How to Pack Wigs When Travelling

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Every now and then, when you are planning to travel for a party, vacation, meeting, or a family get-together, most chances are that you might be thinking of packing your wigs to take them with you because they are so much lighter and manageable than hair straighteners and blow dryers. In short, packing wigs instead of hair styling equipment will save you both space and money.

Selecting wigs to take with you can be a piece of cake but packing them, however, can be a tough task. Especially, if you don’t know how to properly store them. There are many factors involved when it comes to packing and storing the wigs. If it is done indecorously, you might be destroying your favorite wig.

Let’s discuss how you can pack and take care of your human hair wigs while you are traveling.

How to Pack Lace front wigs

First of all, you have to ready your human hair wigs for traveling. For this, you might have to start looking for suitable bags. These are special wig storage bags available in the market but in case you are in a hurry and can’t afford or take the time out to buy a proper wig bag, follow these simple steps to pack your wigs effectively,

1. Step-1: Inside Out

The number one thing to do is to turn your human hair wig inside out. This will help keep the outside of your wig safe and won’t damage the overall vibe of the wig.

2. Step-2: Wrapping

After you have properly turned your wig inside out, it is time to wrap it in a synthetic or silk scarf. This will keep the wig safe from tangling or mixing up with other stuff in your suitcase.

3. Step-3: Zipper Bags

Use zipper bags to store the wig wrapped in a silk scarf. This zipper bag can then be kept in your suitcase alongside other stuff. It will keep the wig safe from all types of moistures and dirt.
Following the above steps will ensure that your wig is packed properly and will not be altered in its shape and design while you are on the way to your destination.


 Things to Pack for your Wig

That’s correct, you need to pack things for your human hair wig just like you would pack things for your natural hair. They need maintenance and care too.
The following things should be packed alongside the wigs for its proper care.


1. Wig Shampoo and Conditioners
Like natural hair, human hair wigs also require to be washed with shampoo and conditioners to be in their best shape and maintain their natural looks. This is why it is necessary to take the wig shampoo and conditioner with you.

2 . Wig Brushes
Obvious from the name, wig brushes are used to style your lace front wig. You should definitely include at least one set of the wig brushes to be able to style your wig whenever required. Wig brushes also come in handy when simply smoothing the hair of your wig.

3.Wig Stands
The last but not least, pack a wig stand to properly hang your wigs whenever they are not in use. This will save them from being lying around and getting damaged. Instead, keep them safe by hanging them on a wig stand somewhere in the corner of the room.

wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs, hair wig

How to Take Care of Your Wig When Traveling

So, you have packed your wig and stuff you might need with it and are ready to catch the flight but hold-up, do you know how to take care of your wig while you are traveling, No?
Don’t worry, just follow these quick tricks to keep your wigs in the best shape possible while you enjoy your travel.


· The Less You Use - The Better They Stay!

No matter how good quality or premium your human hair wig actually is it might try to persevere but if you wear it constantly for long periods, you may see its color slowly start to fade away and its hair breaking and falling apart.
This is because of the conditions the human hair wigs have to face while being used, they are “human hair” after all.
So, it is recommended to use wigs as less often as possible to maintain their shape.


· Put Them Down

When you are done from your party or whatever it is you had to attend and are finally back to your comfort place, it is time to put down the wig for good. Every time your wig is not in use, its shelf life is increased and who would want to keep a burden on their heads after it has served its purpose.
Use a wig hanger to hang your wig if you have temporarily decided to take it off, otherwise, use the same packing method and pack it back with your other stuff since they are no longer required.


· Shampooing and Conditioning on Time

Human hair wigs, especially lace front wigs are natural hair in general and require proper care to ensure they remain in the best shape and give off an excellent vibe.
It is always recommended to shampoo and apply conditioner to your wigs after regular intervals to keep them in good health and multiply their natural-look and feel.


· Storage

In the end, it all depends on how well you store your wigs and pack them after every use. Experts have said that a properly packed and looked-after wig survives twice the time a mistreated wig would survive.

wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs, hair wig


The best part of taking wigs out with you while traveling is the amount of weight and money they save. Other than that, properly packing a wig and taking care of it while you are at vacations will always result in a forever lasting and natural-looking human hair wig that highlights your best features.
Keep up the vibe by taking good care of your lace front wig and eliminate the competition!

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