Only 3 Major Steps: How to Remove Lace Front Wigs Glue

 Too Hard for you? Not Exactly

A long-lasting hairstyle that also needs minimum maintenance is the weakness of every woman as it saves them energy, money, and time. This is the main reasons for lace wigs coming in trend and becoming the most liked wigs. They not only look good and natural, but also its maintenance needs quite less effort and if taken proper care of, goes for quite a long time period. Lace front wigs are available in many different colors, styles, textures, and length and can also be customized as per your desires. You can customize them according to the style you want, or you can dye it with any color you need. So, eventually, these wigs are lifesavers and save a lot of time and money.

Removing the lace front wigs glue is not an easy task, but if some proper steps are performed and taken good care of, it can be the easiest thing for anyone. Here are the steps for removing lace front wigs glue:

Before – Prepare your Tools

Before doing anything, we make sure that every related equipment is available, so no mess or rush creates at the time of removing the wig.

Warm Water – First of all, you need to have warm water available at the spot. Warm water helps in removing the glue without creating any kind of irritation or unnatural reaction. It also makes the process quick and easy.

Lace front solvent – lace wigs supports many solvents to remove it from the head. It basically works as a softening agent for the glue of the wig. It also helps to reduce the chances of getting the wig damaged while removing.

Cream or Oil – after the removal of the wig, you need to apply any moisturizing cream or lotion or any kind of oil on the head and forehead which helps to soothe the skin which was stretched while removing the process of the lace front wig.

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While Removing the Wig Glue

During the process of removing the wig from your head, a few things are necessary to keep in mind. Just taking the wig off is not a way to remove it appropriately.

Apply lace front solvent – solvents available for lace front wigs are the helpers while removing the wig from the head. They actually make the glue or adhesive soft and makes the process easier. If you find solvent unaffordable for you or out of supply then no worries, you can also use the isopropyl alcohol for this process as this also works the same as any solvent.

For applying the alcohol or solvent on the wig, you can use any small brush, a make-up applicator, or any q-tip and you can rub the solvent along with the front or back side of your hairline. Keep your hands gentle while rubbing and use more solvent or alcohol at the areas which are resistant and feels hard to remove. Just keep the solvent rubbing on the hairline until you feel that you can remove the wig from your head without any struggle and applying any harder force.

It’s not easy to just pull off the wig from hair after rubbing the solvent or alcohol, but you may have to place tugs at some small portions of the wig for taking it off. Do not apply much force while tugging as the wig can rip apart while doing this.

Remove the wig – after rubbing the solvent on the lace front wig, there comes the process of detaching the wig. It can be a big mistake if you literally pull off the whole wig at once after the glue is loosened. The wig can tear apart as you can miss a couple of areas on the wig. Be patient while doing this and keep remember that you have spent a lot of money on this wonderful and your favorite hair extension. Use your fingers to pull off the wig in small sections. You can dot the areas that are hard to come off with the solvent and make it soft. Once you feel that lace is softened from every inch, you can release it easily. This is the best and most appropriate way of taking off the wigs without ripping or damaging it.

 After – Care your Skin

After the wig removal process, there comes the part where you need to take proper care of your head and wig.

Clean your skin – after removing the wig, there can be some glue left on the head skin and hair. Olive oil is the best oil to remove that. You can use it from any brand. After removing the glue, use soap and water to wash out any other excess. The best gesture is to take a shower and wash your own hair before reapplying the hair extension. If your skin will be clean and hair will oil-free, then your wig will last much longer, and your scalp will remain healthy.

Clean the wig – After cleaning your hair and head, now the step comes when you need to clean the wig for later use. Wash your wig with your regular shampoo and conditioner. You can wash it better in the sink than on your head. Use a wide tooth comb for detangling the hair. Keep the hands gentle so that you could not shed it off. Let it dry on the wig stand. But if you need to wear it in a hurry then put the lace front on the wig stand and set the hair under the dryer until it is dry to use. Take it up and place on your head.

Very Easy! YOU Deserve IT!

Taking off the lace front wigs glue is an easy task if you will follow some appropriate methods to do so. There are some important things you should keep in mind during the process of taking the wig off. First, collect all the required items and then start working. Do not hesitate for doing this as it is the easiest way.

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