How to Refresh Curly Human Hair Wigs

You may realize yourself in a circumstance where your human hair wig has lost its beautiful curly pattern, and yet you need to wear it. Do not worry because it is normal for hairpieces to lose their design, and that is why, you need to have all the details in hand, about how to restore the curls and bring them back to life.

It only needs you to put in some effort towards the health of your hair because it is not possible to wash them every day. Besides, it may be costly to purchase new wigs every time, yet you can treat old ones.

In this article, you will get solutions to all the issues that concern you on refreshing human wigs. Let us get into the discussion and learn how to refresh various hair curls back to their original look.

Spray Your Curly Wig

If you want to re-establish the curls on your wig, water will be the best thing you need to consider. Therefore, spray some little amount of water to your hair. You will get better results if you mix the water with some leave-in conditioner to add moisture to your wig.

You don't need to mix water with a leave-in conditioner. You can also choose to spray in steps; you begin with water first, and then spray the leave-in conditioner later. It is advisable to use liquid live-in conditioners for best results.

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Detangle Your Curly Hair

Detangling human hair wigs is usually challenging, and if you are not careful enough, you may end up causing hair damage and breakage. Therefore, what is the best comb you can use to detangle such wigs? Well, when a hairpiece is still wet, it will be best if you use a wide-toothed comb rather than paddle brushes.

Be gentle while combing your human hair, and always remember to brush from the hair tip going towards its roots. Your fingers will also play a role, especially in detangling a knotted hair. To do that effectively, wet your hands, rub them with some gel, and then smoothen the knots. After combing, you can then go forth and condition your hairpiece.

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Deep-condition Your Wig

The essence of deep conditioning your curly human hair wig is to keep it away from being dry. Dry, frizzy hair can easily break and can quickly lose their pattern. You can seek advice from hair specialists on the best conditioners to use.

With your conditioner in hand, apply it on sections of wet hair, and then distribute it throughout the entire volume of hair using a wide toothcomb. You will then leave the hair mask on for a while, but you can microwave it if you fancy the process to be fast.

After that, you can use warm water to wash the conditioner to remove the mask away. Be gentle when washing, and scrunch your hair a little bit using your hands to bring out the shape of the curls.

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Drying and Styling

Because the hair is still wet, you can wrap the curls around your fingers, slide them off the fingers, and clip them to the scalp if you want beautiful curls to show. For better results, apply some hair gel and styling cream to every kink then scrunch them.

Of importance to note, avoid drying curly hairs using hot styling tools or twisting it in a towel. Air-drying is the best choice for all wavy and curly hairs. However, if you have to use heating, then use a diffuser on a low heat mode to fasten the drying process.

For best results, especially if you choose to air-dry it, wrap the coils around a rod, and then leave it to dry overnight. In the morning, remove the rod, and you will have your hairpiece with tighter and lovely curls.

Use Dry Scalp Treatment

Everyone needs their hair to look shiny at all times, and wigs cannot shine well over a dry scalp. At times, the hair conditioners may fail to reach the natural hair roots or the scalp, in particular, hence making them dull.

It is significant to keep your scalp away from dryness; therefore, always apply some oil to your scalp because it will help to keep your curly human hair wigs with an attractive luster at all times.

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Functions of Hair Products Used In Curly Wig Refreshment

The primary purpose of water is to reactivate the hair gel, while the concoction of water and the leave-in conditioner has the purpose of making the hair soft and of refreshing the dry or frizzy curls. The amount of water that you spray to your curls depends on the nature of coils.

You can make your hands wet, and then in line with a hair gel, run your fingers through the curls to bring out their pattern. For ringlets with little tangles, use a spray bottle with a slight amount of water. For other curls, you can use an average amount of water in a spray bottle, or choose to submerge your hair entirely into water.

Hair gels do make the human hair wigs hold their curly pattern for quite a more extended time while a styling cream will assist the hair gel in making your hair softer.

Explore Your Beauty with Curly Human Hair Wigs

It is time to look beautiful and natural, and with human hair wigs on, nothing is impossible. Do not dispose of hair that has lost its curls; it has the capability of standing out again in its original look.

In summary on how to refresh human hair wigs, wash them first. Alternatively, you can spray them with some estimated amount of water mixed with a leave-in conditioner. After that, detangle the hairpiece, and then deep condition it.

Go ahead and dry it appropriately, style it, and give it time to regain its curls. Do not forget to make them look shiny; apply some oil to your scalp to get rid of dryness. Finally, know the role that each hair product plays during hair refreshment.

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