How to Tighten a Lace Wig

Lace front wigs have a lace fabric at their front base while the rest of the hairpiece has hair wefts with no wig caps at all. Full lace wigs, on the contrary, have laces at the entire base of their wig cap, which has no adjustable straps.

We all have different sizes of heads and necks. Some people have narrow throats and big heads, while others have small ones. Free wigs may slide out of place while tight hairs may cause discomfort, especially in hot weather, or to people with sensitive scalps. Due to these factors, wig caps come with adjustable straps to help you customize it to a size, which will fit your head perfectly.

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Tools You Will Need

When making a wig purchase, check its cap and ensure that it is breathable so that it does not irritate your scalp. You will need the following tools to adjust the wig size to a perfect fit on your head.

  • Elastic band

  • Pair of scissors

  • Needle and thread

  • Tape measure

  • Adjustment hooks

  • Wig block

Procedures on How to Resize Wigs

Before resizing your wig cap, test it first. Style your hair, either by gelling, cornrowing, braiding, or slicking it down, and then secure it with a wig liner to create a flat and smooth surface for correct installation of your hairpiece. Note that, hair bulkiness is a critical factor in determining the fitting of your wig cap.

Put on your wig to determine your hairline, and compare its sides. Some wig caps may be more significant at the crown, back of the head, or around the ears. After that, remove the wig, and resize the wig cap. There are two approaches here; you can choose to apply the elastic band method, adjustable hooks, or the needle and thread technique. 

a) Elastic Band Method

  • Begin by ascertaining your head measurements. Extend the tape measure around the hairline to get the head circumference. Place one end of the tape measure at the forehead, at the centre of the hairline. Pass the other end along the hairline, down the temple. Besides, take measurements between and behind the ears, and around the nape of the neck.
  • Mark the measurements on a wig block, and pin your elastic band to it. However, since this band needs to fit your head perfectly, you will have to make it have a smaller circumference compared to the perimeter of your head.
  • Therefore, subtract some few inches, approximately 2-3 inches, from the measurements of your head, and take note of them. Following those measurements, cut the base of the elastic band. Position your elastic band on your wig, making sure that it covers all the curves of your wig cap. 
  • Flip your wig inside out to expose the body of the wig cap to make this step a success. Insert the thread to your needle, and then sew both ends of the elastic band into the wig cap. Of importance to note, the colour of the thread that you use should blend well with your wig cap shade.
  • Ensure that you stitch the margins of your bands to all sides of your lace closure while making knots at specific intervals to make your elastic band taut. Put your wig on to test whether it fits you or not. If the wig cap is still significant, resize its circumference again.  
  • Repeat this process until you get a correctly fitting cap, as you need it to be. While doing that, consider leaving some room for natural head movement. Therefore, be keen to make your wig cap as comfortable as possible.

b) Needle and Thread Method

  • For this method to be effective, it is advisable to use curved needles or wig ventilating needles rather than straight needles, which usually tend to distort the lace shape. Most hairpieces have some combs attached below the ear tabs, which run from bottom to top.
  • Lift these combs and fold them over. Sew the comb to the edges of the lace of the wig cap, using a thread with a correct shade. Secure the spots at least twice to make them secure enough. Take note not to cut the ribbon before finishing your last sew.  
  • When you have finished, tighten the thread by pulling it, tie it into a knot to secure it, and then cut it using a pair of scissors. Wear your wig again to test whether it fits you perfectly. If it does, then you are done. If it does not, make the circumference of the wig cap smaller by adjusting the straps at its back. 

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c) Using Adjustment Hooks

  • Some wigs come with adjustments hooks to ease the process of wig fitting. This method does not require taking head measurements and sewing. You only need to get two hooks, which have the same size.
  • Fasten the hooks into the outward setting of your hairpiece to make it have a large size. Adjust the hooks one inch at a time for better results. After that, flip your wig upside down and lower your head into it. Check if the wig is loose by inserting your fingers between the head and the wig cap edge. Of it is not tight enough, move the hooks inwards for a tighter fit.
  • Try to move your head sideways and forward back. If the wig slides, adjust the wig placement to make its inner cap fall over your temples. The aim here is to make the wig be in place with a comfortable tight feeling. 

Put on Your Wig

Now that you have finished making your wig fit enough, it is time to shine. Wear your hairpiece correctly, and start styling it. You may pull out some hairs using a rat-tail comb, and gel them to make baby hairs.

Apply makeup that will blend well with your skin tone to make a natural match between your face and your hair. Avoid embarrassments in public by choosing the correct wig, fitting it correctly, and styling it to suit your facial characteristics.

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