Wig Styles For Lazy Girls

Setting up and styling human hair wigs, especially lace front wigs, can be a difficult task even for active wig users. How can you expect someone lazy to do the style easily?

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Of course, there are a lot of factors involved when it comes to styling a wig either for a party or casual use, and not all people can style their wigs in time. Ultimately, they have to struggle with it, and most of them end up compromising or completely ruining their hair.

If you belong to the class which is not willing to put much effort into your wig and wants it to look extraordinary at the same time, you’re reading the right text. Here, we have tried to put up a list of wig designs that are trendy and super easy to make.

Styles To Quickly Design Your Human Hair Wig

Consider using these designs to have a fashionable, rocking, and glamorous wig on top of your head within no time!

  • · Ponytail

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The best and all-rounder design in the play. The ponytail is undoubtedly the finest and the fastest model to rock your wig as it does not require any particular styling apparatus or professionalism at all. You can do it with your bare hands if you please, however, using a brush will always keep your grip on the hair more secure.

Additionally, this style suits almost every clothing options, so, you can pair it with any piece of clothing you have in your wardrobe. Making a ponytail is the quickest way to style your hair, and nothing can beat the speeds of it, you literally need thirty seconds to make a ponytail, and if you are fast and experienced enough, you could do it in even lesser time than that.

To get started, twist together a bunch of your hair on either side of your head all the way to the back and secure them with a bobby pin. Now, scoop all your hair to the back of your neck and tie them into a ponytail with the help of an elastic. If you want a high ponytail, consider scooping and tying the hair on the back of your head, a little above your neck.

This style works for both long and short hair, so, if you don’t have a lot of time or are not willing to put much effort into your human hair wig, consider using this hairstyle because it will save you both time and effort. In short, this style is the “lazy person’s design.”

  • Top-Knot

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    We have all seen the traditional Top-Knots coiffures sometime in our lives. Top Knot hairstyle is undoubtedly the quickest panache you can find if you are looking at less than two or three minutes to style your lace front wigs. They do not require any particular styling apparatuses and are super easy to make. You won’t need paraphernalia other than some bobby pins, hair gel, and a brush to make your favorite wig design.

    They might look good on some official outfits, but most of the people like to use them casually. It does not impact the feel and looks of your wig though, but top-knots are usually styles of people with bold personalities, and they do not take much time to be styled which is why lazy people or people with very short deadlines.

    • Wet-Look

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    Another fast and outstanding lace front wig design to add appeal to your aesthetics. It is a particularly easy style to apply to your human hair wig and won’t take more than five minutes of your time if you are in a hurry. Wet your hair with water until they are damp (damp, not soaking wet) and then curl them with the help of a medium-sized puff. Start from the bottom and work your way to the top of your head. It is recommended to wait for the hair to dry before you leave your house so that the wig ultimately picks up the design.

    This wig design suits party wears and casual dealings the best. Either you are going on an unexpected date or have planned a night out with your friends and want to show off your wig while not compromising the health of your natural hair; the wet-look hairstyle has you covered. Wet-look is the perfect choice for lazy people because it doesn't take much effort while setting up.

    • · Simple Straight

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    If you are more of a person who likes straight hair, you might want to choose a simple straight hairstyle for your wig. It is exquisite, and you will be comfortable while making, so, don’t worry, you will not spend plenty of time sitting on the chair in front of your mirror styling your hair.

    Straight hair will look good on any woman; they might not be the best, but they are one of the most beautiful wigs designs out there. Being one of the easiest and best-looking models, this design does not require much detail, other than being straightened using a hair iron. Therefore, you can be done styling them in less than ten minutes. No extra effort or time is, thus, required which makes it a win-win for lazy people.

    • Ribbon Styled

    Well, believe it or not, there are other options when it comes to wig styling options. You do not necessarily need to style your wig entirely; you can always leave it halfway if you choose to tie a ribbon or a bowtie at the end of your ponytail. Whether you have styled and maintained the back portion of your wig or not, the bow will cover it up for you and save you some extra time.

    Ribbons tied at the end of a ponytail have been a trend among women for a long time now. Where they represent goodwill and add more to the looks of your hair, they can be a time saver in scenarios of hurry and laziness. Cheers to being lazy!