Tips for Maintaining Your Human Hair Wig in Good Condition

Many people like wearing human hair wigs because of their natural looking feature. However, they are a significant investment because they need close attention.
Human hair wigs can last up to two years if you take good care of them. For that reason, if you have much interest in human hair wigs, you need to know how to maintain them.
Before we go into the discussion, why is it necessary to maintain human hair wigs?
  • For them to last longer
  • To give someone a more natural look
  • To maintain their texture
  • For styling versatility  
That leads us to a question. How can you take good care of human hair wigs? Well, it is not hard. Let us find the answers in the discussion below.
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How to Wash Human Hair Wigs and Condition Them
Washing and conditioning your human hair wig depends on how frequent you wear it. However, it is advisable to wash human hair wigs once in every two months, or most preferably, after one month.
What you need in washing human hair wigs:
  • Wig-friendly shampoo
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Wig-friendly Conditioner
  • Dry towel
  • Folding wig stand
Do not use ordinary soap to clean the hairpiece.
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To begin with, detangle the human hair wig to prevent shedding, and then comb the hair starting from both ends. Rinse the wig using lukewarm water, from root to the tips.
Fill your sink or basin with warm water. Add your shampoo, preferably one tablespoon of wig-friendly shampoo. Submerge your human hair wig into the water and wash it two to three times.
Massage your shampoo to loosen it, and then massage it on the cap of your human hair wig in a circular motion.
Rinse all the shampoo out using lukewarm water from root to ends. Squeeze the wig to remove excess water. Do not wring it.
Deep condition your human hair wig using silicon-mix conditioner. Apply the conditioner from root to the tip of your hairpiece. Enclose your hairpiece in a bag for 2-3 minutes.
Rinse out the conditioner with some cold or lukewarm water to seal the cuticle and add shine. Use fingers to detangle the hairpiece and then rinse the conditioner.
If your wig is curly, try leaving the hairnet on while washing. For dry or damaged human hair, use a deep conditioner then after washing, gently part the hair where you would like it to be.
Gently squeeze water out of your human hair wig, and use a dry towel to suck the remaining water in the hairpiece. Then, allow the hair to dry naturally, in a place with proper ventilation.
Alternatively, you can set your human hair wig on rollers to dry it or hang it outside to allow the inside to dry as well. While drying, do not wring the hair.
Of importance to note, do not blow-dry your human hair wig to remove water from it since it can damage. Additionally, avoid exposing it to high temperatures.
Only comb your human hair wig when it is dry, not when it is wet nor immediately after cleaning it. Steel combs and metal combs are suitable for dressing human hair wigs, as compared to plastic combs. While brushing your human hair wig, comb from the top to bottom to prevent it from shedding.
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How to Style Your Human Hair Wig
You can use a blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron on low heat, or electric rollers on medium heat to restyle your human hair wig. Avoid frequent use of flat iron or curler iron to restyle.
You can style your human hair wig but make sure you do not cut your hair because it will not grow back. To avoid such problems, visit a professional stylist to do your hair in your preferred style.
After combing and styling, you can pray your human hair wig using specific non-oily conditioner to give it a shiny look, keep it silky, and moisten, just like your hair.
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How to Store Human Hair Wigs
Ensure that you clean your human hair wig before keeping it for it to last longer. Avoid storing your hairpiece when it is still damp because it may attract mold and dust.
Do not store your wig in a place where there are direct sunlight and hot areas. Heat and sunlight will fade the color of your human hair wig, and even make the hair fibers to break down. It is good to store human hair wigs in a cool and dry environment.
Additionally, store your human hair wigs in a place that you can easily access it. However, that place should not be near enough for children to access the hairpiece or animals like cats to play with the wigs.
Well, some people may need to store their wigs for a short period, maybe because they have to wear wigs frequently. It would be better for them if they keep their hairs in a box, to keep them in good shape. Before storing them, they have to make sure that they comb their wigs thoroughly and spray them with a wig conditioner.
If you want to store your human hair wig for an extended period, then store them on a mannequin, so that the hairpiece maintains its style and shape.
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How to Sleep In a Human Hair Wig
  • Before you sleep, wrap your hair wig using a silk scarf to reduce friction when moving your head while sleeping.
  • Lay your head on a silk pillowcase to avoid damaging your wig, or tangling it.
  • When you wake up, brush your hair to remove all tangles to prevent frizzing and matting problems.
Just like natural hair, human hair wigs also need strict maintenance. With all the above guidelines on maintaining human hair wigs, you do not have to go for training on how to do that.
Human hair wigs can last as long as you want, providing you take good care of them. Wash them, condition them, comb them properly, style them, and store them properly.
Be devoted to your hair, and it will love you back!

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