Malaysian Hair vs Peruvian Hair, Which is better?

Wigs are increasingly popular, and the passion for Malaysian and Peruvian hair is increasing exponentially among the women all over the globe. Both these hair types are getting very common in all parts of the world. The important thing regarding this is to make a choice. It is indeed of great importance that you should know which one to choose. When it is the case of human hair wigs, many people think that all types of hair are relatively the same. This guess may or may not be true for different people. This article will help you understand all the distinct features of Malaysian and Peruvian hair.
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Malaysian Hair
Malaysian hair is very luxurious due to its great shine. Its luster ranges from high to medium. Malaysian hair has a very bright and natural shine. This type of wig gives a very luxurious feeling. However, the shine is not very long lasting and after a few washes, looks even more natural. The hair is very strong, and this is the reason that it can hold curls extremely well. The hair is normally dark brown in color. Malaysian hair extensions have become very famous all around the globe, and they have become so much popular amongst the international and South African celebrities. Malaysian hair is the best option if you are looking for volume and thickness in your hair.
  • Malaysian hair is real human hair
  • It has a great shine
  • It is very strong hair
  • It holds curls very well
  • If you want thickness and volume, Malaysian hair is the perfect option
  • Shine is great but not excessive
  • It is normally available only in dark brown color
Peruvian Hair
Peruvian hair has become very popular in today’s modern world. This kind of wig is very durable and versatile. For this reason, it allows you to style and curls it repeated times with more efficient results. It is one of the softest and light weight types of hair extensions available in the market. Compared to Malaysian Hair, Peruvian hair is rougher. It can also come in light brown or darker colors. Due to the soft texture, curls may not hold as long as other types of extensions. That is why Peruvian virgin hair is great for styles with simple and soft curls. If you are looking to attain a soft and natural look, Peruvian hair may be your best option.
  • Peruvian hair is also real human hair
  • Peruvian hair is durable and versatile
  • It is one of the lightest weight and softest hair
  • It is available in light and dark colors
  • It has a soft texture, so it is great for simple styles and soft curls
  • Peruvian hair is relatively rougher in general
  • Due to its soft texture, it cannot hold curls much longer
  • Both Peruvian hair and Malaysian hair are real human hair
  • Both Peruvian And Malaysian Hair is Virgin Hair and in good quality and beautiful pattern.
  • Both Peruvian And Malaysian Hair are very good choices for women who want to buy real human hair weaves
  • Both Malaysian And Peruvian Hairs can be exceptionally balanced with African American Hairs
  • Malaysian hair is very strong, but Peruvian hair is soft in texture
  • Malaysian hair can hold curls much longer than the Peruvian hair
  • Malaysian hair is available mostly in dark colors, but Peruvian hair is available in the dark as well as light colors
  • Malaysian hair is smooth in nature, but Peruvian hair is comparatively rougher
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Which one is better?
It is not an easy task to declare one of these human hair wigs to be a better one because not all people have the same opinion always. It is a fact that people have different interests and preferences. So, it will not be a great idea to declare one of this hair as a better one than the other based on personal opinion. Keeping in mind the importance of different interests and preferences of people, we have created this article to guide you to make a choice based on your personal interests and preferences. Below is the summary of above discussion which will guide you which one is better for you based on your own interests and preferences.
Malaysian wavy hair is generally considered as heavy or dense hair as compared with Peruvian hair. It has a very elegant and beautiful natural shine. It is indeed one of the silkiest hair types. Malaysian hair has a very beautiful and attractive wave pattern which blends with medium and rough textures. The wave pattern has a tendency to hold up well in any condition at all. 
Virgin Peruvian and Malaysian hair are both exceptional choices when it comes to the case of buying the best human hair weave. So, if you need the hair that is thicker and stiffer, then Peruvian hair is best for you. If you are in the necessity for soft and wavy hair, Malaysian hair can be the best option for you. Malaysian and Peruvian virgin bundle hair are two of the best hair wig types available in the market, and you have certainly made a good decision as it does not matter which one you choose. As whichever you will choose, it will help you in the best way.
The conclusion of things discussed above is that whatever the hair you choose, make sure you buy the one that suits the best of your requirements. Malaysian hair has its own pros and cons, and Peruvian hair has their own. They come with beautiful pattern and amazingly soft touch. Although Malaysian hair are stronger than Peruvian, it can be a factor to choose which one you want to get. 
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