How to Reuse Your Old Wigs

Wigs are one of the best options for women to consider trying new hairstyles.

Especially, when they offer protection from harmful chemicals to your natural hair, it is a wise choice to let wigs decorate your head. 

With time, human hair wigs fall prey to breakage and wear & tear because of a lot of factors.

However, these wigs can be brought back to life by using a few tips and tricks.

Wondering how an old and stuffy wig can be turned back to its original glory?

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Here’s how,

Refreshing The wigs once again

While refreshing the human hair wigs might be a tough task for you to accomplish, you should always keep in mind that it is also the easiest and requires only a few basic steps to be followed.

Normally, these are the steps you might want to shelve.

· Detangle the Hair

Whether you have Human hair wigs or Synthetic wigs to restore. The first thing you’ll have to do is to detangle the wig and make it as smooth as possible.

Simply take a brush and comb the wigs as you would on your natural hair.

This activity will make the wigs tangle-free and will retain their design assuming they have lost it over time.

· Soak & Wash Your Wigs

After you have completely detangled your human hair wigs, you would want to clear out any dust or dirtiness in them.

While you’re at it, wash the wigs thoroughly and if needed, soak them in lukewarm water for almost an hour.

Where this will kill any bacteria or germs on your wigs, it will remove all the dirt and garbage from them as well.

Soaking and washing your wigs is a must-to-do task if you are dealing with a really messed up wig.

· Condition the Washed Wigs

Washing normally sucks all the necessary moisture and oils from the wigs and the only way to add them back is “conditioners”.

Therefore, using the conditioner after washing the wig will return the oils and moisture it has lost over time. Giving it a new refreshing glow and a cool breeze of new life.

Ultimately, using a good conditioner can also help repair the damaged human hair wigs because of their efficient functionality.

· Blow-dry

The last step towards completely reviving your used human hair wigs is the air drying or simply called, blow-drying.

While blow-drying can help you add more volume and increase the vibe your wigs give overall, it can also help you make more designs out of your old wig.

You can also use a hair iron to make a new hairstyle or retain the wig’s original hair design.


Products that can help you

Here are some products that can help you more than anything else possibly could.

1. Rethreading Tools

Wigs, like normal human hair, face hair fall and damage problems due to various reasons.

Unlike natural hair, wig hair can not grow back. So, they require manual addition of new hair, called Rethreading to make the wig look more natural and vibrant.

Therefore, rethreading tools come into play and they play a vital role in maintaining and volumizing human hair wigs.

2. Hair Care Products

Haircare products such as conditioners, oils, serums, etc. are a reliable choice to maintain the overall look and health of your wig.

The better the quality of these products, the more you will like and appreciate the results.

Therefore, without wasting any money on low-quality haircare products, go for high-quality products to make your wigs appear more natural than ever.

3. Brushes

One of the most essential tools for hair – a hairbrush, can prove to be a very basic part of your life. Especially as women, we adore our hair more than anything in this world.

And a woman’s hair, without a brush, is definitely one thing – a disgrace.

Consequences of not having a brush can be utterly devastating for a woman because she needs the brushes more than anything or anyone else.

In short, you must have a hairbrush in your closet no matter you have anything else or not.

4. Wig Stands

If you are a wig owner, you may already understand the importance of a wig stand. While they take care of your wigs, they can also provide them with a proper place to reside upon.

Causing less damage to the wigs, they might be the perfect place for your newly restored wigs.

However, wig stands do not save your wigs from direct sunlight, dust, and other light potentially damaging things. So, you might want to use a wig bag or a box for secure and proper storage after using the wigs.

5. Dyes

Sometimes, as humans, we get bored of the colors we are so used to see.

And wigs, for the most part, are one of the few things that might change colors owing to this natural human instinct.

Instead of keeping a wig and changing its color from time to time, it is recommended to buy multiple wigs at the same time.

If, however, you don’t have the resources, you should consider buying some dyes just in case you want to change how your wig looked and give it a new appearance.

Recycle if the wig becomes obsolete

If you think that the wig is beyond the limits of restoration and recovery, you should give up at once.

Spending resources on such wigs are just a waste of both time and money. In spite of spending on them, you should actually spend them by recycling their usable products.

Some companies pay good amounts for scrap wig materials like wig caps or human hair wigs.

The human hair in a wig, if in good condition, can be sold for an attractive sum of money.

Last but not least, recycling will also reduce the load and help you get something from a total waste.

Final words

“Something is better than nothing”, isn’t it?

By following the above steps, you can revive your favorite old wig and turn it back to its days of glorious moments. Happy Return of the Wigs, fam!



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