How to Tell Real Human Hair Wigs

All of us have experienced a pretty bad time by investing our money in the wigs that we thought were human hair wigs. It becomes more suffering for us when we think about the money we have wasted on those wigs. There are too many fakes of human hair wigs in the market that it becomes quite difficult to find the real ones.

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However, there are many ways that can be helpful for you to distinguish between real human hair wigs and the fake ones. Here are some of them:

  • Texture

The texture is the most recommended way of finding out either the wig you are going to buy is real or not. Human hair tends to be softer and shinier than synthetic ones. Use your fingers to feel the texture of the hair which will be smooth if you rub downwards and resists if you rub it downwards. The synthetic hair is smooth from both ways. Stylists recommend this tip more often that your feeling of hair can tell you the originality of the hair. All of the natural hair strands are coated with scales, so it is also a good way to find out the wig’s fakeness.

  • Hair Color

The color of synthetic hair usually builds in its pigments. This is the way the synthetic hair obtains the wide range of hair colors. The synthetic hair does not change color when you expose them to sunlight, so it is also a way to find out that either the hair are real or fake.

On the other hand, real hair change color shades when they come under the sunlight. If the vendor asks you which color, you need, then understand this at once that he is not giving you the natural hair. The natural hair wigs come in natural colors that are either black or brown. They can be dyed later with your desired color.

  • Bleaching

Another way of finding out that either the hair you bought is real or fake is bleaching them. The real human hair wigs instantly change colors. Human hair is also quite easy and simple to bleach.

On the other hand, the synthetic hair does not accept color after bleaching because they are made from the material of nylon which does not absorb the color at all, and it clearly shows that they are not real. So if your wig hair burns instead of getting colored, they are clearly synthetic.

  • Referrals

Research and getting opinions is the best way to find out the best thing. People will give you some honest opinions; peoples who have experienced anything like that before. So it is good to ask. If you find the recommendations of the people for a certain wig, then it is real, and you can buy them.

  • Burn Test

Go through your human hair wig from a burn test. The human hair does not get burnt at all if you straighten then up by using an iron. Instead they will straighten up and look more sleek and shinier. Instead, the synthetic hair will burn and give a pretty bad smell when you apply heat over them. So, it is also a great way to find out the originality of the wigs.

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  • Water Test

The real hair always gets curl up or wavy when they get wet. So, do testing. Put them in water and find out that is the wig you are getting in the name of human hair wigs is real or not? Do some spraying on the and find out how they react.

If they curl up, then you will know that you have got real hair wigs and if it does not, then your money is wasted. So, doing a simple test will instantly let you know either the wig is real one or the fake.

  • Cost

The most important and real factor in finding out the type of wig you are going to buy is the cost. If you are clearly going to buy human hair wigs, then you need to stay away from the cheap wigs. Human hair is collected from real sources, and they do not come so easily. So, ultimately their prices are high because of the efforts of collecting them and keeping them. So, go for the expensive wigs as they will be real and will not disappoint you while styling them.

  • Tangle

Real human hair does not tangle too much. They get tangled, but it depends on their size. If the length of hair is more the tangling will be more, but it is a clear indicator of the real hair. If the wig you are going to buy does not get tangled at all or too much tangle, then be cautious as it can happen to be the fake one. So, stick to the wigs that do not tangle too much, or you have wasted your money.

  • Shedding

Human hair sheds but not too much. So if you see the hair shedding on an extreme basis, then it is the time to get suspicious, because it is not genuine at all. Fake hair sheds too easily. They will shed even if you will use your fingers to comb them. So it is quite clear that shedding can tell you either the wig you have invested on is real or fake.

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The market is full of fake hair wigs that can be the wastage of the money you have spent on them. So it is important to know the ways to check out that either the wig you have bought or going to buy is real or not. Many ways to check this out have listed above with the detailed description of them. Some are the ways to check it right on the spot when you are buying like cost, texture, color, or water testing. While others are the ones that can let you know later about their originality.

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