Style tips for your cheap Halloween wigs

Styling a costume wig is about the hardest thing you can do for Halloween. At one point or the other, you are going to need to get a costume wig. This could be purchased at a walk-in store, a wig shop, or online, that's if you want to get a ready-made wig. The problem with these options is that the wigs on offer may be too expensive and of the highest quality, while some may be of less quality and affordable, yet at the same time be uncomfortable to wear.

So, why not just make your own comfortable costume wig that will cost you just your time and a little bit of money?

Now that you've thought of that option let's go through the styling of the costume wig.

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Styling Tips for wigs

  •  Decide A Wig: The first on the list is to decide a wig. Here you have to ask yourself if you want a human hair wig or if you want a synthetic hair wig. You also need to decide the type of hair length and hair color. Knowing all the above-mentioned puts you in a perfect position for the evening.
  •  Get all your hair products ready: Make sure you have everything that you need to start the styling, if not take a trip to the beauty supply store and get all that you need. Pick up the weft hair, glue for the bonding, a wig cap, and a Styrofoam head. Avoid at all costs heat styling tools like straightening irons or curling rods, these items are not only bad for your human hair wig, they are also bad for your synthetic wigs. If you must absolutely make use of them, make sure to spray your human hair wig with heat protectant sprays.
  •  Set up: Set up refers to getting all items ready as well as the area it would be done. Put the Styrofoam head on a table and place the wig cap on it.
  •  Gluing process: Choose a simple style to use and fix, as this will not only save your time, it would also give you a great design. Remember, the simpler the better. Start by gluing the hair wefts on to the wig cap. From the bottom, work your way to the top and apply the hair wefts on sections. Do not move any hair weft that has just been freshly glued as this would cause the wig to be uneven. For those that would want to rock a costume wig with bangs, make sure that you add them last.
  •  Drying the hair wig: Allow the human hair to dry naturally instead of using a hair-dryer. After gluing the last hair weft to the wig cap, leave them to dry for a period of hours. Make sure that it is completely dry to avoid losing the hair wefts.
  •  Put on the finishing touches: Once the wig has totally dried up it's time to put on the finishing touches. Cut it into the style you want or trim out the style you desire. Fix the bangs and make sure the wig isn't uneven. Avoid using heat styling tools on the wig, whether it is a human hair wig or synthetic wigs.

Here's a tip we would love to add.

  •  Try Heatless: Many of you have no idea, but heat styling actually damages your human hair wig. So, minimize the amount of heat styling tools and heat styling techniques that you use on the hair. Try out rollers and heatless curling styles, they are not only helpful, but they also contribute to the healthy growth of your hair. If you must absolutely style your hair using heat styling tools, use any of the heat protectant products before heat styling. This will help to prevent damages and reduce all damages. It will also help to reduce harms and breaks that may arise from heat styling techniques and products. Not only do they add loads of benefits to the human hair wig, they also form a protective layer over the hair.


Now that you've successfully created a style, let's go on to the care tips.

Care Tips

Whichever style of wig used for the Halloween costume wig, they require proper care and maintenance. Here below are tips to help you care for the hair.

  •  Gather the hair care products: This may include but are not limited to the following; detangler product, comb, leave-in conditioners, wig clamps, etc.
  •  Application of leave-in conditioners or dry shampoos: Applying these products to the wig stops the frequency of washing too often. These allow the wig to be washed not more than once or twice a month.
  •  Attachment of wig clamps: Wig clamps reduces the stress of styling and brushing out kinks or tangles. They can be attached anywhere, but make sure it is attached to your work area.
  •  Spray: Spray the detangler product onto your hair only after coating the wig with oil or conditioner to smooth the surface.
  •  Remove tangles: This should be done using a comb or your fingers, depending on the length of the hair as well as its texture. For a short to a medium-length wig, try out any comb, for curly or wavy hair texture or long and straight hair, try out a wide-toothed comb. Use your fingertips also to untangle the wig and avoid damages. Comb the hair from the ends and work your way to the top. Do this as frequently as possible till you get it free of all tangles. Remember a tangle-free wig is a delight to all.

Voila! Your Halloween costume human hair wig is on its way to becoming the talk of the Town. It doesn't matter if you got it cheap, if it is synthetic or if it is human hair, all that matters is that it is going to give everyone the goosebumps (in a good scary type of way).

What are you waiting for? Start styling and start slaying. It's Halloween!!!

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