How to Remove Hairspray from Wigs

Is hairspray difficult to remove?

It is quite impossible these days to judge if someone is wearing a wig or natural hair. There are so many highest quality hair wigs present out there including human hair wig which is the most preferred.  The human hair wig is the most natural-looking however, it also requires some extra care and attention to keep it long-lasting.

Most women out there like to wear a different hairstyle every day. You might also be one of them who like to change their hairstyles according to the occasion. One of the most vital tools you need to use for styling your hair is a hairspray. Hairspray is used to set your hair in any style you want. However, one thing that you need to keep in mind that using a hairspray regularly in your hair might damage your human hair wig.

In this guide, we will tell you some important tips and tricks using which you can remove hairspray from your human hair wig.

Tools you need to remove hairspray from wigs:

You need the following tools to remove hairspray from your human hair wig:

  • A narrow-toothed and a wide-toothed brush

  • A wig shampoo (mild or organic)

  • Warm and cold water

  • A water tub

  • A towel

  • Baking soda

  • Spoon

  • Bowl

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Steps to remove hairspray from wigs

You need to follow these steps to remove hairspray from wigs:

Step 1: In the first step, take 2 tablespoons of wig shampoo in a bowl. Now take another tablespoon of baking soda in this bowl and mix the two ingredients. Baking soda can break down the hairspray and thus it helps to remove the hair spray from your hair.

Step 2: Now take a small amount of this mixture and apply it to the human hair wig. Massage it into the hair for about 15 minutes. Using this mixture for 15 minutes is necessary to remove the excess buildup of the product from the hair. The baking soda will loosen the molecules of hair spray and removes it completely from the human hair.

Step 3:  Now take some warm water and wash your hair human wig with it till you feel that there is no residue left inside it. For this purpose, we recommend a rinsing time for around 15 minutes.

Step 4: After rinsing your hair with warm water, now put some cold water on it from base to tips with continuous fondling and massaging. It helps in 100% removal of hairspray from the human hair wig.

Step 5: Now take some conditioner and apply in your human hair wig to give it a lustrous shine and smoothness.  

Lastly, put the wig out on a towel to air dry it. Make sure you keep it out overnight to dry the hair strands completely.


There are a few tips that might help you in rinsing off the excess product buildup and hairspray from your hair.

  1. One of the best ways to get rid of that build up residue and hairspray from your human hair wig is to soak your wig for the whole night. By doing this, it will be easier for you to soften the hairspray and then easily wash it out.

  2. Another fast tip is to use alcohol to take out the excess hairspray from your human hair wig.

  3. Another useful strategy is to soak your human hair wig in warm water a few hours before washing it. That way, you can remove the product easily from it.

Mistakes to avoid

Many women make some serious mistakes while washing the human hair wig. You need to avoid those mistakes to make sure that your wig stays with you for a longer time.

  • Do not use very hot water to wash your human hair wig. Very hot water can damage your wig. Keep in mind that you are not dealing with your natural hair over here which will grow out after a few months. You are dealing with your human hair wig here, which if damaged, will not return to its normal form again. So, you need to take care of it.

  • Make sure that you are using a good quality shampoo to wash your human hair wig otherwise it will only damage your hair and the excess residue will stay in your hair.

  • Make sure that you dry your wig completely before using it. Leaving excess product in your hair will damage it very soon.

  • Try not to use hairspray every single day on your hair. Stylish even your natural hair too often can leave your natural hair as well. The same is true for your human hair wig were styling it too often can lead to damaged hair.

  • Don’t wash your human hair wig with extremely cold water as cold water has the property of making the hairspray even harder and thus difficult to remove from your wig.

Lastly, we would like to recommend you not to use too many styling tools and products to style your human hair wig. Even if you are using human hair wig which is very sturdy and long-lasting, you still need to take care while styling your human hair wig. Moreover, make sure that you are going to a hairstylist for setting up your hair if you are not a hair expert. Thus, you need to keep in mind these instructions before jumping into hair styling.


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