How to style your wig?

Styling your wig is more important than investing in it. If you don't know how to style your wig the right way, you will end up having a rough and obvious fake look. Learning how to style your wig is important because it is a lot different than styling your natural hair. That is why we have gathered some amazing ways to help you style your wig perfectly.

How to style a synthetic wig

It is easier to style a synthetic wig than a human hair wig. Before we forward, there are a few precautionary measures you need to take before styling your synthetic wig:

  • Never use heating or styling products
  • Never brush your wig while it is wet
  • Use a stainless-steel brush
  • Invest in some wig care products

To style, your synthetic wig always starts brushing from the end to avoid breakage of fibers. If you think they are getting too frizzy, use a steamer to give them a good finish. If you further want to get curls, then get those foam rollers and style them using the steamer.

If you are scared to style it on your head initially, then you may use a foam head. It will help you style the wig from every angle. It will also save your wig from any damage or loss of fibers. Moreover, it will also help you in learning to style effectively.


Other than that, you can go for any style like a ponytail, braid, high bun and as many as you like using a synthetic wig.


How to style a lace front wig in a natural way

The lace front wigs come with knots which might be visible if you try a different hairstyle. The best way to get rid of those knots is to bleach them. To do that you need to simply turn over the wig and apply bleach to the visible knots and then wash it with a shampoo to get rid of chemicals.


You might also end up with the problem of wig lace which appears at your hairline. To get rid of it, you can use a concealer according to your skin tone and apply it on the lace. This way, you will make it invisible and style it in a way possible. Don’t forget to use a neutralizing shampoo for your bleached wig and not the regular one. Such shampoo will make it chemical free, and it won't cause any allergic reaction to your scalp.



How to style the human hair wig effectively

The human hair wig is the easiest to style but difficult to maintain. It comes with the benefits of letting you use any kind of heating tools, whether it's a straightener or a curler. However, you must apply too much heat to damage the hair in case of human hair wig as well.


To style it, take small sections of the wig and use a low to medium heat of your flat iron. Similarly, complete your hair straightening process with the full head hair and you are done.

You can also style your human hair wig in every way possible. You can go for a high bun, a ponytail or leave them open.



How to style a cheap costume wig

There are many cheap costume wigs available out there. They are made with cheap synthetic fiber, and thus it cuts off the cost. You can trim and cut this wig in any desired shape to get a style of your choice. Moreover, these cheap wigs require trimming as they are usually a bit rough when they arrive. You can also cut your cheap synthetic wig into bangs if you have a broad face.


You can also curl your cheap costume wig using rollers (not heating rod). You can also use a round brush and light steam heat or give your wig a bounce and volume.

It is not a good idea to wash your cheap wigs often, or it may affect the quality. If you feel that your wig is getting very oily, then you can use a dry shampoo to maintain its cleanliness.


So, that was all about how can you style your wig effectively along with the precautionary measures to save it from damage.

Now let’s see what’s the right way to wear your wig without the help of a hair stylist.

How to wear your wig the right way

Putting on the wig depends upon the length of your hair. If you have long hair, then you need to pin them up securely. If you have very little or no hair, then you must wear a camp before wearing your wig to prevent its slippage. However, if you have short hair, then you are free to wear your wig without any pins or cap.


If you don't like to wear the cap, then you can also for the braiding option, but that is also only possible in case of long and heavy hair. If you feel that your wig is too lose or too fit on your head, then you can get some adjustable Velcro tabs and use them at the back of your head to secure the wig.

In case of a lace front wig, you need some extra precautions to secure it on your head since it can reveal your hairline. You need to be extra careful while wearing it to avoid damaging the delicate monofilament fabric. Also, avoid stretching the front of the wig once you are done wearing it.


There is also another option to secure your wig, that is known as a chin strap. A chin strap is used to keep your wig at the place, especially when you brush it. This chin strap will make styling easy for you. To use a chin strap, simply clip it on either side of your wig and then tug it under your chin. They mostly come in a transparent form and aren’t visible even when you are wearing it. Moreover, you can find these straps easily in a very affordable cost of $3 to $5.

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