Processed hair OR Unprocessed hair, which one should I go for?

Processed Hair & Unprocessed hair

Human hairs wigs are an excellent way for you to transform your look. Gone are the days when months and sometimes years were needed on end to come up with hairstyles that you wanted. With the help of human hair wigs now, you can instantly get a hairstyle you want temporarily.  Due to this lucrative nature of the wigs, many companies have made their way into this market. Not all human hair wigs are same in quality and prices. Hence, you need to be able to specify the exact product you need. If you are looking for such products, you have come to the right place. This article is the only one you need to read today to know everything there is to know about processed as well as unprocessed human hair wigs, and which option is best for you.


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What is Processed Hair

Before we get into the exact details of the products being talked about, it is crucial for you to know what each product is. Processed hairs are the hair used for wigs that are treated with different chemicals during the production process. Due to this chemical treatment, there are various observable features of processed human hair wigs that are specific to it. The processed hair carries no original features of the hair. In the process of making processed hair, they are dipped into highly acidic liquids. These acidic liquids get rid of any natural characteristics of the hair. The cuticles of the hair are also removed during this process. This process makes the colour of the hair more vibrant. Also, the hair becomes more smooth and silky. Moreover, as all natural features of the hair and removed, you can customise them in any way you want. In other words, processed human hair wigs are like empty canvases for hairstylists.

What is Unprocessed hair

The unprocessed human hair wigs are those that still have their natural characteristics like the cuticle are still there. These hairs are not chemically treated in the process of production. While the processed  hair may be from multiple donors, unprocessed hair wigs are from a single donor. Unprocessed hair from various donors may not go together as each individual has different types of hair. The direction of unprocessed human hair wigs is uniform. They flow uniformly due to their nature. This same direction means that unprocessed are usually not tangled. The unprocessed  hair are also traditionally called Remy Hair or Cuticle Hair as they have cuticles. The colour application is better in the case of unprocessed hair which make it a prime choice for many. The unprocessed hair is also known for their high level of durability as they last longer as compared to processed human hair wigs.

Pros and cons

Now that you are acquainted with the specifications of the processed or unprocessed hair, we can go on to explain the benefits as well as shortcomings of the two kinds of human hair wigs. Due to the differences in their natures, it can be said that the pros and cons of each type of wigs are also different.

The following are some pros and cons of each type of wig:


Processed Hair
Unprocessed Hair
Vibrant colours
Natural look
More durable
Better colour application
Short life span
Need timely treatments
Prone to tangling
Hair flow in the same direction
Cuticle intact
More expensive

Which is better?

It can be said that the unprocessed human hair wigs is better than the processed. There are various reasons for it.

  • First of all, unprocessed hair are better investments as compared to processed human hair. Unprocessed hair may be higher up in terms of prices, but they are worth the amount due to the higher life span. As mentioned before, unprocessed human hair wigs can last significantly longer than processed hair. Processed human hair wigs is not fit for use after a couple of washes.

  • Also, you can too rock a higher level of naturalness in your look if you choose unprocessed hair over processed  hair. As no chemical treatment is done on unprocessed hair, they appear to be more natural as compared to processed hair. It may become evident for many if you are wearing a processed human hair wig.

  • Furhter, one other significant factor that tips the balance of favour towards unprocessed human hair wig is that they have a better colour application. You can make unprocessed  hair look more like your natural hair. It is not the case however for processed hair. You cannot make processed  hair appear to be exactly like your natural hair.

  • On top of it, treating unprocessed human hair wigs is more comfortable and more feasible as compared to the treatments of wigs that have processed hair. You can easily wash and dry unprocessed hair. However, if you choose to do so with processed hair, you may end up with a ruined wig that is not fit to be worn after just a couple of washes.

Hence, it can be said that the wigs made from unprocessed human hair wigs are better than those made from processed  hair.  

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How to choose?

Each type of wigs has its own set of characteristics. If you have a particular case, processed human hair wigs may be better for you. However, if you are an average user just looking to add-in some style to their look via a wig, unprocessed hair is the best option. Also, one other factor of importance here, in this case, is that even in unprocessed human hair wigs, you need to be careful about which wig are you going for. There are many entities in the market that are dealing with unprocessehair that is substandard and fail to provide the promised value. One thing you must always look for before buying any such product is reviews of the customers who have already purchased those products. This way, you can save money on any substandard product while buying processed or even unprocessed hair.

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