Lay and Slay Your Edges

It isn’t really surprising that we care for our tresses more than the edges but it is worth admitting that you’re missing out on some beautiful looks if you are not styling your baby hair. Baby hair has been of great importance and fashion statement in the African region since ever and even actresses like Beyoncé show their love for the baby hair a number of times. It is now quite easy for you to make the baby hair of your human hair wig look great and beautiful. 

How to Slay Edges?

We have always seen African women flaunting the perfectly tamed and beautifully set baby hair though this trend has made its way into the fashion industry worldwide now. You might have a perfect hairdo with your human hair wig but it does not look its best with frizzy baby hair.

To make this better for you, we have come up with simple steps and tips to slay your edges in pretty ways.

Tools You Need to Slay Your Edges

All great things in the world need the best equipment and tools so how can we miss on the importance of tools and products to get the finest styles for edges of your wig. The things you need primarily are:

1. A suitable brush

2. Gel or pomade

3. Oil

4. A Silk Scarf

Surprised by the mention of the silk scarf on the list? I bet you will be happy when I tell you why it gets that place on the list. Let’s move to the steps for the gorgeous edges of your human hair wig that would make others envy you!

Steps to Lay and Slay Your Edges

Follow these steps to have perfectly slain edges of your human hair wigs.

1. Style Your Hair

If you think this is not very important, then I beg to differ. Styling your hair makes a great difference when you wish to give your human hair wig baby hair a trendy style. It is one of the most important elements of slaying worthy edges that make you stand out. It is good to decide the style of your baby hair once you are done with your hairdo. If you wish to make a funky bun or a subtle French braid, make your hairstyle before starting with the baby hair.

2. Select the Right Product

Selection of the right product can make or break the decision of trying a new style but the right styling product can be the star of the procedure and help you get “the look”.

You might want to try a hair spray for a long-lasting look, however; it would make your hair stiff.

Using gels to slay the edges of your human hair wig might be a very good option providing you the sleek and soft style you look forward to. There’s a large variety of gels to choose from, some of which also have moisturizing natural ingredients like coconut oil.

3. Choose the Right Tool

If you have decided the hairstyle to opt and bought just the right gel and going to set your human hair wig edges using a paddle brush or a comb, I am afraid you won’t be able to slay your edges in the prettiest way.

You can use these brushes for your tresses but the hunt for the right tool for the edges land on a thin brush that can give a good finish. A toothbrush, eyebrow brush or tail comb are used widely for this purpose.

4. Use the Proper Amount of Gel

None of us would want to look like an overflown bottle of oil, thus, balancing the amount of gel on the baby hair is immensely important. You put a little bit more gel than required and you end up looking like an oil well.

Just start with a little amount of gel, setting the hair nicely. Use a toothbrush or an eyebrow brush for the sleek look and style of your choice. Put more gel only if required and set the hair with your fingers for a firmer result.

5. A Touch of Oil

First telling you to use minimum gel and then suggesting the use of oil might seem wrong, but it is not. Dabbing a little bit of oil onto your human hair wigs edges after using the right amount of gel can elevate your edges slaying game! The oil gives the necessary shine to your hair and gives a smooth appeal.

6. Lock Your Edges

Hey wait, you do not need to grab that hair spray for this rather a simple silk scarf will do the necessary. Just wrap a silk scarf around your wigs at the hairline to keep the edges intact in place. Leaving it like this until the gel dries will give you super sleek edges.

Some Tips & Tricks

  • Make sure the mesh of our wig is below your real hairline.
  • If you think hairspray is needed to keep the edges well in place for long, spray a bit on your finger and just dab, dab, dab on your wig’s edges.
  • Spritz your hair with water before sleeping if you use a max stay on heavy gel on your edges.
  • Moisturize the edges at night with oil to keep your edges and human hair wig in good form.
  • You can do the styling at night for a quick go-to look in the morning but only if you are sure you would not mess up the hairstyle while sleeping. Yes, wearing a hair scarf is only what can help.

Final Words

Who doesn’t want to flaunt the latest fashion wigs and trends like a pro! You must also be excited and eager to try different styles of laying your edges with these easy steps. You can attain your favorite look with a little bit of care and practice and slay the edges of your wigs in the most gorgeous way, you being Beyoncé in your own way. Don’t forget the given tips that can be very helpful while dealing with your human hair wig. Happy slaying!

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