How to Repair Damaged Lace Frontals?

How much does it hurt when your lace frontals are resting in the wardrobe because you can’t wear them anymore? For me it’s the same as dropping my favorite ice cream on the floor, utterly sad!   

You might have damaged your human hair lace front wigs due to overuse or mishandling but worry not, we got you covered. You do not have to keep your favorite lace front wig in the cabinet when you can fix it with a few easy tips and tricks.

Common Types of Damages

We all make mistakes that can ruin the human hair lace front wigs but if your human hair wig is damaged in one way or the other you can fix it by firstly understanding the kind of problem.

1. Matted lace frontal

Your best friend got you a beautiful lace front wig on your birthday as you wanted one for long and you wore even until the next birthday, now it doesn’t look as good as it did previously? The wig lost its natural shine and the matt look shows that it has also aged with you over the past year.

I am going to tell you a simple and effective method very soon so grab your notebook and pencils or simply jot it down in your phone for quick access anytime. Stay tuned until the end.

2. Loose lace frontal

You bought your beloved lace frontal wig in the perfect size and now it swings around your head exposing your natural hairline too? This might be due to frequent wearing of the wig but not to worry as there is one simple tool that will take all your worries away regarding that loose lace frontal wig.

3. Torn lace front wig

A torn lace front wig can be any woman’s worst nightmare when you plan to wear that beautiful wig to a party and what you find is bald spots on the human hair wig! This is one of the worst things we could imagine happening with our lace frontal wig.

Torn or ripped lace frontal can be fixed with a little bit of effort however the favorite lace front is worthy of all that effort anytime.wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs

Reasons for Damage

There could be many factors that cause damage to your pretty human hair wig. If you take care of these little things you can be saved from the pain of a damaged lace frontal.

1. Improper application

Buying a wig is the easiest part of slaying one and installing it is the most care worthy. Wig stylists advise you to get your wig installed by a professional if you are a newbie to it but you can also apply it with proper care.

If the wig is not properly installed it might cause problems in keeping it good for a long time.

2. Not cleaning it regularly

Does your real hair get all the dirt and oil in it if you don’t wash it properly? Same way, if your human hair wig is not cleaned regularly with an appropriate shampoo, the dirt and oil accumulate in it making it seem and feel dirty and dry.

3. Sweat

Sweat is natural and we can’t stop sweating, right? But cleaning your scalp regularly can help you get rid of sweat that would cause fungus and bad odor in your scalp. The fungus can lead to dandruff damaging your real hair as well!

4. Wrong glue or adhesives

Using the wrong glue or the wrong amount of glue can also cause damage to your human hair lace wig. Imagine applying a lot of glue to some part of your hair. Even the imagination is terrifying!

Using an excessive amount of wig glue on any part of the wig frontal can result in a completely damaged wig. Also, the wig can lose its grip really soon if the glue is not effective enough.

5. Overuse of the hair wig

What can be more harmful than making use of your favorite wig you love repeatedly without caring for it! Overusing your wig without giving it the proper TLC can result in damage great than you can even think of.

6. How to repair frontals

Now moving to the part that you have been eagerly waiting for! Free your mind from all thoughts and converge your concentration to what I am going to tell you just now.

Who doesn’t want to use the lace frontal they have kept inside due to little damage?

Tools Needed

Grab your notebook and pencils as I am going to let you know how you can make your human hair lace frontal wearable once again.

A few things you’d need are:

  • Glue
  • Needle and thread
  • Lace
  • Concealer
  • Tail Comb

wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs


Once you have all the required tools in hand, you can fix your human hair lace frontal wig by yourself in little time.

1. Fix your matted lace frontal

Overused lace frontal wig loses its original shine and looks matted after several uses. The best and easiest way to cover up that matt look is by the use of a concealer. 

Use a rattail comb to part your wig evenly. Now apply the concealer along the parting, applying more of it into the center of the wig and lesser at the corners.

Put the concealer with great care and comb it off once it is set nicely. This will give a distinct look to the parting and the lace frontal wig masking the extra oil anywhere.

2. Fix your loose lace front wig

A loose lace front wig can be one of the most annoying things in your whole attire but you certainly don’t want to throw it away. If you still have that flawed lace front wig in your wardrobe let me tell you a trick that’s a total steal!

All you need is a gel called Got2B glue that can stick your lace frontal in place quickly.

Just dab four dots scattered along with your lace frontal and press them together. Make sure the edges are properly done.

3. Mend your torn lace frontal

You can fix your torn or ripped lace frontals with two easy methods

· Sewing

Sewing is surely one of the least difficult things discovered by mankind. You need a c needle, a nylon thread and a piece of lace. It is preferable to select the color of the thread that matches your wig and the lace. Using the c needle, just stitch the lace into the bald patch of the wig and you are good to go!

· Ventilating method

Ventilating method makes use of stitching as well but it seems like you are sewing a new hair wig. A ventilating needle comes with holes of different sizes that determine the number of hair strands it uses.

By using a ventilating needle, you keep on sewing the hair strands on the bald spots until you get it all covered.

Final Words

These are some easy and handy tips and tricks that can help you come out of the dilemma of damaged wigs. You can save your wig from being damaged by giving it proper care. Use these handy tricks whenever you think you need to throw your damaged wig and save your hard-earned investment from going into the bin.


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