Pros and Cons of Wearing Wigs in College

A lot of college-going students wake up ten minutes before the time and rush to college whereas there are others who spend a couple of minutes more and style themselves nicely, who doesn’t envy such people!
But you can also have gorgeously styled hair even if you wake up 10 minutes before leaving.
The magic item is a human hair wig which can let you show off beautiful hairstyles without spending time in the morning.
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· Wearing A Wig in College

Wearing a wig in college is not as rare and unique as it was before.
Everyone in this era wants to look beautiful and better than others. Who wouldn’t love perfectly styled hair without waking up early in the morning!
While buying a wig you can opt for the clip in human hair wigs which lets you place the hair wig on your head with attached clips.

· Which Wigs for College

There are a number of hair wigs to choose from synthetic and human hair wigs.
The best choice for a college-going has been discussed in detail in another article.
Briefly, the best wig for college students should not keep the students distracted all the time. The wig should be light and comfortable therefore a medium or short length hair wig would be the optimal choice.
Also, any wig having a high density might not be the right choice. A medium-density (120%-130%) is a good option for college students as it would not feel heavy.
wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs

Pros of wearing wigs in college

Wearing a wig to college is the ultimate solution when you need well managed properly styled hair but you’re short on time. Your human hair wig can retain the style for a day or two if kept properly.

· Protection from Heat Styling

One of the biggest benefits of wearing a human hair wig is the ability to style it freely.
You can style your wig hair with a straightener or a curler without the trouble of burning the hair. This helps to style your hair instantly and also keeps your real human hair protected from heat-styling.

· Bleach Away the Hesitation

Haven’t we all loved Anna Paquin’s blue hair color but have dreaded the thought of bleaching our hair! You can have that cool and chic look without damaging your own hair, what’s better, uh?
Low lights, highlights or ombre whatever you wish is just a decision away. Try your favorite hair color on your human hair wigs without any hesitation or worry about damaging your hair.

· Mask the Mistakes

You wanted to have that angled bob you had been admiring for some time now but the styling messed up your haircut! It is no less than a nightmare.
Nevertheless, you can cover this kind of mistake and save yourself from unwanted comments and strange looks by wearing your favorite wig to college. The wig will not only mask the stylist’s mistake but also let you have a nice change from your regular look.

· Say No to Dry Shampoo

Stop putting tons of dry shampoo in your hair every day!
The need for dry shampoo to hide the oil away is inevitable but if you wear a wig to college you can get rid of dry shampoo.
On a bad hair day just toss up your human hair wig onto your head and you got everything covered well!

· Hair Growth

Wearing a wig to college can also help you with hair growth.
You wake up in the morning, take a shower, wash your hair well and moisturize them too. But what next? You dry them with a blow-drier which is really bad for the hair.
For better hair, just tie them up in a simple updo and wear your wig. This saves you from the hassle of using heat styling products that cause damage to the hair. This provides better health to the hair.

· Affordable

Human hair wigs are a bit on the expensive side considering that they provide better longevity than synthetic hair. But they save you from buying the wigs frequently and a human hair wig lasts way longer than a synthetic one. It can be found as low as $10 (not the best quality though)
wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs

Cons of wearing wigs in college

There are many benefits of wearing a wig to the college but as they say that even roses come with thorns, likely, wearing wigs in college also has some glitches.

· Wig Size

Wigs come in a variety of sizes and if you don’t research well you might end up with a very loose or a small wig than your head size.
It can be custom made according to your head size but already numerous head sizes are available in the market so you can find for yourself before getting it customized.
There are some wig companies that manufacture wigs for people with larger head sizes. Doing your research is worth the effort in order to find the wig that fits your head properly.

· Better Quality Costs More

Better quality wigs cost somehow more for the quality they provide and the effort involved in the process but it is worth it all. The quality and longevity speak for itself.
A good human hair wig can last up to more than a year – cutting the cost of buying wigs regularly.

· Tangled Mess

Usually, when you go for inexpensive wig options, synthetic hair wigs are the choice for you but it’s another chore to handle the mess it offers.
Synthetic hair wigs get tangled easy and quick so you always need a brush in your hand to keep them in good shape.

Final Words

Buying and wearing a wig in college is not very manageable if you choose the right hair wig for yourself keeping your daily activities in mind.
You can find yourself a clip-on or install it with glue. These human hair wigs can take you through your bad college days with the classiness you wish for.
Make sure to research well before investing in nice human hair wigs for college.

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