How to Make Halloween Wigs Look Real?

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With Halloween right around the corner, there are a lot of different wigs out there for you to choose from, to help bring your look to the next level. It is important to keep in mind what the wig is made out of before you decide to change the look of the wig to help it look more realistic.

If you bought a wig that is made with synthetic or plastic hair fibers, then you cannot use heat on the wig as the heat will melt the fibers. Have a look at the following tricks below to help you make sure that your wig looks more realistic.

Tip1# Cut or trim your wig

If you cut or trim the wig to help the wig fit your face shape better, then the wig is going to look better on you. You can also cut the wig so that it suits the look more and the costume better overall. Make sure that when you cut the wig that you cut it correctly and that there are no pieces that are out of place. If you do not cut it slowly and accurate then the wig is going to look worse and look like a cheap job. Even if you buy a cheap wig from the costume shop, you can still take your time and make it look like a million bucks.

Tip2# Dye your hair

Nothing says Halloween better than a funky color wig to pull your look over the edge in a good way. You can buy hair dye from your local costume shop or pharmacy. Once you buy the color dye, then you can dye a blonde wig whatever color you wish to have. If you cannot find the wig dye and do not want to spend a lot of money with a professional hair dye then you can always use a hair chalk. The color does not last as long but the color on the wig will last you for your epic party that you will have.

Tip3# Add A Little Heat

This step s only safe to use on a hair wig that can withstand the heat created, by your hair dryer. You can use heat to help style the wig. This is going to help you style the wig with a bit of heat which is going to help you style your wig a lot quicker. If you want to add some curls to the wig, you can use a curling iron or if you cannot get heat on your wig, then you can use rollers and keep them in the wig over night to help hold the curls. You can then use hairspray to lock in the curls or the hair style that you end up with.

Tip4# Pump Up The Texture

Add different textures to the wig to help give the wig more life. If you think about it, your natural hair has different textures which give your hair its natural and loving look. You can add some waves to help give the wig more texture. You can also add some mousse to the wig and scrunch the wig. This is going to create waves without having to use heat.

Tip5# Add Volume & Movement

Nothing screams Halloween more than a wig that has a statement and looks like it should have its own country or island. You are going to want to get yourself a teasing comb or a fine tooth comb and start to tease the hair on the wig. This is going to help create volume and height to your wig. Do not worry about going overboard with your teasing. The more you do the more drastic it will look and the more movement the wig will have.

Tip6# Reduce Shine With Powder

The main reason why Halloween wigs look fake is because they are made with synthetic fibers. To reduce the shine of the wig, all you need to do it apply some baby powder to the wig. Shake off any excess powder from the wig and then you can place the wig on your head and you are ready to go party.

Tip7# Straighten With Water

This is a very simple and yet effective trick that you can use. If you cannot use heat to straighten the wig then all you need to do is get the wig as damp as possible. Leave the wig on a wig stand to air dry. Brush out the wig gently as you do not want the wig to lose any hair fibers and the wig will be as straight as a piece of paper.

Tip8# Put It On Correctly

Sounds simple enough right? You will be surprised as to how many people place a wig on their head and do not place it on their head correctly. Make sure that you place the wig on your head correctly and as straight as possible. You can use some hair pins to help secure the wig to your head correctly. This is going to help keep your wig in place and it will help you keep your wig looking as realistic as possible.

Just because you are wearing a wig for Halloween, does not mean that you cannot make the wig look as realistic as possible. Make sure that you follow the tips above and your wig will look more realistic than when you bought it.

You do not have to spend a lot of money on your wig as the tips will help you make the wigs look more realistic. Now you can have an astonishing looking outfit and a wig that is going to tie up your look.

Happy Halloween Everyone! 

wigs, human hair wig, lace front wigs, hair wig

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