Remy or Non-Remy Hair: Here is Your Answer

With the increasing demand for beauty and cosmetic products, the requirement of human hair wigs has also increased. Remy wigs or Non-Remy wigs? This question is quite confusing for many people, as the majority of people do not know the difference between the two. This article will provide insights into the distinction between Non-Remy and Remy wigs and how their compositions would affect potential buyers.  

What are Remy wigs?

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Remy wigs are those in which the ends go in the one direction. In simple words, Remy wigs are high-quality human hair wigs, which are going to last longer if you take proper care of it.

However, they do require more attention than your natural hair and will look fresh months later if appropriately taken care off. So, make sure that you follow the product guidelines that come with the package you buy. High-quality Remy wigs can be professionally dyed later if you choose to.

The most significant advantages of choosing Remy wigs are that there are various brands, and they are undoubtedly competing for top-quality human hair wigs. With Remy wigs, the roots generally continues to be highly intact, so the hair tends to stay quite stronger and healthier even with the washing. The one direction of Remy hair wig also minimizes entangling and matting.

Pros of Remy human hair wigs:

  • Genuine human hair wigs

  • Easy to Wash

  • Natural color

  • Proper Care of every strand (The Highest Quality)

What are Non-Remy wigs

Non-Remy wigs are those in which the roots and ends go in different directions. These are low quality 100% human hair wigs. As the roots and tips of these wigs are all mixed, they are known for their rough look and low quality. Non-Remy wigs are gathered from different salons or some random providers and then reused.

Manufacturers commonly use silicones for shinning purposes on the Non-Remy wigs, but when this Silicone is washed out, there is a matting, shedding and tangling in the hair wigs.

Here are some pros of Non-Remy wigs

  • Low Cost

  • Handy for Short-term use

Differences between Remy and Non-Remy wigs

Below are some differences discussed between Remy and Non-Remy hair wigs:

1. Remy wigs are generally expensive

Remy wigs are from a one donor, so their roots and ends align in a single direction, which is why there is a natural smoothness and bounce in their texture, and they last for a more extended time. The systematic collection and selection of Remy hair wigs help customers in uplifting their overall look. The natural shine and bounce attract many customers as these wigs blend well with your real hairs. However, quality comes with a price. Remy wigs are costly as compared to Non-Remy wigs as their state of the art manufacturing ensures that each strand of hair matches with each other from the root to the end.

2. Method of collection

Another significant distinction among the Non-Remy and Remy wigs is the collection and selection procedure of the two. Remy wigs are sophisticatedly made by in the form of shaving from the head of donors while the Non-Remy wigs are recycled human hair wigs.

3. Lifespan

The life span of Remy wigs is more significant as compared to Non-Remy wigs. If they are adequately taken care off, Remy wigs will usually last for a more extended time.

4. Natural Look

Remy wigs look healthier, natural and shiny as compared to Non-Remy wigs. Although both of them are 100% natural, still Non-Remy wigs look much more tangled, this is the reason they shed rapidly.

How to choose the right one?

Whether to buy Remy or Non-Remy wigs is a tricky question for many. The key is to uplift your overall look with minimum maintenance and hassle. The decision to buy one of the two wigs is based upon several factors mentioned below:

  • Price

Price is one of the most important aspects while choosing between Remy hair wigs and Non-Remy wigs. Cost-conscious customers tend to go for Non-Remy wigs as these are cheaper than Remy wigs. However, the problem here is that Non-Remy wigs do not last long. The Non-Remy hair wigs tend to get rougher with time especially after they are washed.

Some people who do not want to compromise on their look, buy Remy wigs which naturally blend with their personal hair and can be used for a more extended period. Paying a higher price for these Remy human hair wigs is worth it as the experience of using them is fantastic.  

  • Short-term plan or Long-term plan

Remy wigs last for a more extended period as compared to Non-Remy wigs. They are easy to maintain as all the roots are at one side and the ends on the other, which makes them tangling free and much more durable.

  • Texture/Density

The texture of your hairs will help you in deciding what density and type of wig you should buy. It is important to compare the thickness of your hair with the human hair wigs that you are willing to buy so that your overall look remains the one. If you're looking for a smooth and fine texture with a natural look, then Remy wigs will be a perfect choice.

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Keeping into consideration all the above-stated factors, we can say that the selection of human hair wigs is dependent upon personal preferences. The option to choose between Remy and Non-Remy wigs is dominant over synthetic wigs or human hair wigs because they are 100% natural. Buying pattern is then narro

wed down to a matter of choice whether you want to get the human hair wigs for the more extended time or a short one.

For a more extended period, Remy sounds to be the best choice because it looks healthier and provides exceptional quality. Non-Remy wigs are of low quality to the Remy wigs, but they are preferred by some people who want to spend less money.

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