How to Repair Damaged Wigs

Imagine waking up one fine morning and finding your wig, not in its best shape. Probably, you would not even feel good only imagining this, so, what would you do if your wig is harmed by the excessive use and damages endured in day to day usage overtime.

Don’t worry we got your back and repairing a damaged wig is not very difficult if handled properly.

First, you need to find out what has caused damage to your hair and then find solutions and make a bit of effort to retain the original look of your hair wig.

What Damages Your Wig?

Your human hair wig can last a long time with the proper care given. There are many factors that damage the hair wig if overlooked. One of the major things that cause harm to the wig is improper washing. This leaves oils and dirt in the human hair wig that makes the hair wig look old. Not using the appropriate moisturizer can also make your hair dull and frizzy. Other than these, environmental factors can also make your human hair wig lose its natural shine. Remember, frequent use of heat styling products can also lead to hair wig damage and loss of strands from the wig.

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Common Damages to Human hair wigs

Human hair wigs need the same talc as your own hair. Otherwise, they can turn out to be frizzy and dry. Moreover, it can result in major tangles.

Here are the most common things that can damage your wigs,

1. Dry Hair

Human hair wigs are easily affected by the environmental conditions, as they have not gone under any chemical treatments to keep them safe from any kind of damage. Therefore, if human hair wigs are not washed properly with frizz-free shampoo, they can become dry and frizzy very soon. It is also important to use a good conditioner or a moisturizer. This minor negligence can cause long-lasting damage to your hair including dryness, fizziness, and rough, dull hair.

2. Tangles & Hair loss

Tangles can be a nightmare if you own a good quality human hair wig. When you see a wig that is helplessly tangled, the first thought you get is to buy a new wig. Tangles can be a result of washing the hair roughly without combing them properly. Combing the hair before the wash lessens the tangles during wash. Also, if you wash the wig twice without detangling, you are not going to happy to see it later with quite a number of tangles in your human hair wig.

Common Damages to wigs

Women and men like synthetic wigs for being inexpensive but they come with their own set of problems like dryness, kinks and dry ends.

1. Dryness

Synthetic wigs can become dry after a few washes and lose their shine. This is because of the reason that synthetic hair lacks the natural moisture human hair wigs have. If they are washed repeatedly and won multiple times, the chances of them becoming dry are more.

2. Kinks

Kinks refer to rolls or curls in the hair. Often synthetic hair wigs get the kinks that build upon their own and alter the look of the wig. These kinks make the wig lose its original look. It is difficult to treat them as they are made of synthetic fiber and thus heating stylists cannot be used. This prohibits the use of straightener as well to straighten them and make them free of curls.

3. Dry ends

Dry ends can be a problem of synthetic hair too, like human hair. Dry ends indicate that the ends of your wig also need some extra care. Dry ends can be the result of rough brushing, frequent styling or heavy wear. You can repair this issue and it would help increase the life of your synthetic hair wig.

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How to Repair  wigs

If your wigs suffer from any of the mentioned problems, then we present some simple solutions to you.

· Getting Rid of Dryness

If you see that your human hair wig or synthetic wig looks dry, the major reason is the loss of moisture from the hair strands.

For your human hair wigs, it is best to get a nice moisturizing conditioner that moisturizes your hair in the best way. Using a leave-in conditioner is also a good option.

For synthetic hair wigs that become dry, you can use a fabric softener as a conditioner. This is not the best practice but can be used in case of severe dryness of synthetic wigs. Conditioners can also be used as per need.

· Untangling

Sometimes your human hair gets tangles if not combed properly. You can use a hair serum for the purpose of the wig is badly tangled. Start combing from the ends to the roots very smoothly without putting much effort so that the hair does not break. Use a broad toothed comb to untangle your hair for minimum breakage.

· Straightening the Kinks

As straightening your synthetic wig is not possible due to the synthetic hair strands so the only way to de-curl those kinks are straightening them by steam. Just shut the door of your bathroom and let the hot water run in the bathtub till the bathroom traps enough steam. Now comb your hair gently repeatedly. This will help to get rid of any curls and acts as a substitute for straightening.

· Taming the Dry Hair Ends

The best way to tame dry ends is to rim it. But this can only be done a few times as the wig doesn’t grow back. Apply a hair serum at the ends particularly for a frizz-free look.

Final Words

You can prevent any damage to your hair wig by ensuring that proper care is given to them in day-to-day use. Now, you can easily repair your wig at home without spending more money on a new wig with very few steps and a little bit of effort. This small amount of care and vigilance can, not only help you improve the lifetime of your wig, but make your wig-experience even better as well!

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