Is It Possible to Do a Temporary Color for Halloween Wigs?

Halloween is a perfect holiday we can use to change our styles. There are many creative ideas for wearing crazy wigs with temporary lunatic shades to match with your costume. Learn more on temporary dyes from the discussion below and prove to others what it means by making a perfect blend between your attire and your wig.

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Will Temporary Hair Dye Damage Your Hair?

It is possible to do a non-permanent dye to your hair for Halloween. Temporary hair dyes only coat the outside hair shaft. Meaning that they cannot penetrate up to the hair cortex; therefore, they will not alter the color of your natural hair permanently. Besides, they do not contain bleaching agents; hence, they cannot highlight the shade of your natural hair.

They also fade quickly, especially when you expose it to air for too long or when you shampoo it once or twice. That means that you will have to apply the dye more frequently, which can be more damaging. However, that may be advantageous to someone bored with the current hair color but wishes the stain to be out of the wig.

These dyes can be more damaging to people with more porous hair strands. Hair porosity may increase due to over-styling or over-coloring your wig. In such situations, the temporary hair dye will wind its way to the hair shaft and stain your natural hair. If you have damaged hair strands, try to make them strong and healthy by nourishing them with nutrients.

When should you use temporary hair dyes? You can use them when you want to refresh the color of your hair, or if you're going to have fun with your hair. Besides, you can also use them to hide hair roots that are showing to boost your confidence publically. 

Best Kinds of Hair Dyes

The following are some hair color kits, which are easy to use without the need to ask for a helping hand from hairstylists. Under each dye, there is a way in which you can apply them correctly. Get to know all these facts from the discussion below.

a) Hair Chalk

Chalk is a dynamic type of temporary dye, which adds beautiful highlights to your wig. Its opaque nature allows it to show up on every shade of hair, and if you use them properly, they will prove their vibrancy and resonance qualities. You can find chalks in either creamy or powdery forms, and you can use them on either dry or wet hair.

If you are working with dry hair, begin by combing it to detangle it, and then gently rub the chalk down the strands in the sections that you want to color. Finish by spraying a light hairspray to hold the color in place. If you are working with wet hair, separate it into sections, and then run the chalk down its strands. 

b) Hair Mascara

Mascara is an ingenious dye, which offers solutions for adding wild temporary highlights to gray hair strands and roots with ease. They are the most natural and most semi-permanent dyes to use. You only need to section your hair correctly, and then, brush the wand to your hair smoothly, starting as close to the roots. You can strike the mascara severally to make the shade bright enough, but take care not to overuse the product.

c) Colored Hairsprays

Just as they sound, these are hairsprays with an added color. Usually, they last until you wash your wig; hence, you may change to a new color after you shampoo it once or twice. It is better to work with these sprays on dry hair.

Before using it, shake the hairspray can well. After that, hold it 4-6 inches away from your hairpiece to get an even coverage of the hair surface, and then spray it. The closer the spray can is to your hair, the more localized the spots will be to your hair. Do not over-spray because you may damage the hair strands by making them feel dry.

d) Vegetable Dye

Vegetable dyes, also called direct dyes, are natural temporary dyes, which may last longer, i.e., from 8-10 shampoos, because they are chemical-free. They are safe and will be the best solution for people who have allergic reactions to different chemicals.  

They do not alter the hair structure, and their ingredients help to condition your hair. Besides, they are not damaging to hair strands, making them safer, especially for pregnant women. They, however, work best on hair with lighter strands.

Get the vegetables or the herbs, which will make the color that you want. Simmer them in water for 1-2 hours and steep them for a few hours too. Allow them to cool and then strain them. Apply them to your hair, allow the strands to dry completely and then rinse the herbs out. 

e) Semi-permanent Hair Dye

These are gentle alternatives for permanent hair dyes, but with a shorter lifespan. They do not have chemicals like ammonia or peroxide, making them be safe and non-damaging dyes. They are easy to apply, and they can last for up to eight shampoos, depending on your hair porosity. Even though they do not offer permanent solutions for hair coloring, they aid in making your dull-looking hair appear shiny and glossy.

To apply this dye, begin by washing and conditioning your hair, and then dry it. Part your hair into several sections to make the application easy. Put on enclosed gloves and then apply the color to your desired hair parts. Allow the dye to sit on your hair strands for about 15-30 minutes, and then you can rinse it out of your wig.

wigs, human hair wig, lace front wigs, hair wig

How to Do Temporary Colors on Halloween Wigs

You can use the following tools to apply dyes to your Halloween wigs:

  • Sponge: It is easy to use thick sponge applicators to glide your stain to your desired hair sections. Even though they may feel sticky or stiff, they make your super-saturated color look remarkable and admirable.
  • Hair chalk: From the discussion above, you will notice that it is also easy to use chalk to apply different shades to your Halloween wigs.
  • Spray bottle: You can also spray your hair in preference to using chalks, sponges, or mascaras.

What ideas for temporary colors have you come up with for Halloween? Make a decision and get the best tools to aid the dye application procedure. 

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