How to Style Baby Hair on Lace Front Wigs

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Lace front wigs are one of the most commonly used wigs these days. The reason for their popularity lies in the construction of these wigs. These wigs contain a lace panel which is connected to the hairline. There is no machinery involved in these wigs, and the cuticles are hand sewn to the base of the hair. Lace front wigs are made up of the highest quality material, and they are also long-lasting, versatile, and durable.
Why do you need to style your baby hair on lace front wigs?
If you don’t style your baby hair and leave them all messy, then your wig can not look natural. Baby hair is essential to improve the looks and natural appearance of your face.
However, if your baby hairs aren't appropriately styled, then there is no use of investing your hard-earned money on such an expensive wig. Styling is no doubt the most crucial factor of managing your hair, and without it, the major part of your wig carrying goes missing.
Things you will need to style your baby hair on lace front wigs
You need the following items to style your baby hair on lace front wig:
  • Scissors or razor
  • Comb
  • Spray
  • Heating tool
How to Style it?
Step 1:
The first step to style your lace front wig is to trim the excess amount of lace from the front of your hair. Usually, the lace front wig comes with some extra lace which you can see on hanging over your forehead.
To give yourself the most natural appearance of baby hair on the front of your wig, cut off around quarter-inch of this lace from the front as well as the sides of the wig. The best technique is to cut away the smaller portions in several intervals rather than cutting the entire lace at once. Be very cautious about reducing the lace as cutting too much of it can ruin your wig altogether. Moreover, use very sharp scissors or a razor to create an elegant look with no jagged edges.
Cutting off the lace is a highly delicate process which requires plenty of patience as well as a steady hand. Moreover, do not forget to get the best pair of scissors to avoid any mistake while cutting the front lace off your wig.
Step 2:
The next step to style your baby hair is to part the hair according to your style. The best way to get the most precise looking part is to wet your hair evenly and then blow drying it. Blow drying your lace front wig will get you a silky and smooth texture.
Step 3:
After parting your hair evenly, now is the time to get your baby hairs with the help of a spray bottle. By soaking your hair, it becomes easier to style them. Spray the entire hairline evenly using the spray bottle. If you don’t have a bottle, then you can splash some water using your hands on your hairline.
Step 4:
Now comes the most delicate part of styling your baby hair, which involves designing them into the desired form. For this purpose, you will need a heating tool (but not blow dryer) to dry your baby hair. To do this, hold the baby hair between your finger and apply the heating tool. After that, throw cold air on the baby hair for about 3-5 seconds.
Since baby hair of lace front wigs is very delicate and fragile, that is why it is essential to use a combination of hot and cold air to style them without causing any damage. Moreover, it will also prevent the burning of baby hair.
Step 5:
Now, using a hairspray, spray your hair once again with light strokes and using a toothbrush, gently brush this hair in the horizontal direction. You can also use a hair setting spray or a styling cream to keep this hair in place. Using your fingertips, arrange the baby hair according to your desired style.
Tips for styling your baby hair on lace front wigs
Styling your baby hair can be the best part of your hair styling regime. Baby hair holds immense importance in the world of hair and wigs. That is why styling your baby hair is a matter of aesthetics, and not everyone can do it properly. The baby hair which is styled in a small way can ruin not only the entire hair look but also the overall personality.
Following are some tips and tricks to correctly style your wig:
  • Always use a gel or hairspray to set your baby hair. Also, do not forget to slick your baby hair from the front. It will give a beautiful look to your face.
  • You can also style your short baby hairs in the form of waves. This style is too standard these days and is used as a beauty sign by many celebrities as well.
  • Always keep a toothbrush with you to comb your baby hair. The toothbrush is the best tool which can help you in keeping your baby hair firm in one place.
  • You can also style your baby hair in the form of a fuzzy halo look. For this purpose, you need to create circular waves with the help of your fingers.
  • Another trick to style up your hair is to turn them into curly baby hair. To create curls, you can use a heating tool or a small curling rod. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t apply the rod for a longer time as it can burn your baby hair since they are very weak and fragile.
Lace front wigs are one of the best options if you are looking for a natural appearance. These wigs are easier to care, easier to maintain, and they also last longer. Thus, it is the best choice for all the ladies out there. Just by learning a few tips and tricks of styling your lace front wig and baby hair, you can achieve the look of your choice.
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