How to Make a Wig with Hair Bundles

Many women prefer wearing wigs for several reasons. Nonetheless, do you know how to come up with a design of hairpieces? Find out from the discussion below. Besides, get to know which wigs are best for you and most importantly, their advantages.
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Which Wig Type Is The Right For Me?
There are three types of wigs, U-part hairpieces, those with lace fronts, and lace closure hairs. A lace closure wig has a 4×4 lace closure; however, it does not expose any natural hair. Lace front wigs have 13×4 frontal laces and do not expose natural hair either. U-part wigs, in contrast, have neither had closures nor frontal laces.
Now that you have a clue of the different types of hair bundles, you can select one, which you think will look pretty on you.
What Kind Of Hair Should I Use For My Wig?
The choice of wigs will depend on the shape of your face, and most importantly, your skin tone. We have four types of face shapes:
  • Heat-shaped faces
  • Diamond-shaped faces
  • Oval-shaped faces
  • Square-shaped faces
Skin tones, on the other hand, are of three types:
  • Cool skin tone
  • Warm skin tone
  • Neutral skin tone
Know how you can identify the shape of your face, and then select a wig with a color, which will blend with your skin tone well. Some common types of hairpieces that are fashionable include raw straight, curly, natural wavy, deep wavy, kinky straight, and kinky afro wigs, among others. You can go for any length depending on your face shape, for instance, choose whether long, short or a shoulder-length height.
wigs, wig, human hair wig, lace front wigs
How Many Bundles Do You Need?
The quantity of bundles that you wish to use depends on how full you want your head to look. The fullness of wigs depends on several factors, which include:
  1. Length: Length and quantity are directly related. Long hairs tend to look thin, so, the longer the hair, the more the number of bundles you will need to achieve a voluminous look.
  2. Size of your head: The bigger the size of your head, the more considerable the number of bundles you will need. The smaller the size, the lesser the quantity of hair.
  3. Texture: Bundles with curly or wavy patterns are denser; therefore, you will need a few bundles to achieve a voluminous look. Straight hair, on the other hand, is less thick, and one may need more packages for a full look.
  4. Frontal/closure: Frontal laces or lace closures adds extra volume to hair; for that reason, you may need few hair bundles for you to look full.
As mentioned earlier, lace closure is a 4×4, which covers the temple-temple part of your head. You will need two bundles for hairs with length 8-14 inches, three bundles for 16-22 inches, and four bundles for 24-30 inches.
Frontals, on the other hand, are 13×4 laces, which cover the head from ear-ear. You will need two bundles for hairs of length 8-16 inches, three bundles for 18-24 inches, and four bundles for 26-30 inches.
wigs, wig, human hair wig, lace front wigs
Benefits of Bundles with Closures
The following are some reasons why hairs with lace closures are worthy of your attention:
  1. They help in adding extra volume to your hair
  2. They help in protecting your natural hair against damages from heat styling tools and some hair products
  3. They help in enhancing your looks because they look natural
  4. They help in covering hair abnormalities like hair loss or baldness
  5. They are flexible when it comes to the hair parting
Systematic Procedure on How to Make a Wig
You will need the following tools:
  • Mannequin head
  • Wig stand
  • Scissors
  • Curved needles
  • Tweezers
  • Weaving thread
  • Bobby pins
  • Elastic wig cap
  • Hair combs
  • Wig band
  • Hair-care products
  • Hair bundles (sew-in extensions)
wigs, wig, human hair wig, lace front wigs
If you want your hairpiece to end up having the highest degree of naturalness, you must follow the steps below systematically without neglecting any.
  • 1. Prepare Your Working Area
You need to make sure that you will be working on a stable platform for more relaxed construction of the hairpiece. For that reason, support your mannequin head on a wig stand and secure it on a table or chair using a tape.
  • Fix Your Wig Cap
With your wig cap in hand, fit in on the mannequin head. Try to survey the positions of your wig on it, that is, where its’ front and back will be.
  • Make Your Wig Ready
Measure the circumference of your wig head, and then ascertain the size of the extension that will fit that extremity. Know that pattern and secure it on a wig block, from back to front. You can choose to either cut the wefts or fold them if you do not have trouble in sewing.
  • Sewing
Begin by securing the lace closure into the caps’ front using pins, and then sew it using a needle and weaving thread, all the way round along the edges of the cap. Go ahead and stitch the top, row-by-row, starting from one side to the other. At the midst of the wig cap, lay the tracks down to bring out the U-shape pattern beautifully.
Finish this step by sewing the last track of your hair around the lace closure. Use your scissors to shear the excess hair, and then use your tweezers to pluck the hair in the lace closure to bring out a replica of natural hair.
  • Securing Your Wig
Remove the hairpiece from the mannequin head and cut the extra wig cap, which may be looming from under the lace. Flip your hairpiece inside out and stitch the wig band to the lips of the wig cap. For extra security, add wig combs to the inside of the wig cap, ideally at the sides, and the back.
  • Put On Your Wig
You can use heat styling tools to do your favorite hairstyle, but alternatively, you can visit a hairstylist to style you. Enhance the appearance of your hairpiece by adding some hair products to it.
wigs, wig, human hair wig, lace front wigs
Make the Best Out Of You
Learn the most significant tricks to looking beautiful. In summary, know which hair is the best for you, its pros, and how you can design it using different tools.

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