How to Tell Differences between Wigs and Weaves

It is usually confusing to people, especially beginners of wearing weaves and wigs, to tell the difference between the two. However, they are not that distinct to the extent of confusing someone. To make this discussion engaging and simple to understand, let us begin by understanding the basic definitions of each hair extension.

What Is A Weave?

A weave is a kind of hairpiece that hairstylists attach to the natural hair of the wearer. Now that we know what it is, it would also be interesting to discover more about how they do the weaving.
The hairstylists usually begin by braiding the natural hair into horizontal cornrows. After that, they sew the hairpiece in line with the cornrows, to achieve your desired volume, length, or both.
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What Is A Wig?

Unlike weaves, one can wear a wig to cover the head without the necessity of sewing it with natural hair. To install these hairpieces correctly, one has to do some cornrows to make the wig uniform. Nonetheless, you can also put on a wig cap to protect the scalp and natural hair.
Many people prefer putting on this type of hair extensions because of fashion. To others, it is due to baldness, or probably some health conditions. Others also fear the commitments that come with weaves, for example, sewing them and wearing the same hairpiece for quite some time.

Pros and Cons of Wigs and Weaves

With all that necessary information, I am sure you are in a position to distinguish between the two. However, are you still in a dilemma on whether to choose a wig or a weave? There is a solution. The first step to put into consideration is looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each hairpiece, and then you can go forth and buy your favorite hair.

Advantages of Weaves

  1. Natural hair protection: Sewing a hair extension protects the natural hair of the hairdresser from several elements, heat being one of them. As an illustration, the weave shields your natural hair from hot styling tools, harsh weather, and pillowcases with cotton material.
  2. Maintenance: Weaves saves time for people who do not have time for styling because they usually buy these hairs with their preferred color and styles.
  3. Versatility: You can try different colors and textures without causing damage to your natural hair.
  4. Durability: You can wear weaves as long as you can, depending on the level of care you give it. Most of them go up to a couple of months.
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Disadvantages of Weaves

  1. Hair damage: Heavy weaves or weaves, which are too tight, will tend to pull your hairline, hence destroying your hair.
  2. Styling: Most weaves are of synthetic material, which is impossible to style using hot styling tools, unless if they are heat-friendly. They, therefore, do not offer styling versatility.
  3. Maintenance: You still have to wash and condition your weave regularly to maintain its shininess and keep your natural hair healthy. Frequent cleaning will also keep your hair away from developing an awful smell, which usually comes from sweat.
  4. Cost: It is expensive to install weaves because you have to pay an experienced stylist if you want to achieve a specific beautiful look. You may also incur some costs for buying the hairpiece, shampoo, and conditioners for cleaning your hair.

Advantages of Wigs

  1. Styling versatility: Unlike weaves that are manly synthetic, wigs can be of human hair, which offers styling versatility even with hot styling tools. You can also remove the hairpiece immediately if it does not impress you anymore.
  2. Cost: You will only have to buy the hairpiece, but not incur expenses in installing it. With wigs, you only need to know how to do cornrows, which may not be too expensive. Other costs are optional, for example, paying someone to do baby hairs for you.
  3. Hair protection: cornrows help in protecting your natural hair. Besides, wearing a wig on top of your hair helps to protect it from direct heat and styling products.
  4. Natural look: Human hair wigs are like natural hair, so, no one can tell if you are wearing a wig or not. Additionally, synthetic wigs of good quality are like human hair; they make you achieve a natural look.
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Disadvantages of Wigs

  1. Installation: You have to put on the hairpiece daily because it is not permanent. Therefore, it can be tiring, especially for people who do not like added tasks.
  2. Security: wigs are not as secure as weaves because they do not sew it with natural hair. It is, therefore, up to the hairdresser to make an effort of making sure it is firm on the head.
  3. Maintenance: You have to take good care of wigs for them to last longer and to maintain their original look. However, frequent washing can lead to a change in the unique texture of the hair.
  4. Comfortability: long hours of wearing wigs can cause headaches and some allergic reactions like rashes, hence the feeling of discomfort.

How to Choose between Weaves and Wigs

Your lifestyle will determine whether wigs or weaves are best for you. For instance, weaves will be best for someone who is always active because you do not have to change them once installed. Wigs, on the other hand, are for short-term relations. They will best suit people who are interested in things like fashion, which change periodically.
Besides, you also have to consider your type of natural hair. For example, for you to wear a weave, you need to have some natural hair for sewing to be possible. For that reason, it may not be suitable for people with hair loss or baldheads. However, wigs can work for either people with or without hair.
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Make the Best Selection

Both wigs and weaves are right hair extensions. However, you may need some little and concise information about them so that you can make a choice on which hairpiece is the best. In simple terms, you first need to know what they are.
After that, consider distinguishing them by going deep into their benefits and drawbacks. With all the information at hand, know how you can prioritize them, and then make your best selection.

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