Special Attention for Choosing A Wig

In the modern world, the wig industry has become a multibillion-dollar investment following the popularity of quality wigs among women, unlike the old times. The revolution leaves nobody behind, including celebrities and people with great personalities. Why do you wear wigs? For most people, it is about enhancing beauty, while for others, it is religion and hair loss associated problems. You could have some questions, but don’t stress; find the answers below.

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What is a wig?

Weaves and wigs may confuse you occasionally. Count yourself out of the confusion, not this time. A Wig is a hairpiece made out of animal hair, human hair or synthetic fibers. People wear it as a cap that conceals the natural hair growing on the human scalp. The word “wig” originates from another word, “periwig,” which was its first name. Among the first wigs were the ones won by judges and barristers in courts of law.

Why do wigs come in fashion?

Nobody loves inconvenience; it is no doubt that you would go out of your way to make sure your things are running smooth. Keeping natural hair can be a stressful job because of the regular maintenance it requires. Human hair wigs have come to fashion due to their quality and convenience. You purchase them once, give the appropriate care, and spend less. They also give vibrant looks, plus you get the freedom to wear the hair you want.

How to pick up a satisfying wig

When choosing wigs, you should find out more about them before you grab one. Here there is no room for regrets, first know the type of hair you are taking home, and how well it will serve its purpose. Take a walk with me into the particulars. Pay attention to these factors, and they will surely turn out to be behind the success of your brilliant choices of wigs.

1. Hair texture

The texture of hair mostly depends on the material of origin. Examples of the most common human hair wigs are Indian, Brazilian, and Peruvian hair, and they all vary in texture.  There are three hair textures for human hair, i.e., thick or coarse, medium and fine based on strand thickness. Natural hair strands are softer and shinier and more durable. Synthetic hair lacks scale coating on its strands that is only present on natural hair.

2. Wig Cap Construction Types

Due to different styling, not all wig caps are similar. Each is made to fit a style of its own. The wig cap construction types include;

  • Lace front cap

The lace front wigs are highly likable because they provide natural-looking hairlines. The design of their cap favors the creation of a natural hairline. Lace front caps are ready to wear, therefore after concealing your naturally growing hair, only put your wig on. You have to take extra caution with this cap since its lace is of a fragile material.

  • Weft

A pocket-friendly cap is here for you. It is not all the time that you can afford what you desire to buy; costs may limit you sometimes. Take advantage of this durable and affordable item. Its roots create a natural lift hence has good air circulation thanks to the weft construction.

  • Monofilament top

Hair appearing to grow from the scalp gives a natural look. The quality this cap possesses makes it so likable. A double monolayer material is also present for maximum comfort when worn.

  • 100% hand-tied

If you want comfort and freedom of styling, this is the cap to buy. Imagine looking natural with comfortable softness. Sensitive scalp gets favor from this same cap. For people with an active lifestyle, this cap has the patience for your frequent styling. It can bear lots of combing and change in any direction.

3. Cap size

There could be other embarrassing moments in life, but your wig coming off your head in public is one of the worst ones. To be on the safe side, ensure you know your cap size. Sizes of cap range from the small to big that fit both kids and adults. The measurements are from a tailor`s tape measure. They include:

  • children Pettite or ultra petite, which has a  head circumference of 19, front back 12  and ear to ear of 12 too.
  • Pettite, with a head circumference of 21”, front back13.25and ear to ear 13.”
  • Pettite/ average has head circumference of21.25”, front back 13.75” and ear to ear 13.25.”
  • Average measurements are 21.5” head circumference,14.25” front  to back, ear to ear 13.5.”
  • Average /large head circumference is 22.25”, 14.75 front to back”,13.75” ear to ear
  • Large with 23” head circumference,15.5” front to back and  14” ear to ear

4. Hair length

When hair is too long, it becomes messy and hard to maintain. Therefore, it is wise to choose the right hair size, to avoid ruining your look. The different lengths available for hair are in three categories, i.e., long, medium, and short for both human hair wigs and synthetic wigs.

  • Long- the estimate of long hair is from the head to the armpit. For the lovers of long hair and people living in cold areas, it will save you some heat.
  • Medium- medium hair length reaches your shoulders; this length is so comfortable and convenient.
  • Short length – It starts from the chin upwards to the head. They are the best for areas with high temperatures.

5. Face shape

Humans have seven types of face shapes, which are heart or diamond, square, long, oval, round, and triangle. The shape of your face determines your appearance in different wigs. When you need a pair of eyeglasses from the opticals, consider your face shape; this also applies to human hair wigs. It's not only your preference that matters, but physical appearance dictates.

  • Heart or diamond- curly hairstyle with bangs, medium hairstyle with flicks and curly side pony are suitable, leave out voluminous pixy, a low pony with blunt bangs, and extra short full bob.
  • Square- go for a long layered hairstyle with side bangs, long waves, and a-line chin-length bob. Exempt pixy with blunt bangs, sleek ponytail, and jaw length blunt bob.
  • Long – long voluminous curls with arched bangs, medium bouncy curls with blunt bangs, medium flip hairstyle, and avoid long straight hairstyles with side bangs voluminous top not bang and a half up bouffant hairstyle.
  • Round- get a lob with a side part, side wavy pony and long layered hairstyle and evade bob with blunt bangs, flat-looking pixie, and medium voluminous curls.
  • Oval – a-line bob, long heavy hairstyle, and shoulder-length clip will give you a good look plus no hairstyle limits you.
  • Triangle- develop an interest in short wigs.

6. Hair color

There are so many shades of wigs available when you go looking for one. Finding a wig that matches your hair color is suitable for a natural look; however, sometimes, you would like to get a little crazy with your hair. Your choice of the wig should be relevant to your skin tone. Get familiar with the hair brand labels, once you know them, match with your makeup and skin tone. From brown blonde red and black colors of skin find a match or a close one.

wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs, nice wigs


 Wigs are fashionable, yes, but it is not a guarantee that you will look good in any you wear. You have to take your time and choose the appropriate one for yourself. Clothes come in different, textures, and colors similar to wigs, pick what brings the best out of you.

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