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Halloween is a great time or period to bring back the child in you and to act upon your inner fantasies. This entails dressing not for normal occasions but choosing a costume either from favourite movie characters or any other fantasy costume.

This makeover does not just entail the outfit alone but also the hair, you have to decide on the perfect wig that will fit the character you are playing or want to portray before achieving that perfect costume.

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Hairspray is a MUST....


Therefore, the perfect hairspray is needed to achieve the style or give the colour you expect, and there are so many variations of hairspray which can make it difficult deciding the best one for the style you want to achieve.

Another thing is going wild and picking bold and daring colours like pink, purple and other bright colour hairsprays to use for the night.

At times, the easiest way to get a truly authentic hairstyle for your halloween character is by wearing a wig. You can get the hairstyle or hair color that you want without having to change your own natural hair or be worried about the colour not coming off. Costume wigs also provide an instantaneous change, so your results are immediate and don't require a lot of hassles or stress.

A question to ask is why use hairspray on halloween hairstyles? This is to achieve that dynamic bounce or voluminious hair or wig which you want to rock. It helps hold your choice of style in place without being worried when it comes to transforming into any costume character.


HOW to Use Hairspray

Deciding on the perfect hairspray to use to achieve any styles can be pretty difficult as there are tons or rather varieties of hairsprays out there, as well as how to use it and also when. Here are some tips to make you a pro on hairsprays:


It is not right to spary your hair directly to your root and super close because whenever you do that, you may not get the look you are after. Also, when you do this instead of achieveing the shiny look you prefer or want, you risk saturating your hair and achieving an almost greasy look. It can also supply too much product on a small part of the hair which can lead to hardening which you definitely don't want. So, whwn spritzing your hair, always hold the tin at least six inches away from the head or read the user's instructiokn for the exact distance of hold.


It is best to spray each strand of curl instead of spraying the whole head of ringlets when sporting a curly hair. You may ask, why? This is because when you spray the entire head, the curls may stick together, loosing its bounce. But when you go little by little, it enhances your look and ensures that each section is spritzed with a light coating of hairspray. After spraying, use your hands to scrunch each section.


Hairspray is the adequate option for people who want to achieve incredible hair height. Just spray a volume-boosting hairspray in between the strands of your hair when styling, then use a comb oy your fingers to part each layer then add spritz or two and you are ready to go.


TIPS on Halloween Hairspray

  • Make the hairspray colours super temporary by first priming your hair for them. This entails washing hair or wig and deep condition it, Once it is completely styled spray primp everywhere and let it completely set, before spraying your color. It will make the color stick to the hair spray instead of sticking to your hair strands.
  • You have to be extremely careful and cautious to avoid stains everywhere, because these colors may be temporary for your hair or wigs but they will stain nearly everything else. Do not spray them indoors or you risk ruining or staining things but if you do, spray in your shower and immediately rinse the shower after to avoid stains. Also, when applying make sure you are in costume first, then wrap a dark towel around you before applying to avoid ruining the costume.
  • No matter how temporary the coloured hairspray is, steer clear from just lightened hair because it is going to ruin the shade for a longer time than you want as this is going to stick. Therefore, just stick to hair chalk or spray chalk to avoid ruining your just lightened hair.
  • Another important thing to know is that if your hair or wig is not already set or styled how you want it for the night, then you won’t be able to put it how you want after this coloured hairspray goes in because the colour in this spray serves as a mix of hair spray and dry shampoo. Therefore, apply colour only to styled hair or wigs.
  •  If there is a chance that it is going to rain, bring an umbrella along with you when leaving the house. Infact, bring not only an umbrella but also a back up spray too because this color is temporary and meant to wash out or fade anytime; Also, if your hair gets wet from the rain, you could have blue, green, or purple colours depending on your choice(s) running down your face and ruining your costume.
  • Furthermore, after an eventful and exhausting day it is inevitable to be tired and worn out at night but do not attempt to sleep with the colour in your hair, because apart from staining your entire bed, it can also knot up your hair. Apart from these, it can also cause the temporary colour to turn semi permanent, forcing you to carry the halloween style for the remaining months of the year while you wait for it to fade out, that is if it is your natural hair but if it is a wig, you risk it tangling and it being a mess.wigs, human hair wig, lace front wigs, hair wig

In the end

However, usually you will not need to clean or shampoo your wig, but sometimes a wig may absorb odors and that is when your costume will need a cleaning.

Do not store your wig when it is wet and put it back in its original packing or a plastic bag if you do not have a foam wig head but if you do, leave your wig on it and just cover it in plastic and put it on a shelf because this is the most ideal method of storage, as most of the wig's style will be retained instead of crushed and will be ready to use the next time you want to.

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