Something You Should Know Before Washing Your Wig

For most women, the hair contributes significantly to their physical appearance since it is easily noticeable. Women wear wigs to improve their outlook or hide hairline issues. Wigs are not cheaply available, and this demands that you should maintain them to last longer. Appropriate wig washing method is one way to maintain them.                                                                                                                          

Why should you wash a wig?

Wigs lack natural oil, which then means that they should not be washed often. However, wearing a wig for an extended period without washing it makes it less attractive because it appears old and dirty. Therefore washing a wig is a way of refreshing it and making it more appealing.

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Some incidents require that the wig should be washed regardless of the time that has elapsed since the last wash. Being rained on is such a scenario because failure to wash the wig will only make it smelly or tangled. This would require that the wig should be washed as a way of maintaining it to last longer. Windy and dry weathers are also likely to blow many dust particles to the atmosphere. If the head is uncovered, the dust particles will settle on the wig, making it dirty. It is advisable that the wig should be washed after such weather conditions to retain its attractive appearance.

When to wash your wig

A wig should be washed at least after every 8-10 weeks or after 8-10 wears. However, this routine is only recommended for individuals who live and work in cold weather conditions. If this routine is not favorable, there are multiple factors that you ought to consider to come up with a customized schedule. First, you should know that if you wash the wig frequently, it will break and become dry. This will make it lose its attractiveness, which is the reason why women wear wigs.

Another factor to consider is the physical activities that one gets involved in while wearing the wig. If the events lead to a lot of sweating, then it is recommended that the wig should be washed more often to prevent it from becoming smelly. This also applies to seasons when the weather is too hot because it leads to sweating.

If you use products such as hairspray or shaping crème on your wig you should wash it more often to protect it from being to oily and developing an odor.

Finally, if you are living in an environment characterized by lots of pollutants such as dust particles, cigarette smoke, cooking grease, and car exhaust. Such a situation will make the wig become physically dirty within a short period. It is important to note that you should at least wear the wig six times before washing it in such circumstances.

Washing a wig appropriately will require a lot of time from you. Therefore, wash the wig when you have ample time to carefully engage in the entire process without any rush. This will prevent you from doing anything that has the potential to ruin the wig and shorten its lifespan.   

How to wash wigs

Here are some steps to follow when cleaning a wig;

Untangle: the initial phase when washing a wig involves detangling it to free any knots. This can be done by using a wide tooth-comb. It is recommended that the untangling process should be conducted gradually from the edges towards the base of the wig.                                                                     

Actual washing: this is a critical step while washing your wig. Ensure that you use lukewarm water because using hot water will only loosen the wig. It is important that the wig should not be soaked in water because doing so will lead it to entangle. The washing requires that shampoo should be evenly distributed on the entire wig and then thoroughly brush it. Note that for the human hair wigs abrasive shampoos such as medical and dandruff varieties should not be used.                                                                          wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs

Rinse: The rinsing process aims to get rid of excessive shampoo applied on the wig. Run water through the wig in the same direction to ensure that it does not tangle. After all the shampoo is removed, tap the wig with a towel without twisting it to remove all the excess water.

Conditioning: Conditioning the wig keeps the ideal look despite the period it has been in use. You should apply hair conditioner evenly on the wig, but it should not touch the base. Run lukewarm water on the wig to rinse it and pat it gently using a towel to remove excess water.

Dry: You should allow the wig to air dry naturally on a stand. Once it is completely dry, use a wide tooth comb to brush it. You should note that it is not recommendable to brush a wet wig.

Care tips

  • It is recommended that you should allow the wig to air dry naturally even though some wigs can be styled using heat.

  • Avoid taking a shower with your wig on. You may be tempted to shower with your wig on to save on time, but the hot water has the potential to ruin the net creating the base. Consequently, this will loosen it, which reduces the wig’s lifespan.

  • You should only use sulfate free shampoo while cleaning your wig. This helps in sustaining the actual appearance of the wig and increases its life span.

  • Always ensure that you have used lukewarm water while washing your wig because using either cold or hot water will make it tangle. It is vital to ensure that the wig has not been submerged in water because this will make the wig tangled.

  • You should never wash the wig before entangling or squeeze if after washing because doing this will create more knots and this will make it less attractive when you wear it. A tangled wig is not attractive and it will not meet the intended purpose of wearing one.

  • You should not forget that your hair is essential even though wearing a wig helps you to conceal it. Therefore, you should ensure that you have kept it clean by washing it regularly. Besides, you should also consider spending some days without the wig as a way of relieving your scalp and natural hair.

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