How to Style My Human Hair Wigs?


Human hair wigs have the great ability to get styled up just like normal head hair. You can straighten them up or pin curls in them. Its good to have knowledge about the styles of wigs according to your face cut because, for some face cuts, straight hair looks best whereas, some hairstyles are perfect for curly or wavy hair. It is important to learn how to style a wig and take care of them for longer use. 

Before starting to know about the styling, let's have a look at the core features of the wigs:

  • Human hair wigs are Undetectable

The best feature of the human hair wigs is that they have a lace cap with allows the hair to be styled in any possible way. The best thing about lace front cap wigs is that they are undetectable, and nobody will ever know that you have worn a wig.

  • A wide range of colors and textures

Human hair wigs come with a wide range of colors and texture so that you can buy the one you want or what matches your original hair. The different colors allow you to try as many colors as you want on your head to get great applause and cheering.

  • A Natural Look

Human hair wigs look natural and do not look like those artificial synthetic hair. Also, the movement and feel of these wigs are natural and just like your normal hair.

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Now we will come to the point where we will discuss human hair wig styling. In some simple and easy steps, the human hair wigs can easily be styled up.

Step 1: Cut the Lace

If your wig is lace front, then you need to cut that out. Usually, human hair wigs come with a lace front, some of them already come with cut lace, but if it is not, it's you who will do it. The process is simple yet delicate one and needs your sharp attention. You need a steady working pair of hands, good working scissors, and a whole lot of patience and tolerance. So by all these means, cut out the lace from front and sides of the wig for about quarter-inch width. Keep your hands firm, and do not let your mind distracted while doing this.

Tip: Use long scissor stroke in order to avoid the rough and pointy edges in the lace. It is better to cut the small portions of lace instead of doing all that at the same time. Moreover, if you will cut away too much lace, then it will ruin your wig.

Step 2: Pinup hair of your head for avoiding the loose

In the next step, pin up your hair by flipping them on either side of the center and use two large clips for doing that. By doing this, you can keep your stray and small hair come out and get cut out. The lace on the forehead needs to be cut down due to its visibility.

Step 3: Define the parting

By using a wide-tooth comb, part your hair on one side or follow the parting your hairstylist suggests you. If you are doing all this by yourself then do not panic, just put the wig on your head and make sure to keep it centered. Then decide where you want to part it. While parting, comb and blow-dry the hair and once they are dry, just get a comb and make the parting neat and tidy.

Tip: Wet your hair before doing the parting as it will save a lot of effort and make the hair styling easy. On wet hair, apply any lotion or foam to smooth the hair.

Step 4: Style on or off your head

Some ladies really want to style up their wigs on their heads whereas, and some others prefer to do that off their head, let’s say on a wig stand or any other stand they feel comfortable with. Whatever, your preference is, we suggest the wet hair. Because wet hair as we discussed earlier is easy to style and manage. If you want the roller sets styling, you definitely need the wet hair to make it possible and easier.

Step 5: Dry out the hair

Do not use harsh hands. Use gentle hands to dry your hair with the towel. Use a blow dryer as human hair wigs are heat resistant and allow the user to use heat on them. You can only use a blow dryer for styling or also can use curler or straightener, whatever your choice is.

Step 6: Use some add-on for shine

As we all know that human hair looks natural, so they do not have much shine in them so just like your natural hair, apply some serum of gel on them to make them look shiny and beautiful.

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How to create a perfect hairstyle?

  • Before going to start the wig on your head and style that up, determine the origin of that wig as it will allow you to style it better. The Asian hair wigs are thick, and they are quite straight, whereas, European hair wigs come in more textures and colors than any other type of wigs.

  • Moreover, find out the purity of the wig, does it contain only human hair, or is the mixture of human and synthetic hair? As this will help you to determine that at what level you can use heat on the hair.

  • After finding out the origin, you will be able to know better that which styling better suit to that hair will. European hair looks better when you put curls in them while Asian hair has better looks with straight style. So, keep this thing in mind.

Final Words

Styling up wig is not an easy thing, but if you will know some special tips and tricks, you will take better care of them. Wet hair is much easier to style up than the dry hair.


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