Tips to Hide Mesh When Wearing A Lace Front Wig


Wigs are becoming very common these days in the beauty industry. They are a constant beauty routine of most of the celebrities of the red carpet. People love to change their wigs and hairstyles along with their attire. Not everyone has thick and long hair strands. But everyone wants to feel good about themselves. That is why wearing a wig diminishes the issue of looking or feeling bad.

lace front wigs?

There are many different kinds of wigs which are available in the market. Moreover, there are also different ways to perfectly style a wig. The various kinds of wigs include frontals, natural hair wigs, synthetic hair wig, full-lace front wigs and many more.

The most common kind of wigs used extensively by celebrities and everyone out there is the lace front wig. Why women love the lace front wigs is due to the idea of giving an appearance of a natural-looking hairline. Women with big foreheads also use the lace front wigs occasionally to make their foreheads appear smaller. Thus, lace front wigs are the most realistic form of wigs available out there. These wigs have a quality of blending easily with your hairline and your existing baby hair as well. Thus, it gives an invisible look that you are even wearing a wig.

However, many people who are using the lace front wigs don’t know how to carry it well. They don’t know how to hide the mesh along the hairline and make their wig appear natural. That is why most of the people fail to take the maximum advantage from a lace front wig.

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Why do you need to hide mesh when wearing a lace front wig?

Wigs are all about natural looks which can make you appear better and attractive. What’s the advantage of wearing a wig fit doesn’t give a natural appearance to your face?

In order to give a full-fledged natural look to your face, it is important to wear a wig correctly. Wearing a wig, the wrong way has the same effect as wearing a dress in the incorrect form. You will not only waste your money but you will also ruin your impression.

Moreover, a lace-front wig is all about your hairline and hairline is the first thing anyone will notice about you. That is why it is highly important to hide the mesh while wearing a lace-front wig to make it look natural and beautiful. Good lace-front wigs come at a high price so you must learn how to use it effectively to get the best return of your money.

It is quite tricky to apply a lace-front wig especially when it is your first time. Some of you might be a pro in hiding the mesh while others may not know how to wear it properly. To apply the wig securely, you need to use a tape or an adhesive. You also need to set it along your hairline with the help of a tape. You might need some time to master the application of a lace-front wig but once you are done with it, you are not going to leave a lace-front wig.

The lace-front wig is one of the best wigs which offer a highly natural-looking appearance.

Tools you will need to hide mesh when wearing a lace front wig

While choosing a lace-front wig, you need to check out the type of hair which are used in the wig. You must select a wig which looks natural and have a high-quality.

To master the art of applying a lace front wig, you need to grab a few simple tools. Although you can always go to a hair-stylist to get the job done for you you should learn it how to do it at home. Having some necessary tools at home can save you from the trouble of going to a saloon and spend your hard-earned money on the application of your wig.

You will need the following tools to hide a mesh while wearing a lace front wig:

  • A mannequin head
  • A comb specifically used for back-combing
  • An adhesive in the form of a tape
  • A toothbrush or a narrow-toothed comb

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How to hide mesh when wearing a lace front wig

Step 1:

First of all, you need to place your lace wig on a hard, round surface. The best is to use a mannequin head and place the wig on the head. Part your hair carefully and neatly using a backcomb.

Step 2:

Pluck any hair strands which may be going in the downward direction to give a neat look to your part. Be careful not to tear the lace during this process. Do not apply force or any sharp material while removing the hair strands.

Step 3:

After successfully parting and setting the hair. You need to flip the wig inside out and place a silicone scar sheet on it. You must stick the sheet on that part of the hairline where baby hairs meet the lace.

Step 4:

Now turn your wig back to its original position and brush the hair using a narrow-toothed comb or a hairbrush to make it tidy.

Step 5:

Till here you are done with most part of the process. Now you need to take a concealer and apply it right at the hairline where you place your lace front wig. The concealer should match the color of your skin to blend it with your complexion. Keep on applying the concealer until you are satisfied that the hairline looks natural.

That is all! You are done with hiding the mesh.

Final words:

If you are a regular user of wigs and you are aware of lace front wigs, then you must also be aware that a natural-looking hairline is important and mandatory. Your lace front wig should look as natural as possible to give the best possible looks and appearance.

A good lace-front wig will look just as natural as your hair growing out of the scalp.


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