I Do Not Like Synthetic Wigs! You Too?

Synthetic wigs are the go-to option for many women as they are already styled and do not require efforts to style them repeatedly. You can select your favorite wig and just buy it. Rest the wig does itself. Making you look pretty, slaying itself in the way it is styled, the wig unravels its mesmerizing looks itself! 

Synthetic wigs

Synthetic wigs are made up of synthetic plastic PVC fibers. They are made in a way that they resemble real human hair. It does not happen 100 percent but they serve the purpose of a wig for those who don’t want to style their wig every day. You can find your favorite color and style of the synthetic wig and carry your style with pride and fun.

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· How to Select the Right Synthetic Wig?

The wigs of different types are available in the market for different needs. The half wigs are a good option for those who just want a voluminous look for the office or a party. They let you have that instant required look. Full wigs are a better idea for those who are facing hair loss or alopecia. They provide full head coverage and let you flaunt your beautiful hair. These hair wigs are also ideals for bad days when you just want to put the wig and go. Another option is the use of front lace synthetic wigs as they give you the freedom to style your hair in a bit different way. You can do a side part, a middle part or clip it to the back as per your choice.

· Why Do People Select Synthetic Hair Wigs?

The major reason for buying a synthetic wig instead of a human hair wig is the cost difference. Synthetic hair wigs cost less than human hair wigs. The collection and cleaning of human hair wigs is a series of processed which increases the cost of these wigs whereas synthetic wigs are produced at a relatively lower cost. Also, those synthetic wigs allow instant styling without spending a lot of money or time.

· Cons of Synthetic wigs

Synthetic wigs come handy in price and give you an instant look but there are also some cons and dangers which buyers usually overlook while buying a synthetic wig.

Ø Understanding the Quality of a Synthetic Wig

Unlike human hair wigs, it is not easy to determine the quality of a synthetic hair wig as it is made of similar methods and fibers. You can tell the quality of human hair wigs by the type of hair used. Remy's hair is the best quality everyone knows but you cannot identify the quality based on the texture of synthetic hair. The only guess about the quality might be based on the price but that can also be misleading. While buying an expensive synthetic wig you might be sure of it to be high end but you might end up with a horrible hairpiece.

Ø Damage to Skin

Low-quality synthetic wigs can cause damage to your skin. Synthetic wigs are manufactured to imitate real human hair that makes use of different materials like polyester, monofilament fibers and acrylics. These materials, if used low quality can harm your skin as they are in direct contact with the scalp. According to recent studies, acrylics are said to be associated with cancer, also plastic can cause irritation can rashes to some. Everyone may not experience this but people with sensitive skin might. Moreover, it depends on the quality of fiber majorly. Selection of the right kind of wig is very important to save your scalp, neck or face from any sensitivity.

Ø Fungal & Bacterial Growth

Wearing a synthetic wig all day every day can cause damage that is unimaginable. When you sweat, it starts accumulating on the scalp making it damp and moist. These serve as the perfect place and environment for fungal growth and before you would know what’s there under the wig the damage would be done by then! Synthetic wig extensions can also lead to this kind of problems whereas full synthetic wigs provide the best environment. Also, dirt builds up in your scalp when the wig is worn for a long time.

Ø Tangling

Tangling is a little word but it can prove to be a great mess. The synthetic hair does not last a long time and is ruined very soon after just a few washes. Synthetic hair becomes dry and tangled. You’d be thinking it is just tangling and would untangle easily but it’s not that simple. Sometimes the synthetic hair strands tangle with your own hair so bad that you ultimately have to cut off your hair. Even buying expensive high-quality synthetic wigs might end up with this kind of a problem.

Ø Flammable

Did this make your eyes pop out? But this is the truth that synthetic hair wigs are made up of acrylics and plastics which can easily catch fire! If you love to style your hair your way, then synthetic hair is not really your type as they can easily get burnt by the use of any heat styling products. It is better to not experiment on your synthetic wig as it might burn your hair and you would have to end up cutting your bio hair as well because the heat damages your hair under the synthetic wig too, sometimes.

wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs

How to Make A Choice Between Human hair wigs and Synthetic wigs?

All the unraveled cons of synthetic wigs have been mentioned for you all to consider before buying a synthetic wig. Human hair wigs let you experience hair wigs that feel no less than your own hair. That is not even a debate that synthetic hair should only be for barbies and dolls, humans deserve only human hair wigs!

Final Words

So, the next time you plan on buying a wig, keep in mind all the pros and cons of synthetic hair wigs and human hair wigs too. This would help you find out the best choice for your scalp.

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