How to prepare for a wig

If you consider you might want to get a wig, it’s useful to take some steps to prepare before you start chemotherapy or another handling that may cause hair loss. For example: 

Find or take a couple of pictures of your chosen hairstyle. This will make it easier to find a wig that’s nearby to your color, length, and style if you choose that’s what you want.


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Cut your hair short. It's less shocking to lose short clumps of hair than long ones, and it's easier to fit a wig more less hair. Also, if you get used to short hair, you won’t have to wait as long while your hair is rising back to think like yourself.

Believe picking out a wig before you start a treatment that can root hair loss. You will have more energy, and you can get used to wearing the wig in test sessions, flashing with your own hair.

Where to get a wig

1.At a wig shop. You can buy recommendations for narrow wig shops or specialists through breast disease organizations, your hospital’s disease center, or during your hairdresser. Some wig specialists come to your home to give additional privacy.

2.Online. Like most things in our time, you can shop for a wig online. Online retailers have a large choice of wigs in every color, length, and style. Some offer consultations over the mobile phone or via email to help you find the right style for you. This can also be a good choice if you’d prefer more privacy when choosing your wig.

3.Through a charity program. Instead of shopping for a wig and probably getting reimbursed for some or all of the cost during your health insurance company, you may want to look into receiving a wig for free through programs of the American Cancer civilization or other nonprofit organizations “see Covering the cost of a wig” below for more info.

Wearing occasion

The color of the wig depends on the occasion and whether you desire a wig that is great for work and specialized attire, something wild and spry for a night out on the town or want one with fun, spry highlights to wear just when the mood hits you. If you don't want to practice too much of a change you can always decide a fine wig that matches your natural hair color. If you want a different look but nothing to natural, go for a lighter shade because darker shades can end up crushing your face and lead to a washed out, light look.

Select the right hair color

1.your skin tone

Have you always tried out a hair color and found it totally didn't suit you after the stylist was done? The cause may lie in your skin. ahead of the basic choices of brown, blonde, red, or black, the unlimited number of sub-colors and shades available can make option a hair color from those tiny sample books next to not possible. If you like mad or nontraditional colors, the choice becomes even harder. Just like choosing the right garments colors, your hair color can severely affect your looks and make your skin tone look vibrant or dull. Keep sense to learn how to assess your skin tone and find out exactly which hair colors will look best on you.

2.your eye color

Wig experts pretty often look at eye color when consider the right wig color for their clients. For example, they know that blue eyes really set out with a red wig. Once the main color is chosen they consider your skin tone to help decide on the right red. Light red wigs pair completely with fair complexions and auburn shades look lovely framing darker complexions. Dark eye color and complexions will also profit from a little contrast with wig hair color.

wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs

3. your age

You talked about our  coloring changing for your age. This is true for me, when allowing for covering my newly multiplying grey hairs I put various streaks in my hair but now even the streaks aren’t giving the blended coverage I was hopeful for. so it is time to tone my hair. What considerations should I make in choosing a hair color, should I go a little warmer some people advise warmer colors are more pleasing as we age, or stick to my usual color.

Forever Stick with Your Natural Undertone

Yes you will study that you should go warm with age, If you have fresh skin, don’t!  I have no suggestion why that information is out there, but it really doesn’t work and can create you look pink and blushing.

Make sure whatever color you select works with your undertone.  If you have had a current personal color breakdown and have a color swatch, then make sure the color you are proposing goes with it.  If it doesn’t it won’t look fine next to your face.