand at night as well as keep it out of reach from children, your non-remy lace front wigs will look as good on your head as a remy lace front wig.
wigs, human hair wig, lace front wigs, hair wig

Wig big sales 

And there you have it, a few tips that you can take with you the next time you decide to buy a lace front wig. Don’t let the idea of a lace front wig scare you when it comes to the price of them. You can still get the lace front wig which is affordable as well as get the natural looking wig which lace front wigs give you.
Now you can buy an affordable lace front wig which will look astonishing on you for this Halloween. 55% off is waiting for you! 

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