How to maintain full lace human hair wigs

Buying human hair lace wigs are just the beginning steps. Once you have the wigs, you need to understand how to look after it properly so that your wig can stay in good condition for a very long time. The following article is going to help you ensure that you are maintaining your full lace human hair wigs correctly.

Tips for washing your human hair:

  • Ensure that you wash the wig out thoroughly.

  • When using shampoo, ensure that you only use a small amount of shampoo. Should be the size of a penny amount of shampoo.

  • You should dry your human hair on a medium temperature if you are using a hair dryer otherwise you can allow it to air dry on top of your wig stand to ensure that it keeps its shape.

When drying your human hair:

  • You should dry your human hair on a medium temperature if you are using a hair dryer otherwise you can allow it to air dry on top of your wig stand to ensure that it keeps its shape.

Tips for cold weather

It is always recommended that you do a hair treatment on your human hair wig as well as your natural hair during the cold seasons. This is going to help ensure that you are looking after the hair and that the human hair is going to stay in good condition throughout the colder seasons. Keep in mind that you need to find products that do not contain alcohol as alcohol will damage the human hair. When your wig feels dry, follow the following steps so that your human hair wig will feel soft and luscious again.

  1. Gently wash your hair unit.

  2. Use a hair damage repair kit. Follow their instructions carefully on how to apply the product to the hair. Never use protein rich conditioners as they will damage your wig.

  3. Store your wig in a plastic bag and place in a warm area. Do not sore in direct sun light.

  4. Let the bag sit for 24 hours and then remove the hair unit and rinse with warm water.

  5. Let your wig air dry and you can then wear your wig.

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How to care your curly, wavy and deep wavy hairstyles:

  1. Gently wash your human hair wig thoroughly.

  2. Then spray your hair until it is saturated with ¼ moisturizing conditioner, ¼ Glycerin and 2/4 plain water. This mixture is going to help you lock in those curls.

  3. Brush your hair using a loop brush to ensure that it is in place.

  4. Use a hair net to cover and protect your lace wig whilst it dries. When you leave it to dry, ensure that you leave it in a wig stand so that the wig can hold its shape.

  5. Once it is dried, then you can place the wig on your head and spray your wig lightly with the mixture as mentioned above every 2-3 days so that the wig stays in shape. It will also ensure that the waves and curls stay and has the same amount of bounce as it did the very first day.

How to avoid damaging your hair while you sleep

Some people like to wear their wigs to bed and that is perfectly ok. All you need to do is wrap your hair with a silk wrap. This is going to reduce friction while you sleep. It is recommended that you use a satin or silk pillow case to ensure that the two fabrics do not rub and cause friction. The friction is going to damage your lace front wigs. In other words, your pillow case and your wrap must be the same material! This will protect the human hair and will also help reduce how quickly your wig and wig cap will break.

If you do not want to sleep with your wig on, that is also ok. All you need to do is place your wig back on your wig stand and cover with a wrap. This is going to ensure that your wig will keep its shape and that the hair is protected throughout the night.

How to avoid shedding:

  • Always ensure that you wear a swimming cap or wash your hair straight after you have been in the pool. The chlorine and salt in the pool can damage your human hair wig.

  • If you notice that a knot has come undone in your wig, you need to retie the knot so that you do not lose excess amounts of hair. You can also be extra careful and use a knot sealer on your wig to ensure that you do not shed too much.

  • Keep in mind that your human hair wig will shed a bit just like your normal hair however, you should not shed the hair in your wig more than you shed your natural hair.

  • Please ensure that you are not applying a product directly to your human hair wig that contains a high percentage of alcohol. The alcohol content will damage the hair and can cause it to shed more.

  • Always braid your hair or put it in a pony if you are going to wear your wig to sleep. This will ensure that it will not get tangled when you sleep and will prevent your wig from breaking and shedding during the night.

You should do this process at least every 3 weeks or so to ensure that your human hair stays in good condition if you wear it every single day. If you don’t wear it daily, then you can do the treatment once every 6 weeks or so.

And there you have it, a few tips and tricks that you can use at home to ensure that your human hair lace front wigs stay in good condition for as long as possible.

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