How to Stop My Human Hair Shedding?

Wearing a wig is becoming a trend these days. It is an ideal option for those who are losing their hair, passing through an intense hair treatment or going bald ultimately. Moreover, many people these days are experiencing thinning hair, which becomes difficult to manage and also affects the self-confidence of the person.

One of the most common and best types of wig is known as human hair wigs. Human hair wigs are made up of 100% human hair. There are also some wigs that contain a mixture of synthetic and real hair. However, the best and the long-lasting wig is human hair wig. Human hair wigs have:

  • Natural appearance

  • Beautiful texture

  • Highest quality

  • Longevity

  • Versatility

However, due to several reasons, your human hair wig can start shedding hair and may eventually become useless. That is why you should be aware of the causes which are damaging your human hair wig and adopt the routine, which prevents hair shedding.

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Why Human Hair Shedding Occurs?

There are many reasons why wigs shedding occurs. Many people don't take good care of their wigs and don't manage them properly due to which they face the issue of shedding. The overuse of heat is also a leading cause of wigs shedding. However, the following are the most common causes of wig shedding:

  • If you comb your wig just after taking a shower your wig will become prone to shedding.

  • You must keep in mind that your wig might be a human hair wig but if you comb them roughly, your wig s going to shed, and the hair is not going to come back.

  • If you have a habit of applying oily products in your human hair wig, then it can grease it up to the point that the base of the wig becomes weak. Thus, it causes hair shedding.

  • Excessive use of hair sprays also causes wig shedding.

  • Using too many hair adhesives is also an ultimate cause of human hair wig shedding.

  • If you are washing your wig with boiling water, it will also weaken the base of the wig. Thus, it will cause shedding of your human hair wig.

  • Applying excessive heat on human hair wig also one of the most common causes of its shedding. Excessive heat doesn’t only damage the hair length, but the heating tools also exert extreme pressure to the base of the wig, and thus, it causes the breakage of hair.

  • If you are using the wrong hair shampoo for your human hair wig which isn’t designed specifically for human hair wigs, then it can also damage the wig and causes it shedding.

  • You should also keep your human hair wig open by keeping the hair loss and not tying them tightly in the form of bun or ponytail. By tying the hair tightly in any way also causes excessive pulling of hair and thus causes shedding of your wig.

  • Using bobby pins to style your human hair wig and then pulling it out, carelessly can also cause shedding.

These are some of the causes which are causing shedding to your human hair wig. There might be other causes of shedding as well, such as using low-quality human hair wig or sleeping while wearing your human hair wig. Moreover, excessive use of wig can also be a cause of their damage as the exposure to pollution, dust, and other environmental factors can have an adverse effect on your wig. 

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How to Stop Human Hair Shedding?

There is only one, and authentic way which can save your wig from shedding, and that is "proper care." In this guide, we will tell you about those hair care wigs, which can keep your hair wig at its best for a long time.

  • Invest in purchasing a "Knot Sealer." A knot sealer comes in a small bottle which is sprayed on your hair wig as a part of the hair care routine. This knot sealer is used to powerfully seal the knots on your wig. Thus, these knots help to prevent shedding and keep your wig healthy for a longer time.

  • Many people who use knot sealer doesn’t know the fact that you need to unseal the knot before washing the wig. Thus, you need to unseal it to avoid the hair shedding.

  • If you have a habit of scratching your head due to any reason, you need to stop it as it may disturb the roots of your hair wig. If you have any issue of itching in your scalp, then you must seek immediate medical attention to cure it. By avoiding the scratching, you can get rid of wig shedding.

  • Be careful while combing your wig. Get yourself a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair. Moreover, do not forget that the correct way of combing your hair is to comb them from the tip to the root and not vice versa. You should also adopt a habit of being very gentle while combing your hair, so avoid the breakage and shedding of hair.

  • Do not expose your wig to extreme heat such as blow-drying. Blow drying is also risky for your natural hair, and the same is true for the human hair wig. Moreover, try to avoid the use of heating tools as much as you can.

  • Never sleep while wearing your wig as friction is an ultimate cause of hair breakage. Even if in any case, you need to sleep in your wig, make sure to use a satin or silk pillowcase and relax in an upright position to avoid maximum damage and friction.

  • Lastly, spend some money to get good quality and chemical-free shampoo for your wig. There are many paraben-free formulas available in the market which is perfect to use for hair wigs.

Lush and healthy hair is the dream of every woman, and they can fulfill it by using high-quality human hair wig. However, just like your natural hair, you also need to take care of your human hair wig to get the best results.

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